News for December 2010 Year


15:58Sony to launch PlayStation smartphone in spring: report15:41Hello, Mr. Chips: Bots Teaching English in Korean Schools15:37Nintendo 3DS Hazardous to Kids?15:24IBM: Five Innovations That Will Change Lives by 201515:23Apple sued over iPad and iPhone app 'data leaks'14:02Russian Government Organizations are Going to Switch to Free Software


16:27LG to show monster, mobile 3D TVs at CES16:24Online Holiday Spending Reaches $36.4 Billion: Report15:43US Transportation Security Administration buys useless tech15:41Ceiling lights send coded Internet data15:40Apple sued over data tracking15:38Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'


17:37'Forced' into a $1.5m book deal to fund defence 17:21What's in the FCC's new net neutrality rules?17:16Holograms on Cell Phones Due in 5 Years, IBM Says17:02Flickr staff among job cuts amid Yahoo bloodletting: what is its future?16:51Broadband Internet Satellite Launches Successfully15:53Russian Airports to be Checked for Emergency Power supply


16:35Working to prevent the next WikiLeak? Don't forget the metadata says Varonis16:32Skype to Refund Customers Affected by Service Outage: Report16:29Facebook Photos Cause $505,000 Damage to Navy Copters16:27Cherokee Nation looks to iPhone app to help save its language16:258 Percent of American Internet Users Go to Twitter, Report Says16:24OpenBSD Founder Says No FBI 'Backdoor' Found


14:38Russia to Have Space Internet in Three Years


16:35Human rights sites "under constant DDoS attack"16:32The new net neutrality rules – the industry reacts16:30 25% of IT security software users turn anti-virus feature off due to PC performance issues16:28OpenBSD Founder: NetSec Probably Contracted to Plant Backdoors16:26Microsoft open developer labs for HTML5 standards14:43Roscosmos Launches a Competitor of Google Maps


15:47Twitter can be used in law courts15:46Smartphone payments set to soar15:42Symantec researcher spots C&C botnet toolkit in the wild15:41Google's UK Street View wi-fi data 'deleted'15:39Facecrook: As offences linked to social networking sites increase 7,000%, the terrifying truth about criminals targeting your home13:37Website of Moscow Mayor's Office will Cost 1,4000,000


15:10Belarus Blocks Access to Independent Media, Twitter, Facebook


16:01US calls for online privacy "Bill of Rights"15:59Downloaders don't have same legal rights, warns watchdog15:52Google won't share encryption keys with Indian sleuths15:51Trend Micro unveils online security game – with prizes15:47WikiLeaks' Assange Freed On Bail 14:17Kidnappers of Russian Hacker Detained


16:57EU could turn to 'crowd sourcing' in cyber crime fight16:56Survey shows kids spending freely online using parent's credentials16:50Facebook Photos Use Facial Recognition for Easier Tagging16:48LG Launches Optimus 2X, World’s First Dual-Core Smartphone16:45Google develops 'Google Earth for the human body'14:56Cyberfraudster Steals Money from Seriously Ill Child


14:59Fake hard disk utility software spotted by Barracuda Networks14:57Internet Explorer Malware Protections Ahead of Rivals, NSS Labs Contends14:48Mozilla extends bug bounty to apps14:45Google, Microsoft Join Obama to Combat Knockoff Drugs14:44Wikileaks.Org back online, Assange back in prison13:04About Two-Thirds of Russians Will Have Broadband in 2015


17:03UK Government websites may be next pro-Wikileaks focus17:02Online protesters in first DDOS fax attack17:00Don't Track technology is simple, experts say16:58Espionage Act makes felons of us all16:57Google improves voice recognition14:30Russians Trust News from the Web More than Newspapers


16:41Facebook holds inaugural "Hackers Cup"16:40Hackers Disrupt Sites Run by Gawker Media16:36Mozilla issues 11 patches for Firefox16:3570% of mobile users do not use encryption on their mobile devices16:33Anonymous Wikileaks attackers 'easy' to find says study13:57Russian Payment System Bans Users for Criticism


16:49Microsoft ends record year with 17 security patches16:45Online Freelance Jobs Are Hot, but Can You Afford to Take Them?16:43UN human rights chief voices concern at reported ‘cyber war’ against WikiLeaks16:41They sued Mark Zuckerberg for $65m. But it was not enough16:39Most IT professionals looking to jump ship in 201116:03Personal Data of 11,000 People Leaked from Russian Mobile Operator


16:12Anonymous attacks threaten to stall Christmas shopping16:11More tech billionaires donate majority of wealth to charity16:01Password-stealing trojans and targeted attacks the norm in November15:46Nasa sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data15:42Julian Assange: Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths13:28A Computer Emergency Response Team created in Azerbaijan


14:31Mastercard 'hit by Wikileaks revenge attacks'14:29Internet Explorer 9 to throw third-party trackers off the trail14:27YouPorn sued for using JavaScript flaw to spy on users14:25Wikileaks Cable Shows US Involvement in Swedish Anti-Piracy Efforts14:24Security Zone: More effort needed to manage third party connections12:48Child Porn Makers and Distributors Move from Russia to Ukraine


16:11Russian ISPs' Responsibility for Pirated Users' Content to be Clarified 14:16Chinese portal offers latest movies – then infects with trojans, keyloggers and even Apache server software14:15India’s CBI hack shows cyberspace is now a battleground14:13Google eBook shuns Kindle, but supports PDFs14:04Foxconn to ship iPad 2 by the end of February 201114:03List of facilities 'vital to US security' leaked


16:25Nigeria Takes Aim at Cyberscams16:24Amazon adds DNS service for Net addresses16:22Programming error caused Russian satellite failure: report16:21Wikileaks now accessible through hundreds of mirrors16:19Business must educate users on security risks of Twitter, warns Symantec13:48Google Apologized for Misplaced Stripes


14:15Wordwide IT spending to reach US$1.6 trillion in 201114:13 Mass injection attack on WordPress blogs revealed14:12AVG update crashes 64-bit Windows 7 wiped off the internet14:09Google tweaks to tackle online piracy12:49Cybercriminals Were About to Rob the Entire City Blind


15:06US proposes "do not follow" option for web surfers15:05Web bug reveals browsing history14:55Rise of the 'DIY IT expert' poses risk to businesses14:54Targeted attacks to intensify in 2011, says MessageLabs14:51WikiLeaks Breach Highlights Insider Security Threat13:23Ukrainian Top-Level Domain .UA turns 18


14:19Security researcher warns on fake trojan removal kit14:18Net neutrality rules: coming December 2114:16BitTorrent Based DNS To Counter US Domain Seizures14:15IPv4 blocks to run out by end of year14:13Researcher reveals how hidden URLs can pipe Apple iPhone users to malware12:38Facebook and Twitter Became the Fastest Growing Social Services in RUnet in 2010