News for August 2011 Year


14:00Wikileaks error discloses identities of anonymous whistleblowers13:59Cutwail botnet resurfaces in major Facebook scam-paign13:58Uproar at Apple over 3G MacBook bought on Craigslist13:34WikiLeaks site comes under attack13:33U.S. military can make free calls home using Gmail13:32China steps up fight against computer hacking


16:56Microsoft warns of fraudulent digital certificate issued by DigiNotar16:48Facebook pays for security loopholes16:46Windows 8 imminent as Microsoft reveals more stuff16:39IBM's Watson Relives Jeopardy Victory16:38Google says Gmail attack focused on Iranian targets16:37Nokia Takes Developer Forum Offline After Hack


17:03Facebook boosts photo size, makes them load faster17:01Google's Eric Schmidt criticises education in the UK17:00Chinese general's spy talk leaked onto YouTube16:58Apple hires JailBreakMe iPhone hacker16:41Software tracking could turn Chinese piracy into revenue16:39Samsung announces ChatON instant messaging tool to take on BBM, iMessage


15:38DDoS security specialist predicts rise in hacktivist attacks15:33Found: the missing link in RSA SecurID hack15:32US firm sues UK government over “unlawful” contract termination15:29'Black swans' busting IT budgets15:24Black Hat Hacker Says Insulin Pump Maker Medtronic Belittles Security Flaw15:23WikiLeaks publishes tens of thousands more cables


15:54Facebook Linked to Teenage Drinking, Drug Use15:51Facebook to let users pre-approve photo tags 15:49Google to pay $500m online drug advertising fine15:48Facebook tweaks privacy settings for enhanced control15:41Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, names Tim Cook as successor15:40Researcher explains how to remediate flash cookies


16:41Chinese site bans Web tools used to evade filters 16:36Facebook plans redesign and 20 acquisitions this year16:35Android malware leaps by 76%16:34'Smart' CCTV could track rioters16:33Amazon Web Services ElastiCache Launches16:32Beware of Android apps offering to manage your APK files


16:31Google adds name verification to social network16:30New malware generates reverse text in file names16:29Apple's iPhone gets Japanese earthquake alert16:16Bing Offers Group Check-in App for Windows Phone 716:14Domain name changes will help global users, ICANN chief says16:01Microsoft drops "supercookies"


16:15Thermal-based camera PIN monitoring techniques revealed by researchers16:14Amazon launches government-only cloud storage service for US authorities16:07RSA reveals new cybercrime intelligence service16:05IBM produces first 'brain chips'16:01Disgruntled Employee Wreaks IT Havoc at Japanese Drug Company16:00Security fears over encryption after key discovery


16:48Skype brings Wi-Fi connection service to Apple iPhone and iPad16:47Improper SSL Implementations Leave Websites Wide Open to Attack16:27Intel releases update to fix SSD bug16:25Pirates punked as KOOBFACE targets Torrent P2P file sharing16:17Hackers target Bart transport agency again16:15Russians buy in e-stores more often than Europeans


17:40Apple releases first Lion update to fix system hangs, flaky WiFi17:39Baidu criticized for fraudulent keyword advertising17:34LinkedIn Mobile for Android, iOS Gets HTML5 Treatment17:31Nintendo reveals streamlined Wii, winter line-up17:25HTC lawsuit looks to ban Apple sales in US17:24Mobile wallet security issues trouble users


17:14Barack Obama joins Foursquare17:11Apple accused of giving false evidence against Samsung17:09Android malware levels steadily increasing17:00Government must change the way it stores citizens' personal data, calls the Equality and Human Rights Commission16:49Internet Users Unknowingly Risk Identity Theft: Report16:44Study finds third of teachers have been bullied online


16:26 Sophos warns LinkedIn users to review their online data following privacy rule change16:25Man jailed after stealing £35,000 via Facebook data trawl16:20Nokia to bring Windows Phone 7 devices to China Mobile16:19Consumers show social media fatigue - survey16:07Google launches custom tailored search feature16:05Mobile apps still not secure for storing personal data says ViaForensics