News for November 2011 Year


16:08Computer hacking scandal hits top politician16:07U.K. Cyber-Security Strategy Beefs Up Defenses, Information Sharing16:03Violent video games are bad for your brains, scientists say15:58Privacy Watchdogs Need Greater Powers, EU’s Justice Chief Says15:55Apple iPhone combusts aboard an Australian flight15:53DIY search engine takes on Google


15:15Solera head researcher slams malware authors for “lazy, repetitive malware scams”15:10Attackers Gearing Up for Cyber Monday With Scams, Deals14:52Facebook faces a crackdown on selling users' secrets to advertisers14:33Now, a network proxy to cut smartphones' power consumption!14:29Kingston Technology says that secure encrypted USB sticks are no longer enough14:27Carriers, Manufacturers Called Out for Failing to Update Android Phones


16:55Terrified of cybersquatting, businesses battle plan for more top-level domains16:51UK’s Ministry of Defence loses a ton of tech16:44Fake forum comments are 'eroding' trust in the web16:40Symantec reports one-click fraud has arrived on smartphones16:38Google Product Search Refined for Black Friday Shopping16:35GCHQ to help industry battle cybercrime


16:45Ofcom demands ISPs open up on traffic management16:38Google and Samsung confirm Galaxy Nexus volume bugs16:37European Court: ISPs Can’t Spy on Pirating Customers16:35Microsoft signs confidentiality pact with Yahoo16:29Google blocks The Pirate Bay from AutoComplete16:27 Shoppers Need Watch for Scams While Using Mobile Devices on Black Friday


17:29Google kills off seven more products including Wave17:28Facebook users have four degrees of separation from each other!17:26Small Businesses Struggle to Find Qualified Employees: NFIB17:25Know your enemy: Staying one-step ahead of cyberthreats17:23Facebook porn, animal-cruelty hacks spark parent concerns17:22FBI plays down claim that hackers damaged US water pump


15:31Social Media, Data Privacy Issues to Dominate Health Care in 2012: PwC15:22Search Engines Hit by Mortgage Scam15:15China vows government offices will use legal software15:14How much privacy can smartphone owners expect?15:12You could soon read emails on contact lenses!15:10Microsoft anti-piracy group slams copyright bill


15:57Biz secrets get leaked on social media websites15:45EU digital tsar: millions wasted on anti-piracy plans15:44Tech, media and telecoms firms need to beef up data security, says Deloitte15:34Hackers 'hit' US water treatment systems15:33Archiving email on webmail services exposes sensitive data15:32Facebook tracks sites its users visit: Report


16:41EURid adds easy-signing DNSSEC technology to web site registration16:39Google Chrome update addresses high-severity flaw16:37Digital cinema to overtake celluloid by 201216:35Hackers attack Norway's oil, gas and defence businesses16:33Porn publishers sue ICANN over .XXX domains16:27Forensics key to effective info security, says E&Y


17:17Almost half of UK organizations still risking data breaches17:14Google Wallet, Checkout Become One Payment Platform17:13Intel shows off 50-core processor17:08Google music service faces big hurdles17:0725pc of firms don’t have policies for ‘consumerised’ workplace17:05Lieberman Software warns of more cyber-espionage cases in wake of EDF/Greenpeace saga


15:29Google, Oracle surpass Microsoft in vulnerabilities, study shows15:23Google's BigQuery service challenges analytics industry15:21Facebook discovers how porn and violence spread on news feeds15:10Google`s WiFi Opt-Out Process Makes Users Navigate Technical Maze15:09Hitchcockian thriller: Angry Birds can find you anywhere15:07Google to unveil online music download store: Report


14:29Kaspersky on Duqu: same author, but wider industrial espionage agenda14:21Researchers find new way to hide messages in VoIP14:20W3C to alert users to web tracking14:16Email spam 'Block 25' crackdown readied in South Korea14:14Google Discloses 10 Search Algorithm Changes14:13Free Android anti-virus products "virtually useless", says report


15:20Iran battling Duqu virus15:18Despite rising risks, companies are slow to target insider threats15:16Valve's online game service Steam hit by hackers15:14EU cyber security agency Enisa publishes report on risks of online applications15:11Apple "ignored" sandbox security warnings15:04DARPA develops biometric authentication technology based on user activity


16:35Google drops Gmail support for BlackBerry users16:25EDF fined £1.3m for hacking into Greenpeace computers16:18Facebook to seek consent for privacy changes, report16:17Cyber-Criminals Intercept Banking Credentials for Fast Wire Transfer Fraud16:16With data breaches, failing to plan is planning to fail, says Forrester16:14Steam network tells users to watch credit cards


16:27Google: we'll support partners in patent law suits16:24Google rolls out e-commerce tool for businesses16:22Facebook to let users sort their 'News Feeds'16:20Adobe issues patches for critical security holes in Shockwave16:17Firefox 8.0 Keeps Up Mozilla's Speedy Browser Pace16:14FBI closes down $14m DNS fraud network


16:03China to build more supercomputers with homegrown chips15:57China Telecom Plans to Offer Wireless Service in U.S. in 201215:29India can be No 1 market in coming years: Facebook15:11Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL Keep Display Ads from Google15:10Federal agencies reduce cybersecurity risk through continuous monitoring15:08Adobe gives up on Flash for mobiles


16:57Apple security expert finds apps-software bug16:55Google to combine Google+ Pages for brands with search16:53Bogus phone calls linked to online fraud, warns Trusteer16:51Traditional Defenses Fail to Mitigate DNS, DoS Attacks: F5 Survey Finds16:46Survey finds collaboration is the best cyber defense16:45Security expert sneaks malware past Apple's App Store


16:55British firm with links to William Hague sells 'protester-tracking' product to Iran16:49Picture password to protect your online account!16:48Facebook failed to stop large-scale infiltration16:47Israel's government systems down – was it Anonymous or a server malfunction?16:43Adidas websites down after cyber attack16:41Researchers break Oyster card security


16:34Critical infrastructure companies are less engaged in government programs16:28CIA's 'vengeful librarians' keep track of Twitter, Facebook 16:24Data protection regulators will increase focus on HR systems16:21US accuses China and Russia of repeated cyber spying16:15Duqu hackers seek refuge in Belgian data centre16:13Google Search Gets Fresher for 35% of Results


15:55US and EU hold first joint cybersecurity exercise15:53Google pulls Gmail iOS app due to bugs15:49Open firewall ports are a major risk in cloud environment, says survey15:48Yahoo hopes to reach readers with iPad magazine15:36British Police Jail 13 in $4.6 Million Cyber-Fraud Scheme15:35Amazon unveils its own ebook library


15:53Socialbots used by researchers to 'steal' Facebook data15:50Violent video games kill core human values15:49WikiLeaks’ Assange loses bid to block extradition15:42Microsoft admits Duqu hole in Windows15:41Digital Data Loss a Major Personal Risk, Concern: Carbonite Report


16:28Firms lose 12% of their brand value from data breaches, survey finds16:27Windows 7 overtakes XP globally for first time in October16:25London hosts cyberspace security conference16:20'Nitro' Cyber-Spying Campaign Stole Data From Chemical, Defense Companies16:18Hague: the internet must not be “stifled" by censorship16:12Private clouds not more secure than public clouds, says NIST scientist