News for January 2012 Year


16:16Tech companies team up to combat email scams16:15NASA blasts off first multi-player Facebook game16:13Microsoft puts Blackberry service on Office36516:0775% of all new malware are trojans16:06Timeline cinema: Create a movie out of your Facebook Timeline16:05Israel tops cyber-readiness poll but China lags behind


16:17Facebook 'to go public with $10bn share offering'16:07Google+ Now Accepting Teenage Members15:52Megauploads user data set to be deleted15:45WEF publishes cybersecurity principles to halt cybercrime15:35Up to five million Androids infected with Counterclank15:34FBI software to scan tweets to predict crimes


14:15Users not checking the security of public WiFi14:14FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application14:06Google Tells Android Developers to Stop Using the Menu Button14:01Twitter to restrict user content in some countries13:59Businesses should disable pcAnywhere, says Symantec13:57EU and UK sign the ACTA agreement


15:25Anonymous plans a Facebook black out on 28 January15:24EU data protection law proposals include large fines15:19Cyber-Security Worsens15:15Megaupload founder joked about his 'hacker' past15:14Angry Birds to flock to Facebook on Valentine's Day15:13CIOs can’t stop staff using unapproved devices


15:25Facebook Timeline goes mandatory – you’ve 7 days to sort out your crap15:10One-click fraud migrates to mobile apps14:56O2 accused of leaking phone numbers to web sites14:52EU Poised to Propose 24-Hour Breach Notification, Data Privacy Rules14:50Google in privacy policy changes across its services14:49Exclusive TV series hosted by Julian Assange to premiere on RT in March


14:40Solar storm activity set to peak today – NASA14:39Scammers offer "free" $500 Amazon gift card on Facebook14:34IT Workers Unlikely to Face Layoffs: Report14:33Hacking contest focuses on patching rather than speed14:30Storage sites unnerved by Megaupload action14:28Supreme Court holds warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional


17:04EU proposes 'right to be forgotten' by internet firms17:02Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works17:01Megaupload suspect refused bail in New Zealand16:59Small Business Hiring Stalls as Economic Worries Linger: Report16:58Jailbreak for iPhone 4S released16:57Research shows companies prioritize social distractions over security


17:15European Commission to hold e-Skills Week in March 201217:14Apple jumps into digital textbooks fray with iBooks 217:10Mobile devices in the workplace cause more security breaches, say firms17:09Ransomware pretending to be law enforcement17:08Wikipedia Android App Lets Users Search, Share, Save Content17:07Megaupload takedown sparks wave of hacktivist attacks


14:25Facebook unveils 60 apps under latest expansion plan14:24Linux Adoption Grows on Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization: Survey14:23McAfee warns of flaw in own security software14:21All that happened on Internet Blackout Day14:07US: Mark Zuckerberg joins protests against anti-piracy bills14:06Carberp loading: New generation of financial malware on the rise


16:30Google to educate consumers about cyber crime16:285 ways to access Wikipedia on Internet Blackout day16:14Smart energy meter project IT raises Public Accounts Committee concerns16:09A road-map towards meaningful security data sharing16:07Facebook Koobface worm 'hacker gang named'16:01Google hits out at SOPA as web goes "dark"


14:25Watch out, headphones may cost you your life14:23Arab hackers knock out Tel Aviv stock exchange website14:19Hacker blackmails Symantec – threatens to release Norton source code14:17Google mortified after staff access competitor's database14:16Hackers spread malware via children's gaming websites14:15Wikipedia goes dark for a day over SOPA


14:42China's Internet users cross 500 million14:39Rupert Murdoch turns to Twitter to attack Obama14:37New version of Sykipot malware targets DoD smart cards14:32Bootkits take aim at the Windows 64-bit platform14:30SOPA: Obama admin wants to protect internet’s architecture14:29Apple publishes supplier details for the first time


15:21Internet addiction is like drugs: Study15:19Middle East war: Israeli, Arab hacking battle escalates15:14Stratfor relaunches website after Christmas hack15:09Public sector sees cybercrime as rising threat15:08Google launches second annual science fair15:02Fresh on Facebook: Listen to music with your friends


13:48Fake memo but real code? India-US hacking mystery deepens13:45Apple’s move into textbook business will be a game changer13:42World entering 'new and terribly dangerous era', warns researcher13:40Microsoft walks away from web TV plans13:2575% of Developers Using HTML5: Survey13:16Twitter unhappy about Google's social search changes


12:47Adobe Fixes Bugs, Adds JavaScript Whitelisting to Reader, Acrobat12:45F-Secure: Android adverts pose security risk12:34Google blames automation for illegal Olympic ticket ads12:33Reddit to black out on 18 January in protest at SOPA12:30Google search gets more personal, raises hackles12:28Increased use of IT in vehicles poses greater security and privacy risks


14:19Judge Denies Request to Block Twitter From Handing Over Account Data14:15Israel Likens Credit Card Breach to Terrorist Act14:14No connectivity means no cloud AV: true or false?14:10Stratfor hacking puts UK, US, Nato officials at risk14:08NASA helps launch 2012 FIRST robotics competition14:06Facebook to get inside Mercedes cars


12:58Most users have not installed security software on their smartphones, survey finds12:57iPhone 4S owners "chewing through data"12:56Facebook Worm Ramnit Steals Log-In Credentials, Tests Against Other Services12:54Facebook seeks Hacker Cup participants12:53LG joins Google to roll out Google TV12:52Anonymous threatens Sony over SOPA support


15:12Four in ten UK consumers susceptible to online scam offers, survey finds15:11Nokia: solar smartphones a non-starter15:10Analysis of Stratfor Site Breach Reveals Weak Passwords, Poor Enforcement15:03Sweden recognises new file-sharing religion Kopimism15:01Russian Internet users to reach 90 mn in 201315:00Care2 fails to take care of members' personal information


15:32Canadian man forgets passport, uses his iPad to enter US15:31Gordon Brown’s hacked emails – the lessons to be learnt15:26UK blue-chips fund online pirates, claims Fact15:25Enterprises Need Encryption to Secure Private Data15:24Mozilla releases version 2.0 of its license15:20German Neo Nazi Sites Hacked


15:47Do SEO poisoners seek to ban Chrome from Google searches?15:46Gordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'15:43Top 10 stupid security stories of 201115:41Hacktivists plan to use satellites to by-pass internet censorship15:40Hackers steal Israeli credit card numbers15:35SOPA battle lines are wavering – Nintendo, EA and Sony slip away?