News for July 2011 Year


15:13Network Security, Hardware Reliability Pose Challenges for Businesses: HP Report15:12Hackers attack South Korean websites; up to 35 mn users affected15:11Rumours of Google+’s demise may be premature15:09BBC launches "global" iPlayer app - in Europe15:05LulzSec, Anonymous Hacker Arrests Won't Solve Security Attacks15:04BT ordered to block pirate links


15:39Head of US cyber security team quits after series of attacks on government agencies15:38Hacked Twitter users send out "Beach Body" spam15:36U.S. Officials Tell Congress the Country Lags in Fortifying IT Security15:21Facebook targets businesses as Google+ warns them off15:19French downloaders face government grilling15:18Confidential documents of Russian government authorities are searchable in Google


16:45Mozilla Building Mobile Operating System to Rival Google`s Chrome OS16:43Simple Google search harvests credit-card details16:42Hackers hit Italian cyber-police15:49Europe’s movie heritage now captured forever online15:41SecurEnvoy tackles trojan-based cookie hack15:34Cyber-Criminals Use Botnets, Automation to Launch Multiple Blended Attacks


14:53Free interaction arrives between Android and iPads/iPhones14:52Don't bank on your phone – it could be hacked by Zeus 'trojan horse'14:22Weekend news roundup14:20Officials close fake Apple stores in Kunming city, China14:13Foreign "spy masters" could infiltrate hacker groups14:12Partners more likely to spy online than Google


14:13Fake Apple stores found in Kunming city, China14:12Pentagon wants snooping robots for social networks14:11Google withdraws URL removal option after delisting flaw discovered14:06Cloud Computing Growth Hampered by Cost, Security Concerns: Survey14:04UK Cyber Security Challenge gears up for second year of competitions13:40Apple confirms 1m downloads of Mac OS X Lion


15:04Pirate chasing firm moves abroad14:59Google discovers more than a million infected PCs14:57Many Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information, Researcher Says14:48Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion: 10 Things You Should Know14:45Wolfram launches its own interactive document format14:32Hackers Hit Anonymous Social Network


16:12China's online population rises to 485 million 16:10UK parliament say phone networks didn't warn hacking victims16:03Google to warn users of malware infections16:02Anonymous Hackers Arrested in FBI Investigation: Reports15:57Microsoft offers $250k reward for information on cyber criminals behind the Rustock botnet15:55Spam and complex phishing attacks are still prevalent


12:12UK counter-terror report confirms extremists are early adopters of technology12:11User satisfaction study: Facebook vulnerable to Google+12:06LulzSec hackers post fake Murdoch death report on Sun website 12:04Researcher finds dangerous vulnerability in Skype12:02Amazon lets students rent textbooks via Kindle12:00Apple patches latest iOS security flaws but more may surface


16:54Trademark owners can block misuse in .xxx domain16:53Anonymous planning activist social network16:52US, Romania arrest more than 100 for cyber scams16:50Apple wins case against HTC, implications for Android players16:49Intellect calls for reform in collecting bank data to avoid future financial crisis16:46Baidu offers beta version of its own web browser


14:21A single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half14:11Critics: U.S. cybersecurity plan has holes, few new items14:03Google Chrome OS Hacked Using ScratchPad Extension in Black Hat Preview13:47WikiLeaks takes war against Visa and MasterCard to Europe13:45Pentagon admits data breach as it rolls out new cyber strategy13:44Spam down, but email credential stealing on the rise says Commtouch


15:36France Tracks Down 18 Million File-Sharers15:35Mobile 'pinging' claim raises legal questions15:29Twitter Android app supports push notifications, multiple accounts15:22Twitter gears up auto-ads for big clients15:21Google slips out another social site: Photovine15:17EFF Claims Encrypted Password Is Protected Under 5th Amendment


14:49China touts nine-month intellectual property crackdown14:42Vishing attacks now five years old says Symantec14:40Cyber terrorism set to increase after al-Qaeda calls for more cyber attacks, says government14:30Google+ Users Clamor for Gmail Integration14:28Microsoft warns users off Windows XP14:21Google revamps Android Market – adds books and movies


12:21Devices to be powered out of thin air12:13Apple files patent complaint against phone maker HTC12:12Anonymous Breaches Booz Allen Hamilton to Reveal 90,000 Military Passwords12:10Panda offers Panda Anti-virus Pro 2012 free for three months12:05First Google-powered e-book reader hits shelves12:03Blocking domain won't stop spam, Google warned


12:06Social network sites 'have duty' to stop cyberstalking12:04Google+ users hit by spam glitch as social network announces business feature12:02Texting while driving still kills, but it's on the (slight) decline11:56Malware Comes with Many Gadgets, Homeland Security Admits11:52China gets to grips with the various effects of social media11:50Google+ Will Target Businesses, Facebook Audience


13:13Anonymous eyes political role, but won't go legit13:09How to set up video calling on Facebook13:06Visa, MasterCard appear to lift WikiLeaks ban13:01Twitter told to improve security13:00Washington Post Jobs Board Hack Compromises 1.27 Million E-Mail Addresses12:58Trend Micro reports Facebook attack tapping LinkedIn


12:27Facebook adds Skype video chat feature12:23Jailbreakers uncover flaw in Apple iOS12:18Rustock Botnet Size Nearly Halved Since Server Takedown: Microsoft12:06Anonymous attacks Turkish websites again12:04Apple planning wireless charging for the iPhone11:59Morgan Stanley Says Tax Data for 34,000 Brokerage Clients Lost


14:30International body ICSPA to fight cybercrime globally14:09Search engine poisoning named biggest threat14:07DDoS attack in March likely N.Korean work, says McAfee14:03How to save on your mobile data usage14:00PayPal UK’s Twitter account hacked13:47Completely private Google+ profiles to be deleted 31 July


14:15Google temporarily disables 'Realtime' search14:14Google+ app is coming to iOS devices14:08Microsoft releases Wi-Fi sniffing code14:07Baidu and Microsoft tie-up for English search in China 13:59Trend Micro offers free beta of botnet-spotting security software13:44Iran to launch 'national' Internet in August


14:51Malicious spam campaign uses overdue credit card account as leverage14:50South Korea to move all students to tablets and e-books14:46Scientists: no evidence for mobile phone cancer link14:43Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead14:34Hackers claim Apple online data was compromised14:32Microsoft shares location data source code for review of Wi-Fi information harvesting


13:19RIM questions veracity of "BlackBerry sucks" letter13:17Cost of Euro mobile roaming falls13:13Google stops Google+ social network invitations13:11Symantec researcher delves into the technology of a backdoor attack13:06Cyber criminals deploy TDL-4 virus to create indestructible botnet of 4.5m computers13:03Skype video calling comes to Android smartphones