News for 30 March 2012 Year

Preview15:38Ukraine Shuts Down Forum for Malware WritersBut VX Heavens probably didn't pose much of a threat in the current cybercrime landscape
Preview15:37Collaborative strike takes down second Hlux/Kelihos botnetA security industry collaborative strike has taken down the second Hlux or Kelihos botnet that was almost three times as big as the first one taken down in...
Preview15:35Google to open online tablet store: ReportGoogle Inc is planning to open an online store to sell tablet PCs directly to consumers
Preview15:28Weaponized MS Word files targeting MacsWeaponized Word files targeting Macs have been identified by AlienVault Labs
Preview15:27Mediyes trojan underscores need for proper key managementThe discovery of the Mediyes trojan using a valid digital signature has raised concerns about the need for proper key management
Preview15:25Mobile firms bleed billions to fraud and bill errorsMobile phone firms are losing $58bn (£36bn) a year worldwide to billing errors and fraud, a report says.