What human health is from a physicist's point of view...

Vyacheslav Gubanov, Yelena Babenko, Associate members of International Academy of Acmeology (science dealing with hidden human potential), members of International Institute of Social Ecology
20.03.2010 | 12:27
One can look for amreeta (nectar of immortality) for ages. Our mindset constantly sticks to beliefs in some "magic pill", or in a "savior" but we don't believe in ourselves and in our brains. This is the sign of the habit of avoiding responsibility for our ignorant stance towards life and Nature, for which the perpetrator has to pay - along with his or her family members and friends. The point is that a human being is a huge aggregate of energoinformational vortexes (shells) which are connected with the physical body via the brain. Every shell belongs to the specific plane (layer) of stable existence of matter, having its own configuration, internal structure and physical characteristics, which describe interrelations of the shells at this particular plane.

A human being can be compared to an atom, where nucleus is the physical body, and electronic orbits are energoinformational shells. They inform the brain of what is going on at thin layers and record information about all the events in a person's life.

If the person is healthy, between the conversion process is going on among the shells, converting the higher-level information into energy at the lower plane of existence of matter and vice versa: energy of interrelations into information in the memory on the higher plane. For example, ten standard situations equal to one act of recognizing a natural rule. Conform to it - and live your life in good health.

Configuration of the layers is kept constant at the expense of energy of the human brain. At the same time, every shell is formed by a certain area of the brain or a combination of such areas. The brain is divided into areas called "d'Urville zones" which take part in everyday activities like motion, speech, breathing, a simple psychological activity, etc.

d'Urville zones

The presence of these zones is the basis to define a living being as a human or a monkey, dog or bird. All these brain zones interact constantly on the basis of the resonance principle. This mechanism of interaction can be used to either HEAL or HARM a human being by means of energy.

For example, in certain cases an "energy vampire" or "aggressor;" short-circuits to himself the top shell of the "victim" to feed similar areas of his own brain, which for some reason are not active.

The same mechanism works in cases of energy healing. A healer (donor) gives his patient a sample of shells required and tries to teach his brain to work fully and consistently. However, the healer spends his/her energy and is permanently (karmically)connected with the patient/client. If the healer does not cut off such a relationship within 2 weeks, the patient often ends up parasitizing on the healer and is entirely dependent on the state of his health.

It is due to this that the lion's share of newly-qualified energy healers work actively for 18 months, give or take. Afterwards, many of them simply quit active practice or get serious health problems.

But what is a disease?

In simple words, it is an energy depletion of the brain, where the consumption of energy exceeds the "income" from the environment.

It can be noticed that Nature tries to replenish lost energy at the expense of the energy from the "abuser's" shells. And since every human being is connected to his or her genetic relatives, sexual partners or social acquaintances, all of them must pay their share of energy to Nature for the "sin" of one "member of the flock" - in accordance with another natural law - the law of communicating vessels. Those who do not want to suffer for others' mistakes, ostracize the "abuser" excluding him/her from their society, and the "abuser" has to reap alone the consequences of his/her wrongdoing.

As the old saying goes, "Whenever the Lord wants to punish someone, He deprives him of reason". Actually it is a case of extreme shortage of brain power and disorientation of cerebral radiation in outer space. Generally speaking, any reasonable human activity becomes possible only when the information received and recorded by the brain is constantly coordinated with the energy shells (energy-information fields) in outer space.

Orientation of, say, missiles or torpodoes are acheved by use of gyroscopes. Before the start the gyroscope - a massive wheel or disk - is aimed at the Pole Star and made spin at a high speed. After that, whatever direction the missile flies, the gyroscope keeps its orientation to the Pole star nearly fixed, and the missile can be guided.

Any human being has own gyroscope. It is a sequence of d'Urville zones activation. When a baby makes its first breath, the starting point of the particular person's brain radiation is fixed. Astrology or fen shui describe what environment and at what angle human "missile" enters. Afterwards an average ignorant person move chaotically, making mistakes, gaining stresses and diseases. Those who make their homework and learned game rules - laws set by nature - are able to enjoy the "flight" and guide their own lives, taking external circumstances into consideration.

At first, children are protected by parents, but at 21 they come of energoinformational age and must accept full energoinformational responsibility for their actions. At this step karmic correction of "course" becomes necessary.

In real life people are confronted with so many energy impacts, that they aren't free in keeping orientation of their own brain radiation. What is the nature of these disturbing effects? Memory, energoinformational links, passing through the mental plane of existence of matter.

The human brain has several types of memory:

1. Spiritual memory

It is supported by patterns of the cerebral cortex, which are unique for every person. While a baby's brain grows, configuration of its gyri is very flexible. That is why a child learns up to 90% of all the information about the environment before he or she is 3 years old. Any pathological energoinformational environment created by adult family members program pre-conditions for the start of the child's journey down the "river of life".

Once an experiment was carried out when mice from one litter were placed in different conditions - half of them had toys and could play as much as they wanted, and another half's activity was restricted. As a result, in brains of active mice was 15% more gyri than in brains of their passive littermates.

The number of brain gyri and their configuration create a system of wave guides and resonant circuits, by means of which the brain generates and attracts energoinformational signals. The brain gyri indicate the individual 's level of spiritual advancement on the causal plane.

Brain gyros and their orientation at the moment of "the first breath" determine the "general direction" in a person's way in life. This in the level of incarnation and re-incarnation memory; professional and intellectual qualities and personal traits "work" on this level.

2. Macromolecular blood memory

This is the second level of memory. There is a new theory that water is able to store information as a liquid crystal.

"Energy charged healing," "holy water" and homeopathic remedies - all these work due to water. Small concentrations of water solutions work on living creatures better than horse drenches of drugs that harm organs and body systems as well as the normal communication among them. The "strong" medications create new stress rather than heal the initial energoinformational impairment, so additional focus of desease appears. That is why modern medicines have serious side effects.

The macromolecular memory is based on the fact that the molecules of matter are collected in a three-dimensional structure resembling a crystal, and almost as long-living as a crystal. Such a "crystal" has a wide range of resonant frequencies and serves as the primary component of individual human brain memory.

Fragments of blood passing through an active "d'Urville's zone" are "magnetized" (like a magnetic tape in the recorder) and assembled in a three-dimensional structure which connects the human body to the axis of time when the event was recorded.

The content of memory on the macromolecular level is always affected by the energy influence of all the planets in the solar system as well as the active Zodiac sign.

Many doctors are working exactly on this level when trying to eliminate pathological memory with ultraviolet radiation or ozone blood therapy.

3. Cell memory

The third and most important type of memory covering events of personal life is memory of the protein cells, which physical body consists of.

Modern physics of the vacuum has partially revealed the mechanism of this type of memory. Each protein structure can be considered as a macro-molecule, which has resonant frequencies of its own. The configuration of protein structures is the mechanism for adaptation to changes of environmental conditions.

If external damaging factors act for a long time or intensively, deformations of the protein cell structure occur. Such deformations can be caused by electromagnetic radiation hazard, impact of hot or cold, viruses. That's why stress can lead to a persistent change in a human's condition.

Conventional medicine is trying to protect the intra-molecular vibrations of the protein structures using chemicals. Also, methods of correction of personal external energy with magnetic fields, minerals, etc. with the purpose to absorb harmful radiation of deformed intracellular proteins are widely used

Now it can be stated unequivocally that these are half-measures, comparable to bandaging a wounded soldier on the battlefield. Like a temporary bandage, externally introduced measures can only buy some time before taking steps to restore the structure of cell proteins. Here lies the border between "external" forms of assistance (widely known) and karmic corrections.

Stress affects primarily the brain cells and the result is weaker remittance of the "d'Urville's zones". This is the main cause of all chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, infertility, impotence, allergy ...

Karmic correction can restore - at the expense of internal resources - the original configuration of intracellular proteins. In this case, the brain returns to its pre-stress condition and communication exchange between the "d'Urville zones" and thin planes of existence of matter gets fully restored. Such a treatment can be compared to unique cases of miracle healing like recovering the sight of a blind person.

Karmic correction is the first step of real spiritual renewal of a human being - turning from a sickly wreck into a healthy person. With these new energy-information based technologies one needs no drugs, devices or reflexive therapy methods. A person can just "remember" the matrix of his or her healthiest state - this info is present in everybody. This "Golden Key" is the DNA molecule at the moment of fertilization. Karmic correction ensures the freedom and quality of communication of the human brain with this matrix at any time of life - while asleep or awake. This is a guarantee of genetic health. Karmic correction can lead a person to any depth of his or her genetic memory. One can find the affecting factors "in ancient days" and introduce some healthy quality.

It should be noted once again, that pre-condition of good health is correct and harmonious use of energy gathered by the brain from the environment rather than limitless consumption of external power sources. The ecology of thought and the elimination of parasitic energy relationships is of utmost importance for every human being. Here are some signs of energoinformational problems:

* Rapid blackening of silver chains, silver jewelry on the human body;
* Dark spots that remain under golden rings and bracelets;
* Allergic reactions;
* Infertility, impotence, rapidly deteriorating eyesight, hair loss, back pain or weight loss, scoliosis, excessive sweating, headache and pain in the solar plexus, alcoholism, drug addiction, insomnia, enuresis, stuttering, instability of mood, tearfulness, loss of fillings from teeth, constipation, etc.

As a step on a way of bringing yourself back to normal and becoming de-stressed, we recommend one of the simplest way of disconnecting from energoinformational vampires. To do this, imagine a person who you want to free your thinking from, situation in your personal life as though on a TV screen. Imagine the strings that go to the image, light a candle or a match and put the fire between yourself and the image. Imagine that the threads connecting you and this image start burning in the flame. At this moment make a sharp sound (clappin your hands or hit something resembling a gong, for example, bang a sourcepan with a spoon). When you break the energy links you should feel a wave of warmth or get shivers up your spine, fever, your pain may cease, or your palms or feet may start sweating. This procedure can be performed without sound, and only with an imaginary fire but it would be less efficient.

Of course, such a procedure is not a panacea for karmic corrections but something like a temporary bandage, to break the link with the damaging factors at the moment they appear. But even this simple measure can improve everyday life, demonstrate the benefit of energy-information methods, and help to find a specialist in karmic correction. Karmic correction itself should be performed by a professional.

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