News for September 2011 Year


17:17Mobile malware is on the rise, warns IBM report17:16Facebook facing US and European privacy probes17:13Google Delivers Web Fonts Developer API17:09Russia's Yandex invests $15 million in Blekko17:07Facebook Timeline: Important Privacy Settings to Adjust Now17:05Cyberpirates harpoon big fish through whaling


15:41Microsoft warns on combination SSL/TLS security risk15:40T-Mobile wants to prevent U.S. ban on Samsung products15:29US Federal Communications Commission sued over new Internet rules 15:28The future of the silicon chip15:26Mango fixes Windows Phone data flaw, adds another15:25ISACA warns on mobile device geo-location security risks


16:02Major botnets have infected over 20 million computers, says Kaspersky16:01India cap on text messages to deter tele-marketers15:53Google plans start-up centre in London15:52Europe plans charter to safeguard Internet users15:49Facebook admits to cookie logout bug15:47Pentagon Extends Cyber-Defense Pilot, Will Recruit More Companies


16:05Watchdog to rein-in rogue app developers16:04Harvard website hacked by Syria protesters16:00Apple updates OS X to block Mac Trojan15:59NASA reports strong solar storm activity15:58Hospitals fail to innoculate themselves against new media security bugs15:56Spotify defends Facebook sign-up requirement


15:33Facebook accused of tracking logged-off users15:32Warning about cost of rogue apps15:30NOTW phone hacking: Now legal action in US15:29F-Secure spots Apple Mac trojan posing as a PDF file15:27Samsung seeks iPhone, iPad sale ban in Dutch court15:26EU opens antitrust probe into e-payment market


17:34Anti-piracy group FAST applauds government business guide to navigating UK IP law17:33SQL injection attacks increasing in number, sophistication and potency, researchers find17:28Bluetooth devices security risks rising: research17:26'Lurid' malware hits Russia, CIS countries17:18Facebook adds music and TV, tracks users' timelines17:17FBI claims arrest of key LulzSec hacker


14:21Google denies "cooking" search results14:13 Scammers and hackers are now targeting children14:11Researchers claim to have broken SSL/TLS encryption14:06Amazon unveils ebook library access14:05Adobe Patches Zero-Day XSS Vulnerability in Flash Player 1013:49Convert your 2D videos to 3D with YouTube


15:06Adobe Systems launches Flash Player 11 and Air 315:00Hacked security firm closes its doors14:56Finnish startup aims to change Web advertising14:55Google+ opened up to everyone14:52Facebook redesigns News Feed – will users like it?14:50Gartner: Best defence against social media threats is monitoring and education


15:06Fewer than half of businesses know how much energy their IT uses, says Fujitsu15:05'No leak of key info' in Mitsubishi cyber attack14:54Google Wallet arrives in the US14:52UK firm denies 'cyber-spy' deal with Egypt14:46Trusteer says Zeus' arrival as number two malware threat direct result of May source code leaks14:45Mac OS X flaw allows dodgy password resets


16:06Updates improve Facebook and Twitter connections16:01Dutch Budget hacked and retweeted16:00Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle15:54Lost iPhone just one headache for Apple security15:50Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer15:49Japanese defence giant targeted in security breach


15:08Google brings voice-based control to smartphones and tablets15:06Facebook’s Navigation Bar Becomes Omnipresent15:02Facebook 'freezes' its navigation bar14:44Cyber attacks are becoming lethal, warns US cyber commander14:40Google+ Now Lets Users Share Google Maps Directions14:37HP accused of misleading investors


17:27Google expands ability to veto search results17:26YouTube adds video editing tool17:23Cyber co-operation added to Australia-US defence treaty 17:22Facebook follows Twitter, Google+; lets you follow non-friends with new 'subscribe' feature17:20Web pirates ready block-busting software17:19Child protection agency "sent reports unencrypted"


16:37Facebook to organise friends in 'smart lists'16:36EU cybersecurity agency Enisa publishes report on app store security16:31uTorrent hackers plant scareware in client downloads16:27Twitter’s new analytics service to tell clicks from tweets16:25Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 operating system16:24Executives Discussed Security Breaches, Attacks During APT Summit


16:41Google lets Wi-Fi hotspot owners opt out of location service16:40Measuring Wi-Fi attacks can combat cyber crimes16:3958% of malware seen during August was fake anti-virus software, says Fortinet16:31FBI probes hack into NBC News Twitter account after Ground Zero attack hoax16:30Skynet seeks to crowdsource the stars16:22Facebook, Tumblr Drive Social Web Use: Nielsen


16:0460pc of active internet users access blogs and social networks16:00Mobile malware up 273% in first half of 201115:56Hackers hit Russia's embassy in UK website15:53Survey: Instant Messaging Will Surpass Email15:51Cyber-Scammers Exploit Typing Errors to Intercept Email, Phish Details15:50Linux community hit by security breach


17:04Anonymous launches Twitter trending topics hijacking tool17:03Trusteer reports arrival of Shylock financial malware in the wild16:54Lookalike domains used to attack corporate email16:53Tweet Jesus! Twitter hits 100m active users16:52Stanford Hospital Contractor Leaks 20,000 Patient Records to Public Website16:51Hacker claims he can exploit Windows Update


17:03Google Says China Has Renewed Its Content Provider License17:02Researcher raps Apple for not blocking stolen SSL certificates17:01Global cybercrimes cost $114 billion annually: Symantec16:56Trend Micro researcher spots low-traffic DDoS attack vector16:55Anonymous accused banned from online nicknames16:54SpyEye Dominates Malicious Botnet Activity in 2011 First Half: Survey


14:36DigiNotar certificates are pulled, but not on smartphones14:29GlobalSign stops issuing certificates over hacking threat14:22Amazon steps up social media efforts14:14Malware plays the pirated Windows trump card14:10Apple iPhone 5 Preorders in Germany: Report14:03Iranians hit in email hack attack


17:04Kaspersky researcher says DigiNotar could turn out to be more important than Stuxnet17:03Fighting 21st Century Cyber-Threats17:01Internet Archive shows September 11 coverage 16:59UK firms clamp down on social media in response to high-profile data breaches16:57Security expert discovers bitcoin mining botnet16:56Iranian hacker claims access to four more CAs


15:52Sony to sell backup battery for TVs, home appliances15:51Two Mexicans deny terrorism charges, face 30 years for tweets15:48DigiNotar fallout could leave OSes vulnerable15:47Internet and social media affecting TV consumption - study15:38DHS Warns of Anonymous Cyber-Attack Tools, Planned Mass Protests15:36Turkish net hijack hits big name websites


17:15Hoax Email Purporting to Be FTC Spreads Malware [WARNING]17:13Mobile shopping: More buzz than buy so far17:12Baidu offers glimpse of new mobile OS17:08Anonymous claims hack of Texas police website despite clampdown by authorities17:07Attackers Hit but Linux Kernel Likely Spared17:05Four more arrested over UK hacking allegations


14:22Facebook to allow further music integration 14:21Gmail, Calendar and Docs Offline arrive on Chrome Web Store14:06WikiLeaks to sue Guardian after identity of sources accidentally revealed14:04Hackers, Mobile, Social Media Making IT Security a Challenge13:43Windows Phone 7 "ignores do not track requests"13:41Symantec says businesses getting better at fighting the ongoing security war