News for 23 March 2012 Year

Preview16:14Carpathia seeks help with Megaupload dataThe company looking after the data of closed file-sharing site Megaupload has appealed for help managing the giant pile of information.
Preview16:12Problems plague the new iPadThe new iPad from Apple has received overwhelming response from consumers with three million units selling in just three days of its launch.
Preview16:04Cyber attacks against China remain severe: reportA computer security official said China has become the world's biggest victim of cyber attacks, with a report from a national computer monitoring center...
Preview16:03Hacktivists ruled in 2011, says Verizon data breach reportHacktivists surpassed cybercriminals as the main source of stolen records in 2011, according to the annual data breach report from Verizon.
Preview16:02Smartphones, Facebook Drive Small Business Marketing: CitibankMany small businesses plan to use digital and social media tools in the coming year, as well as tablets and smartphones.
Preview16:01Foreign spies 'penetrate' US military networksForeign spies should be assumed to have penetrated the computer networks of the US military, American politicians have been told.