News for February 2012 Year


14:55Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive14:50Mobile firms back new GSMA app privacy guidelines14:43WikiLeaks' Stratfor Email Release Raises Uncomfortable Questions14:41Yahoo threatens Facebook as patent war looms14:27Appeals court rules that forcing suspect to decrypt data violates the Constitution14:19Only one in ten Google users have read privacy changes


15:42Pakistan plans system to filter and block websites15:40Facebook denies it’s reading user text messages15:38Government expands biometric identity scheme15:37Data loss fear discourages firms from adopting cloud, mobile technologies15:36Obama Administration's Consumer Bill of Rights Fails on Enforcement15:34Wikileaks publishes confidential emails from Stratfor


17:51Google and Facebook in White House web privacy sights17:50Identity Fraud Victims are Smartphone, Social Media Users: Report17:48FCC calls on service providers to step up efforts to combat online threats17:47Top-secret Anglo-French drone plans stolen17:46WikiLeaks suspect Manning defers plea, court-martial begins17:45White House unveils a 'bill of rights' for web users


16:47Mozilla unveils Firefox plans for year ahead16:46Twitter exceeds 500m subscribers16:38Google to launch glasses that stream info directly to eyes16:37Six tech giants agree deal on app privacy16:23Mobile Devices Pose Growing Threat to SMB Security16:21Acta: EU court to rule on anti-piracy agreement


15:24The contradictions of password psychology15:20Iran develops new cyber-army15:19Government "complacent" over space weather threat15:18Nokia to unveil cheaper Windows smartphone: Sources15:11Symantec's PCAnywhere Vulnerable to Source Code Attack14:59Sentinel project research reveals UK GPS jammer use


15:17It is confirmed: The Pirate Bay is a pirate15:16Twitter partners with Yandex for realtime search15:14The BYOD problem: criminal infiltration and data exfiltration15:09Microsoft accuses Google of bypassing IE privacy controls15:08McAfee, Xerox Partner on Printer Security15:07App helps blind to send text messages


16:37Industry worries about cost of cybersecurity legislation16:36Google admits bypassing Safari privacy settings16:35Rovio to launch 'Angry Birds Space' on March 2216:26Anger over mass web surveillance plans16:25Guns and Androids: Pakistan air force making 'iPads'16:23Is ignorance bliss? Majority of employees don't know or follow IT security policies


15:24Cloud barriers: a failure of technology or communication?15:22Twitter unveils self-service advertising system15:17Apple could face U.S. lawsuit related to iPad trademark dispute in China15:16European Court of Justice blocks net-filtering bid15:14Foursquare, Twitter Guilty of Slurping User Data: Report15:08LEA intervention on the internet may encourage ransomware


16:19Cyberwar between India and Bangladesh escalates16:18Social apps 'harvest smartphone contacts'16:07Mozilla Warning Certificate Authorities About Issuing MITM SSL Certs16:04SOCA removes jail threat from file-sharing site15:587 facts you should know about Blu-ray disc15:57WikiLeaks denounces its exclusion from UNESCO conference


14:02Hackers target Nasdaq website14:01Bangladeshis say they hacked 20,000 Indian websites13:59Adobe patches nine critical Shockwave flaws13:48Google+ Personal Results Panned By Most U.S. Adults: Survey13:43SOCA takes down music site, threatens visitors with jail13:42Chinese Hackers Suspected In Long-Term Nortel Breach


14:48Anonymous spooks CIA with website attack14:4330pc deem mobile more helpful than significant other - survey14:39New Flashback trojan variant uses novel delivery to infect Macs14:37Cyber-Criminals Using Established Malicious Networks to Deliver Payloads14:35MIT offers free online circuits course14:33India minister Sibal says no censorship of social media


14:12Apple seeks ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in US14:10Thousands of Europeans protest against Acta14:08Was stolen Symantec source code behind the RSA SecurID attacks?13:52Microsoft Store in India hacked, usernames and passwords leaked13:47DDoS Attack Tools, Service Help Target Organizations: Arbor Networks13:42Sony finally set to open Reader ebook store


16:44Chinese expected to brush off real name registration for Twitter-like sites16:42FBI releases background check on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs16:40Google Wallet vulnerable to brute forcing the PIN16:39Brazil files injunction against Twitter16:31UK attitudes to online safety and personal safety are different16:29Google Paid Out Over 700K For Security Flaw Detections


17:08Regional cybercrime hubs launched across England17:06Social Media Investment Lagging Among Businesses16:57Cybercrime – another business in the Malspace16:51Google to launch cloud storage service 'Google Drive': WSJ16:49Google pays $25 for browsing data16:48Service providers lack confidence in LEAs


15:42World's first 'biological computer' developed15:40First reports of IPV6 DDoS attacks raise security fears15:35Facebook rolls out a new photo viewer15:322011 review: CNI targetted, spam down, botnets up15:31Windows 8 pauses desktop apps to save energy15:29Google Launches Google+ Developers Page


15:3244pc of kids have Facebook friends they’ve never met15:31Symantec: we didn't "bribe" hackers, police did15:29Lords of Dharmaraja hackers sought $50,000 from Symantec for antivirus blueprint15:28Google unveils service to bounce malware from the Android Market15:25Google, Microsoft Survival Conflict With Internet Data Privacy15:24Trendnet security cam flaw exposes video feeds on net


12:53Hackers could eavesdrop on confidential chats via videoconference equipment12:44FBI probes Anonymous intercept of US-UK hacking call12:42State of SCADA Security Worries Researchers12:28Number of patient record data breaches nearly doubled last year12:26Facebook files objectionable content report12:24Over 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online


16:14US shuts 16 sports piracy websites pre-Super Bowl16:09Android Fragmentation Not So Serious: Localytics16:06Hackers outwit online banking identity security systems15:50VeriSign slammed for security breach cover-up15:48The nine golden rules of Twitter15:47Google tightens Android Market security


15:23New development in post-transaction banking fraud15:22Microsoft Snipes at Google on Privacy15:21Counterclank is not malware, just aggressive adware15:08Zuckerberg describes 'The Hacker Way' at Facebook14:59Less than a third of UK organisations plan mobile security projects in 201214:58Google introduces country domains on Blogger to aid content removal


15:21FBI may have used spyware in making case against MegaUpload15:20Legal help offered to Megaupload users15:05Red Hat Extends RHEL Lifecycle from Seven to 10 Years14:25Google to start country-specific blog censorship14:23Proposed EC data protection rules help cloud adoption14:18Dr. Strangelove in cyberspace: Experts warn of cyber arms race