News for March 2011 Year


16:12Flaws in NASA network put operations and personnel at risk, report reveals16:0639% of mobile phone users would not spot their mobile missing within an hour16:05Wolverine Uploader Pleads Guilty, Set to See Out 2011 in Jail16:03Everything You Need To Know About Google’s +115:46Samsung denies installing keyloggers on laptops15:44Google to be audited on privacy after Buzz complaints


16:05Amazon faces backlash over Cloud Drive service16:01BP employee loses laptop containing data on 13,000 oil spill claimants15:52Twitter needs to become more ‘social’, less ‘elite’15:47Facebook Scams Succeed Because Friends Don't Warn Each Other: Survey15:45Radware warns on next swathe of DDoS attacks15:43Researchers spot security holes in McAfee website


16:20Amazon unveils cloud music player16:16Hackers log in to federal MPs' emails16:11Transatlantic privacy chiefs "can work together"15:54Google working on mobile payment technology15:45Science Gallery picks up a Shorty at Oscars of Twittersphere15:40Premium text messages prompt complaints, lawsuits


15:48People officially say "LOL" out loud15:47Android smartphones "to replace debit cards"15:39'Facebook depression' could affect teens, doctors warn15:38Hackers target business secrets15:35Comodo flap highlights browser security differences15:34Spotify hit by malicious ads


16:32Supreme Court Ruling Makes Chasing File-Sharers Hugely Expensive16:30In-app billing coming to the Android Market next week16:21Two weeks after Japan earthquake, IT industry faces hurdles16:16Twitter improves security on mobile site using Firefox 4 features16:15BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps16:14Microsoft spends $7.5m on net addresses


16:19Update Java and you may get annoying McAfee scanner too16:17China's NetQin accused of installing mobile malware16:05Google launches online magazine – Think Quarterly16:03Billions of web users could be hit by internet certification compromise16:02Moscow hacker who put porn on billboard gets jail term15:59Iran targets Gmail and Skype with fake SSL hack


15:36Windows Phone 7 gets cut and paste update15:34Google books agreement torpedoed by US court15:25EFF calls for creation of federated social networks15:03Amazon Appstore Opens to Challenge Google's Android Market15:01Does RSA SecurID have a U.S gov't-authorized back door?15:00The security benefits and pitfalls of using HTML5 for web apps


15:19China rejects Google claims of email interference15:18Firefox 4 RC for Android lands without Flash15:12DoD works with industry on automated network intrusion defense system15:00WikiLeaks' founder takes on Indian Prime Minister14:58Adobe Updates Flash, Reader, Acrobat to Fix Zero-Day Bug14:54Facebook more popular than porn for UK users


15:37Google accuses China over Gmail hack attack15:27Sex domain .xxx given final approval by Icann15:25Twitter offers encryption to beat hackers15:18US ambassador to Mexico resigns over WikiLeaks embassy cables15:17Apple under fire for approving ‘gay cure’ app15:15Data retention useless for tackling crime, says German pressure group


15:13New York Times to charge for full internet access15:12Leak shows Amazon will undercut Android Market15:02ICO says 40% of wireless home internet users have no knowledge of WiFi security15:01Microsoft and FBI sever the heads of largest spam network14:50RSA hit by advanced persistent threat attacks14:49Global raids shut, arrest 184 men, rescue 230 kids


16:24White House: Streaming Should Be a Felony, Wiretap Infringers16:23Intel, Qualcomm Say Japan Disaster Won't Hurt Chip Production16:17With Hacking, Music Can Take Control of Your Car16:15Analyst: Nearly half of all PCs to use graphics processors16:09RIM urges Blackberry users to disable Javascript after web browsing vulnerability revealed15:59Social networks must "comply with EU rules"


14:23Google announces anti-counterfeit measures14:21Cybercrime goldmine – less than 1pc of money in world is physical14:10Twitter offers HTTPS to boost security14:01Software testing in banks puts customer data at risk, says research14:00Online survey scam spreading on Twitter13:58Google buys Parrot Pictures to improve YouTube quality


15:59Reader sandbox protects against zero-day Flash flaw15:57Scammers use Japanese earthquake for charity donation fraud15:50Report: Piracy a "global pricing problem" with only one solution15:49Facebook to test Groupon-like deals service15:42'Radiation' text message is fake15:40Chrome update takes out Flash


16:52Anonymous leaks Bank of America e-mails16:50Antitrust subcommittee to examine Google search ranking system16:48LinkedIn launches news aggregator15:31Google: IE flaw used for "politically motivated" attacks15:29Google patches Pwn2Own WebKit bug in Chrome15:28Play Facebook games to help Japan quake victims


16:27Google Users Can Block Search Results to Cut Spam16:25SpyEye and Zeus cybercriminals DDoS blast web security services16:23Taiwan airport opens e-library for transit passengers16:22iPhone and BlackBerry hacked in security contest16:14Google algorithm change could hit legit e-commerce sites16:12Facebook unveils option to report bullying


16:5390% Russian children use the Internet regularly 16:51Slow broadband? Blame the neighbour's Wi-Fi16:49Apple Safari, Microsoft IE 8 Hijacked by Hackers at Pwn2Own Contest16:43IAM failures will shift focus to intelligence by 2014, says Gartner16:41Symantec finds fake Google Android update16:39Friends to help police bullying and abuse on Facebook


15:36Canadian scientists crack code for tracing anonymous emails15:35Report: DreamWorks buys rights to WikiLeaks books15:32Study: 70 percent of iPhone and Android open source apps violate licenses15:30Facebook adds Samaritans suicide risk alert system15:21Defense contractor charged with stealing secrets on laptop15:19 F-Secure: security firms should block state malware


15:52Google Lets Users Tweet Their Hotpot Ratings15:49Biggest spam wave hits Facebook – think before you click15:48200,000 Android smartphones may be infected with malware15:46South Korea hit by cyber attacks15:44Beijing to track people's movements via their mobile phones15:43Microsoft Patch Tuesday fails to address known IE flaw


15:53Apple iPad 2 Introduction: 10 Features that Define This New Model15:52Twitter not for sale, says co-founder15:46Android hit by rogue app viruses15:40400% spike in USB sticks left at the dry cleaners15:3770pc of tech execs read print media monthy, but is online for news - survey15:21Google, Mozilla Patch Browsers Before Pwn2Own Hacker Contest


15:18Britons caught out by booby-trapped web ads15:17Google Android apps send credentials in the clear15:15Apple's iPad 2 launch: live15:14Angry Android developers form union against Google policies15:12Remote Access Offers Complexity, Security Issues for IT14:48EU raids digital book sellers in cartel investigation


16:32Facebook Like Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality16:31US employee accuses Infosys of visa and tax fraud16:18WikiLeaks, Arab uprisings nominated for Nobel Peace Prize16:10Symantec downplays mobile malware threat16:02Now, a mobile phone app to detect cancer16:00European judges to rule on used software trade