News for August 2010 Year


13:51Bloggers forced spokesman for Moscow police headquarters to remove his tattoo


16:36Google offers free voice calls via Gmail16:34IT resources provided free to fight cybercrime16:19Inside look at Pentagon's cyberdefense strategy: The battlefield beyond bad flash drives16:10Agencies work to prevent, counter cyber crime16:07Beat Censorship By Hiding Secret Messages In Flickr Photos14:16How users' age, sex and income level influence e-mail use


12:40Watch thousands of on-line TV channels from around the world - for free


15:30Satellite images aren't State Secret, Russian Authority says 15:23Web scam hits iTunes and Paypal users15:11Forgotten password is top complaint to IT helpdesks15:05Anti-virus products struggling against latest exploits15:02WikiLeaks founder says he's been targeted by smear campaign14:57Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server


16:51Facebook Places: Here's how it works16:22The Top Ten Most Dangerous Things You Can Do Online16:12Google patches nine flaws in Chrome16:07PlayStation 3 'hacked' by hardware crackers16:05Pirate Bay typo-squatted by hackers14:39A Group of Bank Fraudsters Caught on Money Laundering


16:14Employers struggle with the social web16:04Piracy Is Promotion, Says CEO of Porn Multinational16:02Police crack criminal conspiracy to make millions from stolen iPhones15:56Facebook adds geolocation, check-ins to iPhone and Web apps15:54Hacked smartphones may pose a military threat12:59Chechen hacker Jailed for Aiding and Abetting Terrorists


15:27Facebook popularity eats company bandwidth: Facebook and YouTube consume 15 percent of traffic15:25Internet users' careless password usage increases ID theft15:15Like a Tapsnake in the grass: Android app secretly uploads GPS data, warns Symantec15:10Spain investigates Google Street View wi-fi snooping15:03NSS Labs: Testing shows most AV suites fail against exploits14:38A typical Russian hacker is a student who just wants money


14:47Snatch virus infects thousands of ICQ users, posing as a friend13:57What Would God Say About File-Sharing?13:19Weak link in the security of websites discovered13:18Facebook 'dislike' scam warning13:16Many antivirus products fail Vista security test11:52Road workers damaged special communication cable due to over-secrecy


15:31An Orthodox priest calls for imposing state censorship in the Web15:00Apple insider charged over kickbacks14:57Suit alleges Disney, other top sites spied on users14:53Protesters denounce Google plan for 'two-tier internet'14:42Smartphones with touch screens may be vulnerable to smudge attacks14:38India may put restrictions on Skype and Google


17:29Most students in Russian schools will have electronic diaries in 201216:17Can Twitter and Facebook deal with their dead?16:10What's Missing in the Internet Kill-Switch Debate16:02Rupert Murdoch fights to take the 'sky' out of 'Skype'15:56Call to improve password security15:55ISPs block millions of legitimate emails


16:47Russian Student Hacked an Email account Again, this Time he Goes to Jail


15:37LinuxCon: Exploits Show Why Linux Is Vulnerable15:28Tire tags reveal driver whereabouts: Automobile tire pressure monitoring systems show little concern for security15:17First SMS Trojan detected for smartphones running Android15:11Zeus v3 Attack Steals £675,000 From UK Bank Accounts15:08Smartphone security put on test15:06Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Asks for Clarification of Criminal Code Articles as to the Internet


17:05The notorious Israeli-Ukrainian organ-trafficking ring was uncovered thanks to anti-cybercrime unit


17:20Web Filters Cannot 100% Protect Kids from Porn17:19Ex-Torrent Site Admin To Face ‘Copyright Crime’ Charges17:13BBC staff lose laptops and mobiles worth £240k16:55Skype Going Public With $100 Million IPO16:47GCC cyber crime has doubled warns security expert16:45Google image search being infected by hackers


15:32Bosses are biggest threat to IT security15:31iPhone PDF flaw not linked to Adobe, says software maker15:28Private browsing modes leak data15:23Spy Game: India readies cyber army to hack into hostile nations' computer systems15:21Mobile malware: You will be billed $90,000 for this call11:23Ukrainian Bank is Looking for Fraudsters in Social Networks


16:08Ukrainian Minister of Education sought help from Security Service to combat hackers15:32Next wave of security attacks to target governments15:30Digital futurist warns of more Govt Vs Tech clashes15:28Google drops Wave because of lack of users15:26Botnet that pwned 100,000 UK PCs taken out15:24Mobile devices may pose greatest threat to confidential data


16:30Large Zeus botnet used for financial fraud16:03WikiLeaks incident shouldn't chill info sharing, ex-CIA chief says16:02iPhone at risk from security flaw15:31Botnet with 60GB of stolen data cracked wide open15:20Grid Is Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks15:14Russian Schools aren't Ready to Move to Linux Yet


16:06Forrester Research says iPhone now secure enough for enterprise deployments16:02A free MIT science education? Yup, and Science loves it16:01The Gmail spam trap15:58Web attack knows where you live15:53Social media sucks up 23% of time online14:42Yandex is much more popular with Russians than Google


15:03Organisations fail to address cross-site scriping attacks14:57After spyware fails, UAE gives up and bans Blackberries14:50Hacker snoops on GSM cell phones in demo14:37U.S. Copyright Group ‘Steal’ Competitor’s Website14:20Russian Patriarch doesn't tweet; 'his' Twitter account is fake