News for January 2011 Year


16:00Google turns to weather forecasting to boost advertising15:59Assange reveals Wikileaks back-up plan15:54Facebook launches 'Places Deals' in Europe15:51Old technology finds role in Egyptian protests15:47Google fails to fix Android flaw13:10The internet will help Moscow schoolchildren during the influenza epidemic


15:52Scientists show off cheap plastic touchscreen15:51Tougher compliance rules will force data security improvements15:50Egypt severs internet connection amid growing unrest15:39Wikileaks ISP Anonymizes All Customer Traffic To Beat Spying15:38Facebook, Google Chat Used as Control Sites for Malware Attackers15:36Europe undertakes privacy and security research


17:00Symantec says employees take security risks every day16:59Blocking child porn sites exacerbates policing problem16:58Facebook Pushes Social Authentication, HTTPS to Bolster Security16:56Five arrested over 'Anonymous' web attacks16:54Cybercriminals target data in transit16:52Kaspersky Lab finds fake AV software on ICQ


14:19Fraudsters May Exploit Tragedy in Domodedovo: Mobile Operator warns on Possible SMS Scams


15:42Google plans 1,000 new jobs for Europe15:21Google Chrome Keep My Opt Outs Joins Fight Against Online Tracking15:20 Legacy apps are weakest link in enterprise security15:18Gartner urges CIOs to harness power of social networking15:06Google lets you print from your smartphone12:32Russian Arbitration Courts Go Online


16:43French President Sarkozy's Facebook account hacked16:41Music publishers plan rights database16:36Microwave technology could accelerate rural broadband access16:35Lush shuts website after card-nabbing hack attack16:34Hackers sell access to military and government websites16:32Facebook Privacy, Malware and Data Breaches Lead Security News


14:51File-Sharing Operators Hit With Big Fines, Jail Sentences14:49Trapster Notifies Millions After Breach14:44Eric Schmidt steps down as Google CEO14:42Harvard researcher rejects Google's 'personal attack'14:40Cybercriminals shifting focus to non-Windows systems11:48The most popular advertising categories in Russian-language segment of Google Adwords


15:52IT Salaries Remain Flat for Second Straight Year: Dice Survey15:48Climate scientists targeted for fraud15:46Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 bug not our fault15:35Bohu attacks on cloud-based AV prove need for new security approach15:33Cyber criminals heavily target social networkers13:44Fake Facebook password change notification leads to malware


16:56Facebook 'should mimic Apple app security restrictions'16:54IT industry needs 110,000 new employees16:52Making sense of the threat of cyber war16:492010 IT security threats point to priorities for 2011, says Sophos16:48Microsoft Delivers Office OneNote for Free Download on iPhone15:57Fake ATM Stole Money from Card-holders in Kyiv


16:19Educational, government and military sites hit by hackers16:12Will electronic toll systems become terrorist targets?16:05Ex-banker gives Wikileaks data on 2,000 private Swiss bank accounts15:54We need help with the strange disappearance of Dancho Danchev15:53Leading computer expert warns of cyber attack on National Grid13:11Website for 5 Million Goes Offline due to a Link in a Blog


16:49Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warns16:48 Don't save passwords on your browser16:47Risks of cyber war 'over-hyped' says OECD study16:45Report: Israel tested Stuxnet before launching against Iran16:44New Facebook application permissions raise security concerns16:41Private and community clouds best for government IT, says Enisa


15:32How Attackers Get Away With Data15:29 Amazon's action against WikiLeaks 'dangerous for cloud computing'15:28Top three internet scams to avoid in 201115:23Jimmy Wales says Wikipedia too complicated for many15:21WikiLeaks hits out over 'terror list' threat15:17Supercomputer defeats humans in quiz show


15:44Adobe makes it easier to delete Flash cookies15:43Massachusetts Man Gets 3 Years for Pointing Laser at Police Helicopter15:42US in pole position in the global spam charts15:33RapidShare Calls Piracy Report 'Absurd'15:29IT departments don't have resources to innovate15:28Microsoft seeks to block Apple 'App Store' trademark


15:59Irish security firm beats McAfee, Sophos and Symantec15:55Google branded "hypocrite" after pulling H.264 support15:53Piracy websites attract billions of visits15:51Rustock Botnet Revs Up Spam Levels15:50Microsoft January Patch Tuesday misses open security issues15:49Oracle faces $100m source code theft lawsuit


15:11Microsoft investigates 'phantom' Windows Phone 7 data15:10Apple’s new Mac download store 'has serious security flaws'15:09Police blame gadget culture for rise in street crime15:08Shortened URLs direct users to infected sites15:06China vows tougher punishments for piracy13:10Thick Foreign Accent Turned Russian Minister into YouTube Star


15:23Mobility among the top IT security threats in 2011, says UK think tank15:21Home Office suppressed embarrassing ID cards report15:19Apple launching personal setup for Macs at Apple Stores15:18Facebook denies shutdown rumours15:13US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists15:11Skype's living room invasion continues, coming on Sony Blu-ray players


15:32iPhone alarm woes continue across the globe15:30Skype faces China ban as iPhone debuts video conferencing15:26BT Content Connect service faces 'two-tier net' claims15:20Security researchers subvert GSM encryption15:18Motorola to officially split into two15:15Sophos warns over fake MS update worm