News for July 2007 Year


14:56Study finds internet censorship spreading14:55Black Hat gears up in Las Vegas14:54Russian hackers steal over $500,000 from Turkish banks 14:54Utility evades Vista kernel defenses


12:03Ransomware Trojans work of single group


15:03Storm worm breaks over the internet15:02Windows Vista ships 60 million15:02Database admin at Fidelity National stole more data than thought


12:24Web-borne security threats soar 12:23Mozilla flaw attack code published 12:22Classified U.S. military info, corporate data available over P2P12:21McAfee sets Rootkit Detective free12:20Users urged to patch serious hole in BIND 9 DNS server


11:49US to keep UK personal data for 17 years11:48DIY Trojan tool discovered for sale11:48Free security tool ferrets out unpatched software11:47P-to-P application causes police security disaster11:46China busts large piracy syndicate with FBI's help


12:12Organized crime infiltrates financial IT 12:11Security team claims successful iPhone hack


10:59Microsoft plans 'Windows 7' release10:58Google accused of hosting 'pirated' movies 10:57Vista use grows as Mac OS X stays flat


13:15Security expert slams spyware snooping 13:14'Malware 2.0' raises its ugly head


12:08FBI installs spyware to gather evidence12:07Firefox update fixes problem with Internet Explorer 12:06Sources: Windows Vista SP1 beta due this week 12:02Hackers use Brazilian plane crash to push malware


13:55Norton labels Nasa app as adware13:52Hacking extortionist resurfaces


11:49Destroying sandboxes11:47Utility cracks Microsoft DRM11:44Italian police arrest 26 members of international phishing gang


12:30Swedish granny gets 40Gbps broadband line12:28Computer virus turns 2512:27Microsoft delves deeper into security12:25Now PDF is the format for spam delivery


12:35US army posted secrets on the web12:34Java flaw poses widespread security threat 12:33FBI: Expect more spam prosecutions 12:32Greek spying case uncovers first phone switch rootkit


11:42Study: U.S., Japan have best IT environments 11:41Phishing tool constructs new sites in two seconds11:37Who's to blame for browser bug? IE or Firefox?


12:54US court allows warrantless web spying12:53Intel buys $218.5m stake in VMWare12:52Gartner: Oracle 'no longer a bastion of security'12:51Google buys Postini for $625m


11:44Trojan uses Hotmail and Yahoo as spam hosts11:42Kremlin accused of DDOS cyberbullying11:42Security company launches eBay for 0days11:41Average zero-day bug has 348-day lifespan, exec says11:41Fraudsters use charities to test credit cards


15:14Mpack installs ultra-invisible Trojan15:13E-mail worms rarer in 2007, says vendor


11:53Unlocked iPhones coming in one week or less, hacker says


13:12Talking Trojan taunts victims13:12Russia shuts down AllOfMP3.com13:11Fidelity employee steals 2.3 million consumer records13:10After attacks, US government sending team to Estonia


12:26Nearly 30,000 malicious Web sites appear each day 12:25Hackers target C-level execs and their families12:25Beijing scores number one spot for malware12:24iPhone used as bait for malicious Web site

02.07.2007 succumbs to SQL injection attack