News for May 2011 Year


16:41US defence firm Lockheed Martin hit by cyber-attack16:31 95% of spam sales serviced by just three banks16:22Amazon Tablet Could Ship 2.4M Units in 2012: Munster16:11Turkey Bans RapidShare and FileServe16:09G8 summit: laws apply on Internet just like "everywhere else"15:48Twitter unmasks anonymous British user in landmark legal battle


15:30PayPal sues Google over mobile wallet technology15:26Cross-site scripting attack on Hotmail highlights personal e-mail risk to business15:25Amazon opens own Mac download store15:23Ballmer: Piracy costs Microsoft 95% of potential Chinese revenue15:19Mark Zuckerberg says ownership suit a 'fraud'15:18Memory encryption breakthrough claimed by NC State researchers


16:59Skype Ends Support For Open-Source Digium Asterisk VOIP PBX16:52Google Street View in India faces challenges16:46Windows Phone Marketplace coming to the web16:40Chrome OS not as secure as it looks, says Trend Micro16:27Internet Explorer hit by "cookiejacking" flaw16:25Apple fights fake security makers


17:53Apple finally acknowledges Mac Defender malware17:52Cookie law deferred for one year17:51More 64-bit malware spotted by Kaspersky Lab17:50Google Preps Android Mobile Payments with Nexus S, NFC17:49New email scam targets BoI credit card customers17:46Group calls for ban on spying technology sales


15:40Brussels readies net piracy purge15:39Sophos researcher questions Microsoft's claims on infected downloads15:33Virus Attack on Dow Jones Network Raises Suspicion of Insider Malice15:21Payment system lets customers buy goods using their names15:09TalkTalk's sales tactics: "dishonest, misleading, deceptive"15:07Yahoo makes new mail available to all users


15:48Cookie flaw leaves LinkedIn accounts vulnerable15:33Demand for e-commerce skills spikes 158% as retailers expand multi-channel services15:26Google Social Search Takes Facebook Fight Global15:20IT staff hold firms hostage with encryption keys15:13For sale: DIY crime kit for Macs15:06Laser puts record data rate through fibre


14:41Security, Monitoring Tools Essential for Cloud Migration: Report14:40Red Hat boosts Enterprise Linux virtualisation performance with 6.1 update14:38Power plants vulnerable to hackers: security firm14:37Facebook uses Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology to fight child porn14:35F-Secure: Sony running live phishing site14:34Open-Source Software Going Mainstream in Enterprises: Survey


17:01Spammers tap Wikipedia for pharma fakes16:59Twitter is keen to avoid Facebook’s privacy nightmare16:49Google rolling out fix for Android security flaw16:48Fake security software catches out Apple owners16:44Facebook, Twitter Drain Business Productivity: Survey16:3899.7% of Android apps are vulnerable to attack


16:34All smartphones and tablets in danger of leaking data16:32Microsoft: One in 14 downloads is malicious16:24DoD's DARPA Plans Resilient Cloud to Withstand Cyber-Attacks16:22Selective encryption to boost instant-on memory16:21Hackers discover unicode as a cybercriminal weapon16:06Apple plans smaller SIM card


17:11Facebook and Bing search deal puts friends above facts17:09Google News Tuned Up with Multimedia, Personalization17:05Net pirate monitoring firm hacked17:03Android market hit by premium SMS-generating trojans17:02US plans to police global web16:00Newly Organized 'Cybermilitia' Caught their First Cybercriminal


16:00NTT DoCoMo plans pocket-size Windows 7 device15:58Android Malware Jumps 400 Percent as All Mobile Threats Rise15:52Hackers hit Japanese video game maker Square Enix15:46Apple accused of locking down iMac upgrades15:44PlayStation Network strains under restart12:42An Impostor who Posed as Governor Exposed in Social Network