Anti-piracy firm holds $40k hacker challenge

16.01.2007 | 15:45
Wibu Systems announced Hacker's Contest 2007 for the company's CodeMeter system at last week's Macworld Expo. CodeMeter is a software protection system that runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The winner of the contest will receive US$40,000.

In a nutshell, software that has been protected with the CodeMeter system will not run unless the CM-Stick USB device is inserted in a user's computer. The solution uses vendor-selectable secret and private keys, and strong encryption algorithms including AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit and ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) 224-bit.

The contest will be running from January 31 to March 14. Participants will need to register at, accept the participation rules and pay a fee of $40, which covers the cost of a CM-Stick to participate in the contest.

To win, the potential hacker must be able to run the protected program without the CM-Stick, describe their methodology of removing the protection, and discover a secret message hidden in the program.
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