News for April 2011 Year


17:14Sony hints at compensation for PlayStation Network hack17:13ICANN hires hacker as security chief17:11Security and networking skills in greatest demand - CIO survey17:10Google Delivers Google Talk Video Chat for Android17:07CA researcher spots industry's first fake mobile malware scanner17:06Google adds Docs to Android armoury


16:43Aussie boffins claim to have created a virtually unhackable data transfer 16:42Google Docs for Android Turns Photos into Editable Documents16:41Google Apps slashes number of free licences16:35Google Translate now includes speech input16:33Millions apply for Olympic tickets despite site crash16:31419 scammers returning to snail mail and fax, says Symantec


15:58Smartphone users out of the loop on IT security15:49Zeus Trojan adds investment fraud to its arsenal15:39Tech companies check out potential hires on Facebook15:37 Car computer controls vulnerable to hackers says report15:35Google Android Market Gets Merchant Sales Reporting15:26FBI fingers China over online bank fraud


16:59Who gets blame for Amazon outage?16:58Like? Facebook adds a Send button16:56Sony admits its PlayStation Network was hit by a hacking attack16:55Attackers Can Use IPv6 to Launch Man-in-the-Middle Attacks16:47Jobs denies iPhone tracking as scandal widens16:46Iran 'uncovers Stars espionage virus'


16:50How to Permanently Delete Files from Dropbox16:48iPhone Tracking Issue Prompts Franken Letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs16:42Google to progress EV charging station search capabilities16:40IT security industry collaboration could eliminate 90% of malware16:39ISPs forced to come clean on data breaches16:31Amazon fault takes down websites


16:44iPhone tracks users' movements16:31Terrorists using bluetooth for subversive and illegal information relay16:15ISPs need to wise up on movie piracy – Xtra-vision boss16:08PCI DSS-Compliant Companies Suffer Fewer Data Breaches: Report16:03German software maker Ashampoo warns of malware after hack15:57GPS turns drivers into non-thinking zombies


16:42Google's Map Maker enables U.S. users to edit Google Maps worldwide16:37All YouTube uploads now in open-source WebM codec16:29T-Mobile Launches Free Voice Calls Via Facebook16:28Majority of applications fall short on security – even those from security vendors16:22Many under-13s 'using Facebook'16:20ICO acts on only 1% of reported data breaches


12:36Verizon study: data breaches quintupled in 201012:24Yahoo plans to keep search records for 18 months12:22Security firm Sophos calls on Facebook to implement safety plan12:18Internet-based attacks on critical systems rise12:17EU rethinks data collection for security services12:14Microsoft's Office 365 Beta Launches Worldwide


12:23Weekend news roundup12:19Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom Plan Joint Equipment Purchases12:17UAE restrictions will hit all wireless providers, says RIM12:12Are You Following a Bot?12:11Publishers warn of eBook piracy as sales soar10:50Russian bloggers accuse of letting pedophiles freely communicate


16:22EU legal adviser rules piracy web blocking illegal16:20Cyber-Assisted Physical Attacks are Here and Now says John Bumgarner, US Cyber Consequences Unit16:16Apple Updates iOS, Mac OS X, Safari to Fix Pwn2Own Bugs, Comodo Certificates16:15Samsung launching 3D video on demand service for Europe16:13New European standards for online behavioural advertising15:58Skype for Android "spills personal details"


15:38Adobe announces quick release of patches for latest critical flaw in Flash Player15:28FBI Shuts Down Coreflood Botnet, Zombies Transmitting Financial Data15:27WordPress admits hacking attack15:24Police arrest senior NoTW journalist over phone hacking15:22Email-borne malware soars 400% after Rustock takedown15:21Sony considers two-week shutdown due to power shortages


16:27Users sabotage work PCs to force upgrades16:26Sony and Hotz settle hacking case16:20NASA looks to a new generation of innovation16:15Microsoft bringing its Street View rival ‘Streetside’ to Europe16:13Patch Management Crucial to Defend Against Cyber Attacks: Report16:10Microsoft reveals Internet Explorer 10


16:44SpyEye Arrests Don't Touch High-Level Trojan Developers16:43Dutch government wants penalties for P2P downloads16:34Adobe Flash hit by another zero-day flaw16:32Researcher defeats two-factor iPhone authentication16:27Court orders Facebook to disclose source code to suing marketers16:25HP Offers ePrint Service App for Apple iPhone


16:16Advertisers could locate IP addresses to within 100m16:15Ceop website form 'could have put children at risk'16:04Adobe Launches Photoshop Touch SDK for Mobile and Tablets16:03Google halts new Street View imagery in Germany15:54UK police arrest three men over 'SpyEye' malware15:52Windows 7 share tops XP for first time in U.S.


17:01Facebook seeks control of datacenter hardware17:00New wireless Internet network threatens GPS 16:57US government to show terrorist alerts on Facebook, Twitter16:56Facebook Bully Video Actually a XSS Exploit16:5465% of infosec professionals unsure of where their sensitive company files are located16:49US government developing activist technology


16:26Classic Commodore 64 lives again16:21Slapdash SSL certification poses security risk16:20 Cybercriminals going for quantity over quality in attacks16:19EC to set RFID tag guidelines to address privacy concerns16:13Mind-reading computers are on the way16:11Sony restarts more quake-hit plants, supply problems remain


17:06Chrome targets social engineering with file warnings17:05M&S customers hit by Epsilon e-mail hack17:01Offshoot Anonymous group targets Sony employees' info16:37Lack of data loss prevention will cause businesses to fail, warns Ovum16:28Cheap Zeus source code for sale16:14Looking for malware? Search for porn


14:24 iPhone/iPad 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak arrives14:23Attack Toolkits, Web Plugins Top Cyber-Weapons in 2010: HP14:18Anonymous attacks PlayStation websites to protest lawsuits14:16Phone hacking: NoW journalists arrested13:09Epsilon breach to spark spear-phishing surge13:08Criminals target mobile devices and social networks


16:36Millions caught in e-mail breach16:31Google: SQL-injection attack not as large as first thought16:30Avast Software reports almost 750,000 alleged pirates of single license key16:29Obama launches 2012 re-election campaign, begins social media strategy16:27iPad, iPhone get remote heart-monitoring app16:23RSA's SecurID Breach Started with Phishing Email


16:46Sites hit in massive web attack16:45Mobiles to play key role in national cyber defence16:44 Comodo admits two more Registration Authorities hacked16:3872pc of companies outsource for IT - survey16:33Why the US needs to blacklist, censor pirate websites16:32Bad assumptions lead to false claim about Samsung laptops