News for 12 January 2012 Year

Preview13:48Fake memo but real code? India-US hacking mystery deepensA memo that triggered a US investigation into a possible cyber-attack by Indian military intelligence is probably a fake, but it is clear from leaked...
Preview13:45Apple’s move into textbook business will be a game changerAll wags are waxing on about Apple launching into the education books business or the textbook business on 19 January at an event in the Guggenheim in New York
Preview13:42World entering 'new and terribly dangerous era', warns researcherThe world is entering a “new and terribly dangerous era” in which cyberwar and information proliferation are converging to threaten critical infrastructure...
Preview13:40Microsoft walks away from web TV plansMicrosoft has shelved discussions aimed at creating an online subscription service for TV shows and movies
Preview13:2575% of Developers Using HTML5: SurveyA recent Evans Data survey showed that three-quarters of developers polled said they use or plan to use HTML5 for app development.
Preview13:16Twitter unhappy about Google's social search changesTwitter has complained about changes made by Google to integrate its social network Google+ into search results.