News for November 2010 Year


16:20EU launches antitrust probe into alleged Google abuses16:18Wikileaks turns to cloud computing to fend off DDoS attack16:16Gartner predicts cyber attack will seriously damage G20 economy by 201516:13Holiday shoppers head online this year16:11Man Stole $4.5 Million From Columbia University, DA Says12:09Kremlin Finds WikiLeaks' Cables Too Dull to Comment


15:52George W. Bush to visit Facebook for live video Q&A15:50No holiday email break for Americans: survey15:47Apple, Microsoft and Google attacked for "evil" plugins15:45Chinese government hacked Google, claims Wikileaks leaked US diplomatic cables15:44US shuts down file-sharing sites13:12Hackers Who Tried to Steal Money from Medical Insurance Fund Go to Jail


15:08Branson and Murdoch launch iPad 'newspapers'15:00 Cybercriminals switching to complex, targetted email attack vectors14:58Nominet to ban criminals from .uk domains14:56Broadband in Europe speeding up13:25250 Traffic Enforcement Cameras for Registering Parking Violations to be Installed in Moscow


15:55Current Twitter trends: Black Friday, Thanksgiving, 'Gobble Gobble,' Freddie Mercury15:53Broadband is 'digital oxygen' for Europe's prosperity15:51Facebook news feeds beset with malware15:49LogRhythm claims 80% of UK consumers support mandatory data loss reporting15:48Zero-day Windows flaw a potential "nightmare"14:07Russian Anti-Cybercrime Unit Reports 7,500 Crimes in IT Sphere


15:44Facebook defends NHS website data sharing15:42"Next Generation 9-1-1" would accept emergency text messages15:35First Data Protection Act fines issued by commissioner15:31Mobile ads shock – Millennials prefer apps, Gen X browsers15:28Targetted attacks on the rise say SANS Institute experts12:53Internet Access May Become a Human Right in Russia


14:11Digital vaccine needed to fight botnets14:09Wikileaks next leak will be “seven times bigger” than before14:07Security researchers identify possible successor to Zeus trojan14:06The new EU cookie rule – so, we need to get consent then?14:04Google Sued Over Gmail Content Scanning12:53Kremlin is Under Constant Cyberattacks


15:51Webroot says online shopping security habits getting worse15:46Telcos bungle broadband message – consumers are confused15:45More than 70% of UK employees admit to data theft15:38Tim Berners-Lee warns of threats against web15:36Stuxnet 'hit' Iran nuclear plans14:31Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service Initiated a Case Against Domain Registrars in .РФ Zone


17:01SHA-1 crypto protocol cracked using Amazon cloud computing resources16:57Wanted: more than 2,000 people to work at Google16:56Stuxnet attacks could move beyond Iranian nuclear plants16:54Adobe Reader X released with enhanced security16:46Half of All Businesses Never Erase Sensitive Data: Survey15:00Russian President Creates One More Twitter Account - for Less Formal Tweets


15:08Amazon offers cash, exposure to budding filmmakers14:59Google Docs plays catch-up with Office on mobile14:58US Air Force warns Facebook 'may reveal location'14:50NATO gears up for cyber warfare with latest exercise14:42The Pirate Bay, One Year After The Tracker Shut Down12:18Putin asked Internet Users to Help Him Name his Dog


15:22Russia's Silicon Valley Dreams May Threaten Cybersecurity 15:20 SANS Institute says organisations may be missing security problems caused by hidden implementations of IPv6 technology15:17Malware growth reaches record rate15:13Facebook Messages will be targeted by hackers and spammers, say experts15:11Parents fighting losing battle over children's web use13:44The Number of Malicious Attachments in Spam Growing, According to Kaspersky Lab's Report


15:17Android phones "to replace your credit card"15:16Britain urged to lead international debate on cyber warfare15:14Facebook ramps up Google rivalry with messaging service15:13Google calls on governments to remove barriers to internet commerce15:11Spam reducing, but social media phishing is soaring says Symantec13:18President of the Chechen Republic blamed Internet for Distribution of Extremist Ideas


16:43New Trojan Threat Emerges16:41Warning over anti-virus cold-calls to UK internet users16:39Facebook prepares to launch its "Gmail killer"16:38James Murdoch: Free online content cannot be monetised16:35New Stuxnet clues suggest sabotage of Iran's uranium enrichment program13:32Pirated Software Sold in About a Third of Stores all over Russia and Ukraine


14:27Russian President to Communicate with People in an Innovative Format


15:57European cyber defences 'must improve', tests show15:53Researchers predict hardware-specific malware15:50Phishing techniques advanced, says Trusteer15:48Email's slow death - set to be replaced by social networking15:45Government cyber efforts to focus on crime and espionage15:21Russian Cybercrime Gets Younger


15:32 ISACA warns workers will take more risks when e-shopping in the run-up to Christmas15:31isoHunt Revives Full Search After U.S. Traffic Tanks15:20"Hypertexting" teens more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol15:18Hackers install Android onto iPhone via Wi-Fi15:16Online security breaches rise: study13:15Moscow Police Wants Mobile Operators to Block Stolen Mobile Phones


15:16Queen's Facebook page becomes forum for monarchy debate15:06LimeWire Resurrected By Secret Dev Team15:05Facebook and Google in data sharing spat15:03Panda calls for Windows security software ballot15:02Russian Prisoners to Communicate with Relatives via Skype


17:22Queen Elizabeth Launches Facebook Page17:17US Cyber Command calls for offensive powers17:15Google issues data ban as Facebook rivalry turns bitter17:14Malware hijack adds unauthorised files to Mozilla Firefox17:13Royal Navy website attacked by Romanian hacker16:50Steve Ballmer met Ukrainian polititians and delivered a lecture


16:04Cyber security tops UK public's concerns16:03Europe runs first continental cyberwar simulation15:56EU proposes online right 'to be forgotten'15:52New Zealand P2P proposal: guilty until proven innocent15:50 One in eight malware attacks are via a USB device, study shows14:37Social Networks and Russian online gaming market: Survey


16:02Burma hit by massive net attack ahead of election16:00Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database15:58Microsoft warns on IE attacks15:54ISACA warns of potentially devastating corporate data leaks15:51PayPal Races To Fix IPhone App Security Flaw15:07How Much do Hackers Make in Russia


15:22Study: 20% of Viewers Might Have Trouble Watching 3D on Television15:21London Stock Exchange platform disrupted after suspicious human error15:14Google in breach of UK data laws15:11Adobe to Patch Flash Player Vulnerability This Week15:08Turkey reinstates YouTube ban 14:03Russia is going to make spamming a criminal offence


17:03BlackBerry PlayBook May Play Runner-Up to Apple iPad: Report17:02EBay makes it easier for friends, relatives to chip in for gifts 16:42Apple cuts Mac Mini prices internationally16:41Google extends bug bounty to websites16:39Government pushes for data deletion system15:31Former Employee of Russian Commercial Bank Hacked Its Servers


16:22Trend Micro expert warns that cloud data can move under its own volition16:17Google to enable remote security control for Android 2.2 devices16:11Police to receive Facebook training16:07iPhone Alarm Bug Has Europe Waking 1 Hour Late16:01UK government wants ISPs to be its content cops14:42Russian Militia Closed Website with Pirated Animatied Cartoons