News for February 2011 Year


17:19London Stock Exchange site shows malicious adverts17:14Final beta for Firefox 417:11New EU consumer law could damage online rights, BSA claims17:09 New Banking Trojan Targets All Major Browsers17:07Security researcher urges caution before installing Windows 7 Service Pack 117:00Gmail bug hits 150,000 users


16:58'Twitterverse' predicts Oscar winners16:47Google targets SharePoint with Office cloud plugin16:46LinkedIn hit as China clamps down on dissident talk16:43The password is dead, long live ID16:32Alan Turing's papers stay in UK with £200,000 donation16:18Facebook blocks Breakup Notifier app


16:46Twitter short URLs still problematic16:45Flawed Windows Phone 7 update affects 10% of users16:44Assange loses case – to be extradited to Sweden16:42Survey: Many Companies Lack Consistent Approach to Risk Data Mining, Analysis16:41Microsoft fixes security flaw in malware protection engine16:40Iran claims two new supercomputers


17:13Google Street View hits security hurdle in Israel17:12FTC to review Apple iPhone in-app purchases17:11Windows Phone 7 update bricking phones, MS admits carriers can refuse updates17:10WikiLeaks Opens a Gift Shop17:08Man dupes CIA of mn with hoax software17:07Bug blanks out Google Calendars


16:57Microsoft welcomes Xbox Kinect 'hackers'16:54How dangerous is Anonymous?16:53Facebook cracks ComScore US ad survey top 10 for first time16:52Middle East governments stepping up internet control, study shows16:51Android search engine manipulation trojan dissected16:47SSDs Prove Tough To Erase


16:34Unlucky for Firefox? Beta 13 a possibility16:28RSA 2011: Cybercriminals perfect theft from Europe’s carbon registries16:27 Insecure software plays key role in creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities16:26Disk or tape? How about both16:20Google, Apple to Spar in Mobile Augmented Reality16:19China blocks microblogs for 'Jasmine Revolution'


15:43Microsoft bans free software from Windows Phone Marketplace15:40Wikileaks has made leaking secrets 'sexy', say experts15:39US net neutrality rules overturned15:37Businesses Waste Time on Essential but Unproductive Tasks: Survey15:30Egypt crisis fuels 419-style fraud scams15:29Pharmacy spam campaign hijacks Google brand name


15:28Security firm hides after Anonymous attack15:26BBC 6 Music and 1Xtra websites infected by Phoenix exploit kit hack15:25Bulk of browsers found to be at risk of attack15:22Research firm sounds alarm on chip inventories15:21RSA Conference: Researchers Go Inside the Botnet Threat15:19UK cyber crime costs £27bn a year - government report


17:03Femtocells, Wi-Fi to play growing role in mobile networks17:02Facebook hackers use suspected live TV stroke attack reporter as scam-bait17:00Stuxnet virus targets and spread revealed16:58U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’16:57Microsoft backtracks on internet quarantine idea16:56Apple's App Subscription Model Could Lead to Publisher Grumbling


16:18Google targets "content farms" with new blocking tool16:16Apple exposes rotten practices of its partner suppliers16:15Child web porn law updated by EU to block images16:12Stuxnet Scored Quick Hit on First Target, Says Researcher16:10White House will spend $20bn on cloud computing in 2012 says White House CIO16:09HTML5 to be approved in 2014


17:32Information security professionals must keep skills up to date17:26EU to consider new plans to reduce roaming phone charges17:25LG Unveils Optimus Pad Tablet, 3D Mobile Smartphone17:13German researchers crack iPhone security in 360 seconds17:11First PlayStation phone unveiled by Sony Ericsson17:10Adobe: Flash running on 20 million smartphones


16:42Obama pitches plan to free 500MHz, raise $28B, and bring 4G to everyone16:41Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 release candidate16:40Apple iPad 3 Speculation Hits Web16:39Social media policy: Seven questions to ask16:36Two-step sign-in to strengthen Gmail security16:35Global data storage calculated at 295 exabytes


15:59Microsoft finishes Windows 7 SP115:58Microsoft Windows Update Targets AutoRun Worms15:56Price of a Facebook malware toolkit falls to just $25.0015:54Copyright case ruling says an IP address does not identify an illegal downloader15:49Syria Lifts Ban on Facebook and YouTube15:48'Night Dragon' attacks from China strike energy companies


16:43Google launches official Google Translate for iPhone app16:42The other kind of phone hacking16:38ISF shares seven deadly sins of cloud computing16:37Apple ramps up production of iPad 216:35Businesses must learn how to defend against cyberattack, says McAfee16:34Web malware grew by 139 percent


16:26Google reveals ‘Priority Inbox’ for mobile16:24Twitter messages not private, rules PCC16:23Five tips to secure your smartphone16:21Sophos Unveils Management Platform to Secure Android, iPhones, iPads16:19Mobile attacks soar by 46%16:17Europe's virus victims revealed


16:09Google's Eric Schmidt predicts the future of computing - and he plans to be involved16:08U.S. seeks veto powers over new domain names16:06Nasdaq's Computer Network Hacked16:05Anonymous lashes out at security firm HBGary Federal over Wikileaks probe16:03Software to stop kids posting explicit images16:02Wikileaks' Julian Assange begins extradition battle


16:00Microsoft patch will lead to 900 million reboots15:59Hotmail launches disposable email addresses15:57Mozilla Developing More Attack-Aware Applications for Security15:56Facebook turns 715:5475,000 apply to work at Google15:04Confidential Info on Russian Airports' Safety is Publicly Available


15:40Intel chip bug affects HP, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo15:38Next-gen iPad spotted at The Daily launch15:31 How to lose a million customers with malware15:29Facebook Fixes Security Vulnerability15:24Google bets $20K that Chrome can't be hacked15:22Blocking Internet cost Egypt at least $90M, says OECD


15:01Yahoo denies blame for Windows Phone 7 bug15:00Blackberry faces Indian showdown after missing deadline14:59Poor firewall implementations pave wave for DDoS attacks14:54Microsoft warns its customers of cold-calling scam14:52Microsoft, Google Execs Tussle over Bing Accusations14:51Egypt turns internet back on


16:52Google beats Egypt net blackout with voice tweets16:50Microsoft says Yahoo is 'phantom data' phone bug source16:47Google Docs Refines File Search in the Cloud16:35Turning numbers into names: how IP address lookups are done16:33LG to release first ever 3D smartphone15:05Thousands of bloggers signed an open letter protesting against education reform