News for September 2006 Year


11:41Report: IE 7 has the best anti-phishing filter 11:40Computer crime laws worry security pros


23:45CA offers warranty on security products 23:44Symantec: Microsoft won't give us key Vista tech23:43One in three managers snub mobile security


23:45'Critical' Windows fix rushed out23:43Malware lurks behind safety seal23:42New quantum encryption record claimed


23:59Trend Micro launches anti-botnet service23:58Browser lets users surf Internet without a trace 23:57Symantec: Browser bugs rampaging in '06


13:0129% of departing directors admit stealing data - survey13:00US Commerce Department reports loss of 1,137 laptops


23:13German law makes hacking a punishable crime 23:10Researcher to make Blue Pill harder to detect


23:31Microsoft nabs another McAfee virus expert23:30Schneier: We are losing the security war23:29New AIM worm may prove difficult to fight 23:28VOIP presents major security risk, expert warns 23:26Russian sites using new IE bug to install spyware


23:12Mozilla patches critical Firefox, Thunderbird flaws 23:11Security measures seen doing more harm than good 23:09Cross-site scripting the top security risk23:08Gartner: Security costs fall with good policies


11:24In Brief: Yahoo China sued for copyright violation 11:24Web bigger malware threat than email11:21DOJ prosecutor: Criminals teaming up with hackers


23:24Yahoo and eBay face China malware suits23:23Vista could create 50,000 EU jobs23:22U.S. unprepared for Internet attack recovery 23:21EDonkey settles music industry suits for $30 million23:19Microsoft takes third shot at buggy security patch


23:59Proofpoint launches virtual security beta23:59Zotob author sentenced to 2 years in prison23:58Massive DoS attacks against ISPs on the rise 23:57Juniper, Symantec ally on enterprise security 23:54EU warns Microsoft on Vista security


23:17Record number of phishing sites seen for July23:17New approaches on attacking malware


13:44FTC’s spyware settlement affected 18 million consumers worldwide, half in U.S.13:43Malware scrambles to evade defenses13:42Samsung site hijacked as malware host


23:58Cisco, Microsoft demo network security cooperation23:57Symbian-to-PC worm on the loose23:56Trojan targets 0-day Word vuln


23:58Virus levels soar in August23:57Virus threat not limited to AMD platforms23:56Microsoft downplays latest malware warnings23:56Near-final version of Vista announced23:55In mixup, CA antivirus flags Windows component


17:38Wormy bots exploiting Windows Server flaw