News for June 2011 Year


15:21Vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome OS security15:20F-Secure says that Android apps are easily clonable15:18Microsoft Patent Will Allow Federal Eavesdropping on VOIP Services, Skype15:04Arrests made in China over Alibaba fraud case14:49"Indestructible" botnet wipes out other malware14:47Samsung asks US to ban iPad, iPhone imports


13:09Microsoft's Office 365 Faces Challenges, Google in Cloud Battle13:08Microsoft patents web-snooping technology13:06Pope uses iPad, Twitter to launch new Vatican website12:37Google+ challenges Facebook in social network battle12:36Security is key issue for mobile payment adoption12:35Firewalls evolving rapidly says latest Fortinet research


16:19U.S. Military Expanding Arsenal of Cyber-Warfare Capabilities16:14Mysterious iPhone app spies on Windows machines16:13LulzSec said it leaked Arizona police documents16:08Twelve nations collaborate to shut down international scareware cyber crime rings16:06Travelodge customer data stolen16:02US starts investigating Google's search dominance


14:15Dox everywhere: LulzSec under attack from hackers, law enforcement14:13Judge: Apple likely to lose app store brand battle14:05FBI hits Latvian scareware peddlers who infected 1 million14:02Suspected teen hacker faces five charges under the Computer Misuse Act13:56GFI Security reports poor patch management causing 50% of IT failures13:55Police database will share data on 15 million people


15:50iCloud stops routing Apple e-mail when 5GB limit is reached15:48LulzSec 'outs' hackers it claims caused UK arrest15:45Malware, Spam Pose Greater Security Threat in 201115:43Consumer group reveals web-blocking plans15:33eBay to raise fees for private 'Buy It Now' listings15:28Dropbox left document storage accounts open for four hours


16:43Microsoft’s SkyDrive gets HTML5 speed boost16:31Google to Scan 250,000 British Library Books16:30Thousands of Australian websites wiped out by hacking of domain registrar16:27Password fault leaves Dropbox accounts unprotected16:26Even in public sector, mobility presents largest security challenge16:25Teenager arrested on suspicion of hacking


14:48Apple offers students a €75 Mac apps gift card14:44Icann increases web domain suffixes14:37Sega: hackers took details of 1.3m users14:36Dating website for beautiful people dumps 30,000 members14:34Microsoft, Skype deal gets U.S. clearance14:33Password Security Remains the Weakest Link Even After Big Data Breaches


12:1946% of UK users do not back up their laptop or mobile12:10Fraud starts after Lulzsec group releases e-mail, passwords12:08Lawmakers Add 48-Hour Rule to Data Breach Notification Bills12:02Experts warn of holes in critical SCADA software12:00Virgin tackles infected customers11:5952% of PC users run AV software when their PC runs slow


14:56Mobile security software market to surge as 96% of mobile devices left vulnerable14:55Citigroup: hack worse than first feared14:53Yahoo App Search, AppSpot Hunt for iPhone, Android Apps14:44"Android is a malware cesspool – and users don't care"14:42Facebook plans HTML5 apps within Safari on iOS devices14:34LulzSec hackers claim CIA website shutdown


15:16U.S. questioned China about attack15:15Top 10 PIN Codes Picked by iPhone Users15:11Juror faces jail for contacting defendant via Facebook15:07Eugene Kaspersky calls for international cybersecurity collaboration at BSA forum15:01Google extends Instant access to web pages14:59LulzSec opens hack request line


14:49Who is behind the attempted IMF data hacking?14:47U.S. Funds Projects to Bypass Internet Censorship, Government Control14:37Hackers target Facebook with leaked porn logins14:36Lulz attacks: US orders review as Senate site hacked13:58White House reveals smart grid plans for US13:51One-third of websites are repeat victims of phishing/spoofing compromises


16:48Turkish government sites targeted by Anonymous16:47Chrome browser warns users before downloading malicious files16:44 Search engine poisoning methodologies revealed16:42Hi-tech crime and sexual partner surveys 'biased'16:36Phishing fears follow cyber attack on 200,000 Citigroup customers16:35Hackers try to help NHS with security


15:30EU and US privacy groups voice concerns over Facebook face-recognition feature15:25Sophos: malware mimicking Windows Updates15:24Indian outsourcers' quality hit by staff issues15:21U.S. Commerce Dept Calls for Public-Private Partnership on Cyber-Security15:04M86 VP technical strategy claims Zeus source code release planned15:02Citibank confirms hacking attack


15:01The biggest ever test of the internet's new address system is taking place.14:59Boy-in-the-browser attacks get aggressive14:46Cyber-Attackers Taking Aim at Cloud and Virtualized Environments14:37Apple plans ambitious new ‘spaceship’ campus14:36Critics bemoan Facebook's stealth face recognition launch14:33Oracle releases critical patch to fix 17 security flaws in Java SE


13:01Is YouTube Killing Music Piracy?12:59Prominent iPhone Hacker Blames Vendors' Buggy Code for Security Breaches12:54China: Google has become a "political tool"12:41Adobe releases Flash zero-day patch for universal cross-scripting vulnerability12:40MI6 attacks al Qaeda magazine; infects site with cupcake recipes12:26Nintendo server attacked by hacking group Lulz Security


14:08Hotmail and Yahoo users also victims of targeted attacks14:07BitComet Adds Support for “Anonymous” Downloads14:05Cyber-Attacks Highlight Need to Focus on Stronger Database Security14:0461% of UK IT leaders believe staff-owned mobile devices pose a security risk14:0258% of UK office workers losing track of files on computers14:00Sony network attacked again, hackers claim


16:18Targeted cyber attacks an 'epidemic'16:17Can 'digital ants' protect computer networks?16:15Cyber warfare: the battle has barely begun16:13Google +1 Comes to YouTube, Android Market, TechCrunch16:12Microsoft: Windows 8 won't require a new PC16:10Businesses using Google Apps must turn to modern browsers, warns Google


16:11US Pentagon to treat cyber-attacks as 'acts of war'16:09Premium rate calling Android malware spotted in the wild16:04Twitter launches ‘follow’ button tool for websites16:01WHO: more research needed into mobile cancer risk15:50Apple Rolls Out MacDefender Removal Tool for Mac OS X15:48Intel's new Atom processor to lower netbook prices