News for October 2011 Year


15:58Facebook admits to 600,000 cyber attacks a day15:57Anonymous threatens to expose Mexican drug cartel15:46After Newzbin2 Win, MPA Takes Down Another Usenet Service15:44'India ranks as the second fastest growing telecom market'15:43Quocirca report warns on multi-functional and networked printer security issues15:36UK faces "disturbing" number of cyber attacks


15:02Researcher Finds Major Flaw in Facebook15:01Facebook now allows friends to help recover accounts14:51Google makes big changes to daily deals business14:49Kaspersky Lab offers tailored security advice for online survey participation14:48Taiwan takes top spot from Myanmar as malicious internet traffic source14:46Spammers Using Own URL-Shortening Services for Pharmacy Spam


16:33Education needs to keep pace with demand for information security professionals, says SANS16:31New Mac Trojan Proves There's No Such Thing as a Malware-Proof Platform16:14China's internet users targeted in online rumour probes16:13Google alerts Gmail users of Buzz retirement16:11US and Canadian subscribers sue RIM over Blackberry service outage16:10FCC launches online tool to help small firms plan for cyberattacks


14:33BT given 14 days to block access to Newzbin 14:29Skype security flaw could expose users to stalking or fraud14:28Commonwealth launches web portal to connect two billion citizens14:26Barnaby Jack hacks diabetes insulin pump live at Hacker Halted14:19Google faces more government demands for user info; US, India seek most information14:17Hackers Release DoS Attack Tool Targeting SSL Servers


14:522011: Year of the Database Hack?14:51iPhone 4S: The first phone for low-power Bluetooth devices14:44Wikileaks turns to fundraising as US finance companies cut off donations14:41Hackers take down child pornography sites14:35Researchers Crack XML Encryption Mechanism, Propose New Standard14:34AVG's popularity means it is being targeted by fake maintenance site scams


13:29Widely used encryption standard is insecure, say experts13:28European survey reveals near-doubling in ATM fraud attacks13:26Google Plus user base crosses 40 million mark13:24Hackers cost UK economy billions every year, says head of military cyber security13:19Google Person Finder for Turkey after earthquake13:17FBI Official Backs Alternative Internet to Secure Critical Systems


14:21No mobile phone cancer link, researchers claim14:20Two in five SMBs have suffered breaches from poor web surfing practices14:18Cyber criminals may leverage Gaddafi's death14:10UK cyber security strategy aimed at growth, says government official14:08Microsoft sued for monopoly abuse by Israeli firm14:05Websites 'should carry libel risk for anonymous posts'


15:53RIM offers apps as apology for BlackBerry outage15:52Military-grade cyber attacks: How businesses can protect themselves15:51Google to close down Google Buzz15:41LulzSec activities highlight importance of security15:39New York credit card fraud bust just ‘tip of the iceberg'15:38Samsung files to stop Japan, Australia iPhone 4S sales


15:54US judge says Samsung tablets infringe Apple patents15:53Researcher uses Google Earth to track India's nuclear program15:51Gunfight at the Cyber Corral: Security professionals outgunned by hackers15:47Cyber-Criminals Targeting Retailers With 'Nice Pack' Exploit Kit, SQL Injection15:46Europe calls for open standards on ebooks15:42US SEC asks companies to disclose cyber attacks


17:31RIM scrambles to end global BlackBerry outage17:29IBM and EKZ work on app to charge e-cars remotely17:28RSA: Data security should be more about detection than prevention17:27Apple patches close to 100 security holes with iOS 5 update17:26Samsung tablet banned in Australia17:23Attackers Compromise 93,000 Sony Accounts Using Passwords From Other Sites


15:15Chaos Computer Club was right – new trojan was coded by German government15:11RSA: hackers teamed up for SecurID attack15:07Zero-Days Account for Less Than 1 Percent of Attacks: Microsoft15:06Samsung upgrades Galaxy smartphones to avoid Dutch ban15:02Sony locks down 93,000 accounts in latest cyber-attack attempt15:01Symantec peers into the future of Android malware


13:51Chaos Computer Club warns on “German government” communications trojan13:45Cyber attack tests for Olympic Games computer systems13:44Confusion reigns as Government announces porn ban13:43Facebook releases long-awaited iPad app13:23When a drone catches a virus, the whole US military gets sick13:22Federal Network Security Breaches Jump 650% in Five Years


16:54Second Indian official charged in telecom scam16:48BT and TalkTalk to appeal Digital Economy Act16:34Nowadays, time spent on mobile apps exceeds web browsing16:33White House issues order to plug future WikiLeaks16:21MoD publishes air defence secrets after redaction blooper16:16A Russian fortune-teller used hacking to fool her clients


15:05Stealth Firefox updates to cure permissions fatigue15:04Steve Jobs' Death Quickly Exploited by Facebook Scammers15:00A Russian can go to prison for stealing an online game character 14:51Cybercriminals phish for Google AdWords' user names and passwords14:35More youth seeing their Facebook, email hacked14:21Motorola sued over patents used in Android phones


16:04New hacking victims emerge to sue News Corp16:02Researchers claim cloud security breakthrough16:01Researchers Offer Bounties for Exploits Targeting Microsoft, Adobe Bugs15:56Android malware downloads instructions from blog15:55Weather report: Cloudy, with a chance of data leakage15:54France acts against net pirates


15:40Newzbin2 Team Up With The Pirate Bay To Defeat Site Blocking15:38Information security lapses at federal agencies skyrocket, says GAO15:37HTC to release urgent privacy fix for smartphones15:27GPU cracks six-character password in four seconds15:26Websites braced for Google rankings shift15:25Cloud Security Issues Lead Business Concerns: Symantec Report


15:55Yahoo, ABC joining forces in news partnership15:53Microsoft kills off its Zune hardware for good15:52Management clueless about data center security, says survey15:50Tricare Breach Shows Health Care Groups Still Not Encrypting Patient Data15:49Microsoft targets Hotmail's greymail15:47Fraudsters sent emails with a virus ostensibly from public prosecutor's office of Moscow


16:44Close to 5 million US military patient records stolen from contractor16:43Scanner to detect fake documents16:42Iran threatens to reciprocate any US, UK and Israeli cyber-attacks16:31Gartner finds almost every organisation intends to migrate software to SaaS16:30Facebook's new security service to protect users against malware16:23HTC 'investigating' security flaw uncovered by blogger