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News for 16 December 2016 Year

Preview17:31Non-Malware Attacks on the Rise, in the Shadow of Ransomware2016 saw attackers holding data for ransom at an alarming rate; but in conjunction with the rise of ransomware and the continued ubiquity of mass malware,...
Preview17:31Joomla Patches Dangerous Security FlawsJoomla this week resolved a High severity vulnerability that allowed an attacker to modify other user accounts by resetting their usernames and passwords.
Preview17:30Evernote admits it messed up over privacy policy changesEmployees will not be reading note content unless users opt in, the company said
Preview17:29Privacy protections for wearable devices are weak, study saysWearables are collecting a huge amount of personal information, but regulations are lax, privacy groups say
Preview17:29Tordow Android Trojan Can Do...Just About AnythingA wide-ranging catch-all Android malware known as Tordow v2.0 is affecting Russian victims, and researchers expect it to migrate to other parts of the globe.
Preview17:28Yahoo Hack Shows Data's Use for Information WarfareThe 2013 hack affecting a billion Yahoo users shows how seemingly innocuous bits of data gleaned from cyber attacks can be exploited for espionage and...

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