News for 1 February 2012 Year

Preview15:21FBI may have used spyware in making case against MegaUploadThe FBI likely employed its CIPAV spyware to eavesdrop on Kim Dotcom and other managers of MegaUpload
Preview15:20Legal help offered to Megaupload usersUsers affected by the closure of Megaupload have been offered legal help to retrieve their data.
Preview15:05Red Hat Extends RHEL Lifecycle from Seven to 10 YearsRed Hat announced that it has extended the lifecycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 and 6 from seven to 10 years to give users more flexibility in...
Preview14:25Google to start country-specific blog censorshipIn the face of ongoing pressure from different governments on Google to censor content on the many services that the search engine giant operates, Google is...
Preview14:23Proposed EC data protection rules help cloud adoptionThe proposed new European Union data protection regulation will support the adoption of cloud computing
Preview14:18Dr. Strangelove in cyberspace: Experts warn of cyber arms raceMore than half of policy makers and global cybersecurity experts believe that an arms race is taking place in cyberspace