News for September 2010 Year


12:2511 Eastern Europeans charged in UK Zeus bust


15:37Pirated Software Used in More than a Half of Russian Companies, Study Shows 15:02Google Wants to Make Online Display Ads ‘Sexy’13:53Google’s vision for the future of advertising in 201513:50The Pirate Bay Appeal Starts, Minus One Defendant13:49SMS-harvesting mobile virus targeting banks13:44LinkedIn users hit by ZeuS-based fake connection requests


14:45FBI Drive for Encryption Backdoors is Déjà vu for Security Experts14:43The Internet knows what movie you want to spam affiliate service to close – spam levels to drop14:31US testing its cyber-defences14:29Microsoft issues emergency fix for .NET scare14:2793% of high-tech crimes in Belarus are thefts


14:10Adding Information Security to Web Hosting 14:05One million malware-infected spam HMTLs appearing every day, says Barracuda Networks14:03IE9 will require Windows 7 SP1 update to run13:59Stuxnet worm hits Iranian nuclear plant13:56Anti-Piracy Law Firm Torn Apart By Leaked Emails13:50Tech firms agree to halt anti-poaching deals


14:00Researchers seek to find true level of cyberstalking13:54Facebook back online after worst outage in four years13:52Anti-Pirates List Dead and Pre-Teen Artists as Petition Signatories13:50LinkedIn integrated with Windows Live, Facebook chat hits Hotmail13:40Texting drivers kill 16,000 in the US12:14A monument to Tux the penguin to be set up in Russia


16:04Fring Launches FringOut, Takes on Skype with Cheap Calls16:02US hunters shoot down Google fibre15:57Senior Judge Warns of End To File-Sharing Cash Demands15:55Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'15:15 Report claims 80% of web apps will fail a PCI DSS audit15:08Protected email service: to secure the weakest link


16:23Russian social network to be under monitoring15:20Supreme Court could take its first RIAA file-sharing case15:16What Your Office Photocopier Knows About You15:14 ZoneAlarm rattles users with pop-up 'virus warning'15:09Microsoft confirms zero-day vulnerability in ASP.NET15:06Random-number generator promises mobile security boost


16:03U.S. cybersecurity plans lagging, critics say16:01Google Docs is going mobile15:58US Lawmakers Want to Quash Pirate Websites15:51Global ‘internet treaty’ proposed15:48Broadband is a basic human right, ITU tells UN15:45Russian President's Mock Twitter Account Gets Grand Prix


14:40COBA PC™: for parents and employers who want to insure themselves against unpleasant surprises14:35Google Apps gains extra layer of security with two-step verification14:34Interpol chief admits Facebook ID theft14:32Swedish Pirate Party Fails To Enter Parliament14:18Intel charges customers to "unlock" CPU features14:1261% of data losses are malicious, says study


13:10Lawsuit targets advertiser over sneaky HTML5 pseudo-cookies13:01Misperceived risk haunts security programs12:53Facebook Competitor Diaspora Launches Developer Release12:51Intel admits Blu-ray security code is cracked12:50Businesses not taking mobile security seriously, says Vodafone12:43AlertMobile Pro™ - software for a PC remote control


15:00Google fires engineer for privacy breach14:51Threats to online privacy, net neutrality could destroy web, warns Berners-Lee14:38Protection needs to go beyond the network, and focus on data14:35Mind-reading phones? The tech's evolving there14:32Microsoft unveils IE9 beta14:19Google being sued over location software in smartphones


13:41What a Parent Must Do to Stop Online Predators 13:16Rights-holders bear brunt of costs of chasing pirates13:13Twitter redesign promises embedded media12:48IT downtime costs UK 2bn Pounds a year, study finds12:36'Padding Oracle' Crypto Attack Affects Millions of ASP.NET Apps12:33Critical Flash vuln under active attack, Adobe warns


15:15Hackers Target and Exploit Pirate Bay Ad Server15:12Google: 'Android not optimised for tablets'15:03App Store squatters may find loopholes as Apple cracks down14:53Guess What, You Don’t Own That Software You Bought14:47Microsoft: Russian Antipiracy Campaign Is a Concern14:45Protected hosting as a solution against industrial espionage


15:03YouTube trials live video broadcasts15:01Microsoft Security Tool Mitigates Adobe Zero-Day Vulnerability14:55Call 911? Maybe not, from a cell phone14:50Sex movie worm spreads worldwide14:45Anti-US hacker claims credit for ‘Here you have’ worm14:41Creepy Biometric IDs to Be Forced Onto India's 1.2 Billion Inhabitants


15:30Kids are curious: 4 000 000 attempts to access porn sites recorded per day15:27The Silent Epidemic: Cybercrime Strikes More Than Two-Thirds of Internet Users15:15Popular Porn Sites Distribute a New Trojan Targeting Android Smartphones15:14Third-party apps now a top vulnerability, says security expert15:04“Here you Have” mass e-mail worm hits in-boxes15:02Microsoft gets legal might to target spamming botnets


14:39Privacy Keyboard - for those who cannot afford data leak14:09Hackers create 57 000 fake web addresses weekly14:07One in four gives fake net names13:52Skype reveals 10-way video conferencing13:48Adobe hit by another zero-day flaw13:46Manchester police dump terror secrets in the street


15:15Free webmaster tools - Internet radio, online TV or webcam video for your site or blog15:12Microsoft quietly admits there's another problem with Internet Explorer15:10Clock ticking for Windows XP sales15:03Inside Yesterday’s European Warez Piracy Raids15:01Google invites Yahoo users to log into services via OpenID14:59Microsoft warns of new browser-specific scareware


15:52Shmoordie, Grymzie, et al: a Free App for Smartphones with a Funny Reasoning Test 15:52Samsung announces dual-core mobile processor15:50Third of UK firms are targetted by fraudsters15:48PlayStation 3 update targets hardware hacks15:35Police in File-Sharing Raids Across Europe, WikiLeaks Host Targeted15:33Texas opens inquiry into Google search rankings


14:21Anti-Piracy Outfit Threatens To DoS Uncooperative Torrent Sites14:20PS3 hack ban upheld by court as free version released14:14 Spammers curse Apple's new ping service with iPhone scams14:09Google to simplify privacy policy14:07Spying fears behind BlackBerry hiatus, says police chief14:02Free Software Gives You Access to Lots of Webcams


12:50Free Software Makes 100,000+ (!) Free Online Radio Channels Available to All12:19Fake antivirus software using ransom threats: Locks 'infected' apps, then asks for money12:18PC Worms Target Instant Messengers12:16Misconfigured networks open door to hackers12:12Nigerian scam tops list of decade's online cons12:08Rescue of Chilean miners used as lure by banker Trojan


14:37Free software, free TV: Watch thousands of on-line TV channels from around the world 14:35Google Docs adds collaborative highlighting14:34Microsoft releases fix for DLL vulnerability14:32MySpace Now Offers Sync with Facebook Profiles, Pages14:23Researchers discover flaw in quantum cryptography12:25Russian branch of LG Electronics Accused of Using Pirated Software


15:07ASA to regulate web marketing by ad bombing offenders15:06Wrongfully Accused Of File-Sharing? File For Harassment15:04US finally reforming its high-tech export control system15:01Scam preys on required TweetDeck update14:59Russian police bring down "ransomware" scammers12:59Odnoklassniki have become free of charge - again