News for October 2006 Year


14:11Seagate tries again with encrypted drive14:10Tricky new malware challenges security vendors14:09New Windows attack can kill firewall


15:00AT&T breaks into home security 14:58Bot nets likely behind jump in spam14:58Australian spammer fined A$5.5m14:57Is your DBA a spy? Don't fall victim to internal security threats


15:14Researchers criticize security of Windows Mobile 15:13Security vendor circumvents Windows Vista's Patchguard15:12'Less than zero-day' threats too often overlooked, analysts warn15:11Office antipiracy checks to become mandatory


15:17Secunia: Second flaw in Microsoft IE7 browser 15:17Floridian charged in Akamai attack 15:16BT snaps up US anti-hacking firm


15:14Zombies continue to chase Windows PCs15:13Hacker unlocks Apple music download protection


14:00Microsoft blocks Vista rootkit exploit13:59Spam Trojan installs own anti-virus scanner 13:56Microsoft denies reports of first IE7 security flaw


15:10Malware authors producing stealthier creations15:09Microsoft to test security vendor's patience until 200815:08First security flaw signalled in IE715:06Opera hit by buffer overflow glitch


14:27Trojan variants hide behind rootkits14:26Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 7 for free download14:25Music piracy crackdown targets seventeen countries14:24Web viruses drop off despite IE exploit flap14:22Ten security trends worth watching


14:43'Vitriol' rootkit to demo at MS BlueHat hacker summit 14:42Study: Workers often jot down passwords14:41Oracle's mega-patch shuts 101 doors14:39E-passport launched in Ireland14:38Hackers' project disguises security-busting code


12:38Microsoft hands Vista code to security vendors12:37McAfee buys compliance vendor Onigma12:36Worm eats its way into McDonald's MP3 player promotion


15:48Security firms skeptical about Vista shift15:46Targeted Trojan attacks on the rise


16:09Windows kernel protection expected to break soon16:08Microsoft planning life after IE7 16:07Cyber-criminals clone Google Italy site16:06Infection-by-cache risk unearthed


16:58Windows CE wide open to mobile malware16:56ICANN: We can't shut down Spamhaus16:55Security vs. usability: No one's winning16:53Microsoft issues record number of critical patches


16:03Symantec says the worm and virus problem is solved. Here's what's next 15:32Swiss gov 'mulls' spyware to tap VoIP calls


16:07Hacker cracks Google Blogger security16:05Support ends for Windows XP SP116:01Software vulnerabilities higher than last year already


12:43Microsoft's playing fair with security rivals, Kaspersky says12:42Microsoft delivers Vista RC2 12:37Hackers find use for Google Code Search


12:55Microsoft preps 11 security patches, some critical 12:52Symantec's Norton Confidential to ship next week


14:22Social networking sites an open door to hackers 14:21Admin password security 'abysmal'14:20Vista and Longhorn to get new antipiracy measures14:19The $100 One Laptop Per Child: Open invitation to hackers to smash security


15:22Stealth techniques push malware under the radar15:20Hacker kit use surges, means more malicious sites 15:18McAfee buys Citadel Security Software Inc.


15:54Another month, another rise in IM attacks15:53EU expands probe into Microsoft Vista


16:31US joins European cybercrime war 16:30Intel and Symantec push security into firmware 16:29IT risks rise on USB drives