News for July 2010 Year


16:09Malware openly available in China, researchers say15:51Black Hat: General Michael Hayden unsurprised at cyber warfare15:48Google Docs Adds Integrated Translation15:45Upload limit increases to 15 minutes for all users15:39Android wallpaper app that takes your data was downloaded by millions14:12Google Search Results Give Out Two Times More Malware than Bing, Yahoo! and Twitter Combined, Study Shows


15:14Most Data Breaches Avoidable, Verizon Report Finds15:12We've got rhythm: Scientists may have found a better way to identify voices15:10Adobe joins Microsoft's early warning system15:06100 million Facebook user pages end up on a torrent site.15:04Spanish Facebook Hacked Resulting In Widespread Vulgarity12:28Russian Court Bans Access to YouTube and Four Electronic Libraries


14:39Pirate Party Offers Servers and Hosting To Wikileaks14:30Botnet hacker caught in Slovenia14:131000 MoD laptops lost or stolen14:02Cybercriminals tap online automated services to check the effectiveness of their frauds13:58Identity fraud increases 14%13:52Internet Fraudsters Hamper Development of Russian Market of Paid Content


16:30In UAnet Only About One Third of Online Stores Work Properly, Experts Say 16:27Rustock spambot continues to ride high16:23Bin Laden among latest Wikileaks Afghan revelations15:59Wikileaks' Anti-U.S. Crusade Continues With Release of 90K Afghanistan War Docs15:51Major Flaw Found in Apple’s Safari Browser15:49Blackberry poses security threat, says UAE


16:02UK seeks next generation of cyber security specialists15:55Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Now Target Private Trackers15:24US security chiefs tricked in social networking experiment15:14Panda Security CIO calls latest Windows zero-day flaw 'scary' – suggests Microsoft workaround is essential15:12Imperva finds master hacker who dupes thousands into phishing army13:11Russian President isn't Afraid of his Clones on Twitter


14:23NSA to Spy on Critical Infrastructure, Says WSJ13:57How Facebook will take over the world13:43Australian Privacy Commissioner finds Google breached Privacy Act13:40Four million Pirate Bay users' details revealed13:34Google's Street View 'snoops' on Congress members12:35Ukrainian Banks Under Constant Cybercriminals' Attack


14:50WikiLeaks: the website that reveals state secrets14:48Information Commission issues privacy code of practice14:46Fortify warns iPhone users to think before Frashing14:39Conficker hits security charts in June14:25For Sale: Fake POS Devices12:26Loss of money due to Carders Grew Threefold in Russia


16:33Botnet malware targets Symbian smartphones16:29The iPhone 4 is defective by design ... get used to it!15:59HDMI could soon be replaced by new cable technology15:50Military Leaker Officially Charged, Assange's Claims Questioned by DOD Source15:48Reading on Paper is Faster than iBooks on the iPad13:41Internet in Russia: Spring 2010 Figures


16:26Mobile phone users are 'wasting £800m'15:51Google Offers Mobile Payment with Chrome Checkout Extension15:46Many companies distributing open source software don't know it15:44Can terms of service turn you into a criminal?15:41170 000 Facebook users hit by latest viral lure13:47Bus Stop Connected to the Internet Appears in Moscow


15:48Google acts to fix YouTube flaw exploited by hackers15:38Online banking users targetted by regional malware15:34Hackers disrupt YouTube, iTunes and Wikipedia on US Independence Day14:59Ukrainian Security Service Arrested Criminals who Sold Confidential Info


14:29Ukraine is Planning to Create a Special Anti-Cybercrime Unit