A Human Brain is a Mighty Weapon

Vyacheslav Gubanov, rector of International Institute of Social Ecology interviewer- Larisa Bazarova) www.lifexpert.ru
06.04.2010 | 17:51
As you know, a brick won't fall onto your head out of a clear blue sky.

Mystics are fully convinced that everything - including bricks falling onto heads - happens for some reason. Materialists, on the contrary, don't believe in fatum or predeterminacy of any kind. However, even down-to-earth people sometimes get kind of insights prompting not to take this plane or not to walk under that balcony. So, when the plane, the balcony and the brick fall down, even most tough-minded materialist will start pondering whether the World is as unperplexed and easy-to-understand as it seems to be.

Over recent years an unconspicuous revolution is taking place in many branches of knowledge. Entire research groups - and their members aren't mystics at all, they are materialists - come to the conclusion that the picture of the Universe goes beyond the world that can be perceived by human senses. It turns out that, along with a physical body, every human being (along with any living and nonliving object) consists of thinner matter - of energoinformational field. In other words, of what is usually called Spirit.

Members of International Institute of Social Ecology agreed to speak about the results of the research they have been carrying out for a long tine. This research is dealing with the issue which is maybe the most important for the mankind - survival of the human race and its security in present-day world.

Here is an interview with Vyacheslav Gubanov, the rector of International Institute of Social Ecology.

Q: Why, in your opinion, various catastrophes ocur?
A: People can unwittingly cause accidents and disasters. For example, an accident at one of the lines of the underground in St. Petersburg, Russia. The cause of this and similar phenomena is human activity in unsuitable places - where energoinformational environment is abnormal. People or, better to say, generations of materialists, for a long time neven't been taking into consideration local influence on engineering structures.

Anything built at an abnormal place is soon "diluted" - powers of nature fail to keep such an engineering structure in the state it was designed.

In case of that underground accident nature promptly cut humans down to size. So, if one interferes into natural processes, he always will be charged for it. People just intruded upon chronal processes in litosphere in that particular place - with a predictable result.

Q: Why this zone is abnormal?
A: The buried channel of Neva river is there. At this place aging processes are going on differently.

Q: Faster?
A: Much faster. Ror a split second the passengers go through this tunnel, they aren't affected. But man-made facilities built at such places soon break down. There is a movie where a ship got to such an abnormal zone - and started corroding rapidly.

Q: Sounds like science fiction.
A: Science fiction, as you know, is just a way of interpreting facts. Such a process can well be described by physics. We currently are able to control aging process - we can reverse time in the person's individual field. It means we can rejuvenate him or her without any chemicals, medication or any other external action. Artificial aging is also possible - some people are good at it, looking like 60-year-olds at 38.

Q: Are catastrophes usually ordained by fate?
A: There actually is such a notion as fatal imminency of a catastrophe. But let me draw an analogy. If you are driving a car and something suddenly appears in front of you, it is really hard to avoid a car crash. But, if you are a good driver, you can do much to save yourself, other people who are in the car, and the car itself. So, sometimes accidents are avoidable. We already learned how to deal with chronal (or karmic) bodies of any leaving or nonliving object, for which time is a line coordinate. Chronal body is better known under the name of Soul, but nevertheless it is of material nature and has its own physical characteristics. So, a professional who is able to deal with chronal bodies can receive a warning signal about a future catastrophe, check it with several sources, verify it and take measures for lessening of tensions in a condensed karmic knot in a particular place or for a patricular building, car, plane, etc.

Q: What is a condensed karmic knot?
A: The law of karma is a cause-and-effect relationship, according to which every person has to reap the fruits of every his or her action. If the actions under the particular circumstances weren't correct, the evergoinformational environment affects the person profoundly. And, when maximum safe load is exceeded, certain tiny zones of brain, which are controlling the state of environment at that time, "lose resilience". That's the way stress forms. Such a brain "becomes coarse"; it tries to restore itself to to full capacity, and that's why it needs it needs excessive energy to be directed outwards from the brain zones under stress. A person succeeds to return his or her brain to its full capacity only when the problem which caused the stress is successfully solved. If the problem is not solved, brain becomes more coarse, and to get the relief the person has to solve a harder problem. So, the person's own subconscious attracts similar stress situations which is supposed to help him or her "do the homework" in the life school. Situations like this are usually discribed as "misfortunes never come alone". People who believe in karma call it "a karmic knot."

Recurring stress situations of the same type, growing more and severe are supposed to make the person build and apply a correct model of behavior. If the person recalcitrates - for example, sticks to aggression or negative reactions - he or she is gradually excluded from "school of life" as well as from life itself. This process takes place due to transition from quantity to quality - the growing number of stressed brain zones makes the brain isolated from contacts with the environment in the long run. In other words, brain turns into a foreign matter for life.

Q: So, if a person has an accident... is it obligatory? Or are there any place for play of chance?
A: Of course, there are peole having accidents by chance. Each time there is certain percentage of chips which fly when wood is chopped. But anyway, such things happen to people who aren't evolving spiritually. If a person's level of development is not higher than that of an animal, if his or her actions are clicheed, and the mind fails to interreact with the reality, in the great scheme of things such a person is not a sentient, from the energoinformational point of view. Such people often die in accidents. It happens because protecting human reason is of primary importance. If you care for yourself, satisfy all needs of your mind-body and it satisfies needs of your Spirit, such a symbiosis, "an advanced person" won't take a plane or a car, which is doomed to crash. Evidence from many sources show that considerably less people than usual took the public transportation vehicles that crashed. People who are energoinformationally sensitive won't take such a vehicle- they either 'accidentally' fail to do it, or have a hunch that they needn't go anywhere - and stay at home. Predetermination really exists - but people often don't understand it and don't notice the signs they receive.

Q: How come that children often die in accidents?
A: A human being go through several phases during his or her life. If a person fails to go through a phase or does this incorrectly, the field can label him or her as the one unwanted for the further evolution. Such a person, no matter whether a child or an adult, dies. Moreover, it happens that karmic problems of the family take toll on children. If many members of a family carry karmic problems, the weakest - usually it is a child - suffers.

Q: But if a person had an accident but survived - should it be considered as a warning?
A: If something prevents a human being from fulfilling the tasks of Spirit, he or she often gets involved into some stressful situation - an accident or something else, for some brain zone to be switch off due to this stress. In such a case all the vital energy is directed to the remaining zones, which Spirit needs to fulfil the tasks. After accidents people often acquire abilities commonly called extrasensory perception. When Spirit's task is fulfilled, such people can be "amnestied" - damaged zones of their brains recover, if, of course, the persom has comes to right conclusions and realized what mistakes he or she has made.

This is a natural way of making a person to apply mind to tasks of the Spirit. And this is the only efficient technique Nature can apply in order to make people better - beating the crap out of them.

Q: Now let's talk about people who constantly take risks because of their profession.
A: They can be helped. By the way, we contacted heads of fire brigades and made offers as to restoring energoinformational structures of the staff. Unfortunately, we find no understanding: apparently damages are inobservable, protective garment protects from burns, and as for alcoholism or psychiatric disorders, people of other professions can face such problems, too. However, we found out that it is firemen whose energoinformational structures of higher planes suffer most of all. They can't be protected with any clothing and they contact the flame directly. Changes occur on the genes level, so, their offspring suffer.

Lots of people whose professions seem to be pretty risk-free, don't even suspect how dangerous their work is. For example, hairdressers and massage therapists may catch karmic problems from clients. It's like an infection: service person gets karmic problems like germs through his or her hands and passes them to the next client. Dentists and dental mechanists have the same problems when they deliver dentures to people with heavy karmic problems and don't make energoinformational unbinding from work. As a result, many of them suffer from pains in hands, poor eyesight, and other problems. District doctors, when on call, also can be exposed to negative influence, if don't apply certain safety measures. Doctors know what a wreck they turn into after visiting patients.

Q: Public is unaccustomed to the idea that being a doctor is dangerous. It is other professions that people usually consider dangerous - being a businessman, for example...
A: Our research shows that karmic structures of those who work for companies that deceive people on a large scale are damaged badly. The damage is due to negative thoughts of many people. Most of the people who were cheated out of their money were elderly people, who had seen plenty of negative in their lives. And there are good grounds for the saying that glance of a child and age of an old bear a curse. Deceived people directed all their cumulated negative emotions at the firms that cheated them out of money. People didn't recover the money but the cheaters got karmic burden onto their energoinformational structures labeled "Paid. Not a subject to return".

Such things happen pretty often. They affect state of health of not only top executives of such firms but also all the team, along with their children and descendants.

Q: So, wave of crime and rampant terrorism in Russia are partly due to karmic problems?
A: Surely. It is time for karmic spring cleaning in Russia. Crime on the loose, crash of government structures - all this is justified from the karmic point of view.

Q: Does it mean that we should take the sweet with the sour and not to lament fate saying we don't deserve it?
A: We do. It is a naturally determined result of our being for 70 years out of spiritual practices provided by Church. We lived in a society where an individual had to conform to voluntaristic authorities resembling pack of wolves; the social layer of well-educated people was almost eliminated. We lived, demolishing temples. Now we can see what happened to those who demolished churches and to their offspring. They have the most severe energoinformation damages. It is possible to heal them - there are techniques for this. But the damages disappear only when person atones sins of his or her family.

Q: Does it mean that in general, people themselves, due to their negative outlook, aggression and stresses, cause catastrophies and deaths? Can you give an advice how to break this vicious circle?
A: We are already able to help people solve their problems. Our guiding principle is that a human brain, being a comminications node between physical world with thin planes, is capable of solving any problem relared to survival, provided that the channel between the brain in particular moment of time and the matrix of healthy state of the body is free in chronal coordinates (in time). In our opinion, the matrix of healthy state of the body is a DNA molecule straight after conception. If the path between them is clear, the brain can at any time consult the matrix how it should react to this particular situation. But brains of many people are overstressed - the channel is blocked due to the impacts to which the person reacted incorrectly. This causes diseases, depressions, ill luck in future.

We help people solve problems by repairing this communication. It turns out that we help people gain freedom of thinking. Nothing more or less than this.

We are ready to share the knowledge with everybody - both materialists and those who practise religions. We are ready to educate them what field is and what are different levels of planes of stable existence of matter, teach how to act in different circumstances.

From all the technique that humankind currently has, this one is the most efficient. The only alternative is to die.

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