News for March 2010 Year


11:20The Database of Ukrainian Interpol Bureau has been Stolen 11:00Botnet-creating Trojan poses as MS Word


16:27iTag: Finder of Lost Phones15:59Minimizing Your Web Site's Vulnerabilities15:44Google Apps Sync Tool for Outlook Hit by Bug14:39Twitter Claims Near Total Spam works again - thanks to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev


10:51Kaspersky Labs Warns of a New Modification of Cryzip Ransom Trojan


11:50Russian file sharing service suspended by police action.


09:21File-Sharing and Link Sites Declared Legal in Spain09:04Google's Biggest Blunder08:51Hackers lock Zeus crimeware kit with Windows-like anti-piracy tech


17:0525 years of .com domain names16:55Scareware will be most costly security scam of 201016:42Humans continue to be 'weak link' in data security16:36Internet 'in running' for Nobel Peace Prize16:29FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center Warn about Rental and Real Estate Scams16:27Iranian IRGC's Cyber Department Hacks 29 Websites they Claim to be Part of Espionage Network


11:57Kaspersky: Apple is blocking iPhone security software11:48iPhone addiction a growing problem?11:15Free ebooks lead to increased print-book sales, according to a new academic study11:12Phones to offer X-ray vision11:05Kaspersky warns over highly intelligent smartphone malware11:01Opera Mini 5 arrives on Android


09:51Computing 'Nobel' goes to early PC designer