News for October 2010 Year


15:40Europe targets wasteful gadgets15:38New data security standard for card payments, PCI DSS v2.015:36Mount Everest gets internet access, telecom group says15:34Beware of Halloween keyword hackery15:28Adobe warns on zero-day flaw in Flash14:19Russian Secret Service comments on Wikileaks' promises to release info on Russia


17:23Facebook Is Fastest Social Network, LinkedIn Most Reliable17:21Businesses Delaying Microsoft Office 2010 Migration: Survey17:19China Wrests Supercomputer Title From U.S.17:17Without driver or map, vans go from Italy to China17:16Facial recognition security to keep handset data safe14:13Producers Association Created a Right-Holders' Registry


14:25Amazon wins fight to keep customer records private14:23Envy stimulates the economy—and is why you bought your iPhone14:20Angry Developer Transforms Anti-Piracy System Into Music Download Site14:19EEF calls for ISP data retention law to be scrapped14:12Firesheep Firefox add-in harvests cookies on WiFi hotspots13:335135 websites containing child porn taken from the Web


16:47Online identity fraud hits 10% of UK users16:45Self-building chips - easy as microwave ready meals16:43Hi-tech criminals target Vietnam16:14Researchers to develop 1 Terabit Ethernet by 201516:11Security researcher reports SpyEye and ZeuS gangs have merged15:49Individuals' Debt Registry to be Launched Soon in Russia


14:16Google tightening privacy leash on its employees14:13Wikileaks: A very leaky argument14:12Trojan masquerades as Microsoft Security Essentials14:10German firms blocking Facebook over security fears: report14:08 Evercookies can be disabled say security experts11:51Russian Political Blogger #2 has no blog


16:08Adobe issues security warning about Shockwave Player vulnerability16:0580pc of new start-ups are destined to fail15:58Europe smacks "indiscriminate" copyright levies on blank CDs, DVDs15:56Microsoft to Launch Browser-based Game Store15:44MP: Britons need protection from Google and Facebook15:36Seller of Spy Microphones Arrested by Ukrainian Security Service


16:19Egyptian government fears a Facebook revolution16:18Attackers Improve Zeus Trojan to Beat Security16:16Apple looking to ditch Java?16:15I'm no friend of Facebook film, says Zuckerberg16:13China Renews Vow to Protect Intellectual Property Rights14:56Russians Are the Most Active Social Networks Users in the World, Study Says


15:28Google and Mozilla patch up their browsers15:26Google in breach of privacy law15:23Businesses Wary of Facebook, Twitter Usage15:21Commtouch reports that blended attack vectors remain a major threat15:20Associated Press rallies news industry to fight Google, et al12:35Ukrainian Parliament revoked licensing of 23 types of economic activity, some of them IT-related


14:55The Piracy Lawsuit That Could Ground The CIA's Deadly Predator Drones14:40Second Wave of Adware Pounds Web Surfers14:38Violent images 'boost teenage aggression'14:37Stolen data most costly theft for companies14:35DROID 2 Security Flaw Enables Voice Actions in Passcode-Protected State14:10Russian Hacker arrested for Cracking Videoconferencing Software


14:29Destructive Trojan Poses as Microsoft Stuxnet Removal Tool14:26DHS Collected Social Networking Data During Obama's Inauguration14:22Digital photos can reveal your location, raise privacy fears14:20Facebook in Privacy Breach14:18Major Torrent Sites Go Down After Attack on Hosting Provider12:34A fake website, which was posing as the official site of Russian Census-2010, has been disabled.


14:57Microsoft bolsters Facebook Docs sharing service14:50PCI DSS standards halve data breaches14:49WikiLeaks says funding has been blocked after government blacklisting14:47Top 10 tips to avoid data loss14:45Court ruling could kill used game business13:59Runet leaders signed an appeal to copyright holders and law-makers as to piracy lawsuits


15:10Strategic defence review to prioritise cyber security15:09Botnets have become backbone for cybercrime, Microsoft research reveals15:07Web "will last 500 years"14:47Facebook and Bing fuse social network and search14:45Bruce Schneier warns 'profits killing personal privacy'13:11Research on Russian Blogosphere to be Presented on October, 19


15:09Survey: 71 percent of tweets are ignored14:51Philip Green review highlights 'crazy decisions' on government IT buying14:49American P2P law firms now threatening... each other14:48UK infrastructure faces cyber threat, says GCHQ chief14:45TrustDefender warns on a potentially devastating new trojan12:50Cybercriminal from Belarus can spend 15 years in jail


16:37The Forever Cookie: New Tracking Technologies Continue To Threaten Privacy16:25Most large companies seeing more hack attacks, survey shows16:22The Zombie Network: Beware 'Free Public WiFi'16:19RSA Europe 2010: Communication gaps threaten IT security, study finds16:13Trojan Forces Firefox to Save Your Passwords16:11Criminals could launch 'social reality' attack, say researchers


16:43Call to change PC security tools16:41Google roadtests driverless cars16:13Typo squatting discovered by social networking hackers16:11Australian military reveals 230% increase in cyber attacks in 201016:09Too much screen time bad for children's mental health15:45Ukrainian telecom giant struck by DDos attack


15:55Study: Top web sites riskier than porn15:51Are botnets the second-hand smoke of computer security?15:47Laptop Risk: ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome'15:39Facebook hands users a bundle of their own data15:37EU releases text of secretive ACTA copyright treaty15:24Free iPhone rogueware running riot on Facebook says Sophos