Documents of Rainbow series (USA)

5200.28-STD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book) 165.1 kBDownload
C Technical Report 32-92 The Design and Evaluation of INFOSEC systems: The Computer Security... 31.3 kBDownload
C Technical Report 79-91 Technical Report, Integrity in Automated Information Systemspdf, zip... 255.2 kBDownload
C1 Technical Report 001 Technical Report, Computer Viruses: Prevention, Detection, and Treatm... 26.5 kBDownload
CSC-STD-002-85 DoD Password Management Guideline (Green Book) 41.7 kBDownload
CSC-STD-003-85 Computer Security Requirements - Guidance for Applying the DoD TCSEC in Specif... 11.9 kBDownload
CSC-STD-004-85 Technical Rational Behind CSC-STD-003-85: Computer Security Requirements - Gui... 51.3 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 002 Use of the TCSEC for Complex, Evolving, Mulitpolicy Systems 45.6 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 003 Turning Multiple Evaluated Products Into Trusted Systems 31.2 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 004 A Guide to Procurement of Single Connected Systems - Language for R... 146.4 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 005 Volume 1/5 Inference and Aggregation Issues In Secure Database Mana... 247.3 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 005 Volume 2/5 Entity and Referential Integrity Issues In Multilevel Se... 156.0 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 005 Volume 3/5 Polyinstantiation Issues In Multilevel Secure Database M... 216.2 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 005 Volume 4/5 Auditing Issues In Secure Database Management Systems... 276.9 kBDownload
NCSC Technical Report 005 Volume 5/5 Discretionary Access Control Issues In High Assurance Se... 219.7 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-001 Ver. 2 A Guide to Understanding Audit in Trusted Systems, Version 2 (Tan Book)... 40.3 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-002 Trusted Product Evaluations - A Guide for Vendors (Bright Blue Book)see also TPEP... 37.2 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-003 A Guide to Understanding Discretionary Access Control in Trusted Systems (Neon Or... 53.2 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-004 Glossary of Computer Security Terms (Teal Green Book) (NCSC-WA-001-85 is obsolete... 120.0 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-005 Trusted Network Interpretation of the TCSEC (TNI) (Red Book) 521.1 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-006 A Guide to Understanding Configuration Management in Trusted Systems (Amber Book)... 52.7 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-007 A Guide to Understanding Design Documentation in Trusted Systems (Burgundy Book)s... 43.5 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-008 A Guide to Understanding Trusted Distribution in Trusted Systems (Dark Lavender B... 28.0 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-009 Computer Security Subsystem Interpretation of the TCSEC (Venice Blue Book) 44.6 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-010 A Guide to Understanding Security Modeling in Trusted Systems (Aqua Book) 430.5 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-011 Trusted Network Interpretation Environments Guideline - Guidance for Applying the... 78.3 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-013 Ver.2 RAMP Program Document Version 2 (Pink Book) 201.4 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-014 Guidelines for Formal Verification Systems (Purple Book) 39.4 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-015 A Guide to Understanding Trusted Facility Management (Brown Book) 64.3 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-016 Guidelines for Writing Trusted Facility Manuals (Yellow-Green Book) 55.1 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-017 A Guide to Understanding Identification and Authentication in Trusted Systems (Li... 36.3 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-018 A Guide to Understanding Object Reuse in Trusted Systems (Light Blue Book) 29.2 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-019 Ver. 2 Trusted Product Evaluation Questionaire Version 2 (Blue Book) 46.1 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-020-A Trusted UNIX Working Group (TRUSIX) Rationale for Selecting Access Control List... 89.0 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-021 Trusted Database Management System Interpretation of the TCSEC (TDI) (Purple Book... 62.5 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-022 A Guide to Understanding Trusted Recovery in Trusted Systems (Yellow Book) 85.7 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-023 A Guide to Understanding Security Testing and Test Documentation in Trusted Syste... 124.9 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-024 Vol. 1/4 A Guide to Procurement of Trusted Systems: An Introduction to Procuremen... 190.2 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-024 Vol. 2/4 A Guide to Procurement of Trusted Systems: Language for RFP Specificatio... 70.5 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-024 Vol. 3/4 A Guide to Procurement of Trusted Systems: Computer Security Contract Da... 65.8 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-025 Ver. 2 A Guide to Understanding Data Remanence in Automated Information Systems V... 38.2 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-026 A Guide to Writing the Security Features User's Guide for Trusted Systems (Hot Pe... 38.7 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-027 A Guide to Understanding Information System Security Officer Responsibilities for... 163.1 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-028 Assessing Controlled Access Protection (Violet Book) 173.8 kBDownload
NCSC-TG-029 Introduction to Certification and Accreditation Concepts (Blue Book) 175.1 kBDownload
NTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-87 Advisory Memorandum on Office Automation Security Guidelines 84.3 kBDownload