News for December 2011 Year


12:35Flaw Makes WiFi Network Security Vulnerable to Brute-Force Attacks: US-CERT12:34US spies could be tracking you on Twitter12:33Hackers to exploit vulnerable infrastructure in 2012, McAfee warns12:32Train-switching technology 'poses hacking threat'12:31Mobile Phone Users Remain Lax About Cyber-Security, Says McAfee12:30China urges tighter Internet security after hacking attacks


16:17India top source of spam in 3rd quarter of 2011: Report16:16New York Times email meant for 300 people goes to eight million by mistake16:08Hacked Stratfor security think-tank keeps site offline16:07Criminals Used Affiliate Marketing Sites in Majority of Facebook Scams in 201115:59Strategy 2011 - the year of high-profile hacker attacks15:47Facebook easter egg: Add profile photos as emoticons in Facebook chat


14:38Holidays Are Prime Time for Phishing Scams14:36The 9 Oddest Job Interview Questions Asked at Tech Companies in 201114:34Open Source Apps that Make Facebook Better14:18Social Security Number Theft on the Rise14:08Italy anti-trust fines Apple for misleading customers13:55Targeted Attacks, Hacktivism, Mobile Malware Major 2011 Security Trends


17:02China GPS rival Beidou starts offering navigation data17:00Report: Phishing attack targets Apple customers16:59China city tightens control of microblogs: report16:56The tech year in numbers16:54Any GSM phone vulnerable to new scam: Researcher16:52Safer Li-ion Batteries Are On The Way, Thanks To Science


14:54Web gambling gets boost from Obama administration14:53How hackers gave Subway a $3 million lesson in point-of-sale security14:27Indian courts challenge Facebook, Google content: report14:25Malware blocking – not sandboxing – key to browser security, says Imperva14:24'Anonymous' hackers hit US security firm Stratfor14:18China eyes next-generation internet


16:57Don't expect the phone to replace the wallet soon16:56Holiday season is fertile ground for most malware infections16:55EU to slash data roaming charges by 201416:44The first casualty of the SOPA war is the internet itself16:43Facebook agrees to changes to improve transparency16:41Multi-factor biometrics to change the security landscape, IBM predicts


16:15Sony is sued in US over 'no-sue' agreement16:14Hackers Stole Emails From Employees in Chamber of Commerce Breach16:11Firefox add-on circumvents SOPA blocking16:10Social media was the top online activity in 2011 globally16:07Researcher uncovers Windows 7 flaw via Safari browser16:06Software glitch draining some Lumia batteries: Nokia


16:54Arab Spring turns into winter of malware discontent16:49Anonymous: We're Stealing Credit Cards, Funds From Banks for Christmas16:38Government's ICT skills "must improve"16:23Iran moves websites to guard against cyber attacks16:21Google gives Mozilla lifeline as it renews Firefox deal16:20Facebook to put ‘sponsored stories’ in your News Feed


16:23Microsoft's Windows 8 Picture Password Detailed16:10Google+ pages get multiple admins15:52Apple, Google working on wearable devices15:51Hackers take down Egyptian government websites15:50APTs expected to grow in volume and sophistication, warns Fidelis chief15:48Digital music downloads get Parental Advisory warnings


11:59Secrets of pop success revealed, scientists claim11:57Samsung files patent claim over emoticons11:56U.S. military, Taliban use Twitter to wage war11:55Now, a superfast camera that captures the speed of light!11:53Will Santa save us from SOPA?11:52Cisco: Younger Employees Ignore IT Policies, Don't Think About Security


16:38 Mobile wallets and m-banking: how secure are they?16:35Internet Explorer: Microsoft plans 'silent' updates16:30Research shows hands-free phones are just as risky16:23Iran tricked U.S. spy drone into landing in country, report says16:22Final Fantasy servers hacked, 1.8m accounts suspended16:122012 Threat Prediction: Privacy violations and data theft


15:22 Risky business: 70% of young employees ignore IT security policies15:20Mobile Safety Common Sense: 10 Things You Should Never Do With A Cell Phone15:17Copyright reforms are "deeply flawed"15:07Bill Gates is not returning as CEO of Microsoft14:56YouTube launches website for school children14:54EDRi’s analysis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation


16:32ICO: websites must "try harder" to meet cookie laws16:28International groups slam Internet domain name expansion16:27Facebook plans major changes to ads platform, including mobile16:24Use of the Black Hole exploit kit and Java exploits is growing16:23Secondary schools failing teenagers in computing16:21Google moves to delete 'RuFraud' scam Android apps


14:42Oil cyber-attacks could cost lives, Shell warns14:39HostNOC sourcing attacks against Joomla14:35Windows Phone flaw lets attackers disable message hub14:34Fake Software Claims to Allow Smartphone Snooping, Says Symantec14:32iTunes 10.5.2 addresses iTunes Match problems14:13Computer glitch hits post offices


14:55China mulls crackdown on fast spreading online media14:54Microsoft unveils Silverlight 5, but no news on future14:17HP to make WebOS software open source14:01Google offers US$33m to restore Hangar One landmark13:56GCHQ’s cryptanalysis code challenge cracked13:55Indonesia threatens to block BlackBerry services


15:56Police arrest six over student loans phishing scam15:55Google+ Connects With Gmail, Contacts for Better Socialization15:53Samsung to sell Galaxy tablets in Australia15:48 Trade secrets top list of IP stolen by malicious insiders15:46Twitter gives its website a #newlook15:45EU calls for end to spyware sales to despots


15:27More than 8 in 10 software applications fail security test, says Veracode15:26Wanted: app developers for army drones15:24Yahoo lottery scam: Conmen ordered to pay net firm $610m15:21 Proactive Detection of Network Security Incidents: a new report from ENISA15:15Microsoft's Windows 8 Faces Upgrade Hurdles: Analyst15:12RIM forced to change name of software


14:13Facebook Security Flaw Exposed Users, Zuckerberg's Private pornography web domain names go on general sale13:41Windows 8 "an irrelevance" for PC users13:39Adobe patches critical zero-day flaw in Reader and Acrobat13:36Nintendo 3DS gets major system update13:35US business takes lead in cyber threat risk awareness


15:30India vows crackdown on offensive internet content15:25EFF Wants Legalized Jailbreaking on All Mobile Devices, Video Game Consoles15:18Verizon blocks Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus: Report15:15MIT researchers: US needs single agency to protect electric grid from cyberattacks15:12Kaspersky quits software alliance over SOPA spat15:11EU to investigate Apple and publishers over alleged ‘e-books cartel’


15:44HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals15:38Carrier IQ facing legal action over privacy fears15:34 Zeus gets a little help from DDoS to defraud consumers, banks15:22Two-fifths of firms still rely on tape to backup data - survey15:16A new interface to prevent security leaks on Facebook15:13Network Breaches Herald More Advanced Attacks in 2012


16:04YouTube renovates website with a new look, format16:03US senator calls for answers on phone 'snooping'16:01One-quarter of firms hit by cybercrime, survey finds15:56Most UK workers unaware of IT security issues, study reveals15:54Carrier IQ defends data collection practices15:53Zeus Criminals Launch DDoS Attacks to Hide Fraudulent Wire Transfers


17:43EU lays out tech child protection plans17:35GCHQ challenges codebreakers via social networks17:33Facebook boosts status update character limit from 5,000 to 63,20617:30Feds take down 350 websites selling counterfeit goods17:26Duqu Attackers Wiped All Linux CandC Servers to Cover Tracks17:20Phone manufacturers leaving Android open to attack