News for March 2012 Year


15:38Ukraine Shuts Down Forum for Malware Writers15:37Collaborative strike takes down second Hlux/Kelihos botnet15:35Google to open online tablet store: Report15:28Weaponized MS Word files targeting Macs15:27Mediyes trojan underscores need for proper key management15:25Mobile firms bleed billions to fraud and bill errors


16:04Google offers new way to track usage of services16:02Twitter hit by bug that randomly unfollows new connections15:59FBI: we're losing war against hackers15:57Beware: Draw Something Twitter scam15:511,500 kg gold from discarded phones15:50Millions of internet users trust weak passwords, research reveals


15:46Microsoft to upgrade Kinect for Windows15:45Now add your foes to your Facebook enemy list15:36Apple to offer refund to Australian buyers of new iPad15:29Do Not Track: FTC calls on Congress, firms to protect consumer privacy15:28Facebook Passwords, Information Need to Be Kept Private15:12Warning over 'scam' that charges users to receive texts


16:11Amazon to bring out three new Kindle tablet computers16:10Cybercrime a growing threat to financial sector, says PwC16:01Apple misleading consumers on iPad: Australia regulator15:54Apple chief visits China to break down walls15:53Security concerns delay deployment of NGDCs15:51FTC Calls on Congress to Pass Consumer Privacy Laws


13:47US senators seek probe into Facebook passwords and employers13:40Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger13:36Microsoft smashes massive bank fraud botnets13:35US government extends period that intelligence on citizens can be retained13:34Indian e-commerce market may touch USD 260 bn by 2025: Report13:31Army launches apps marketplace prototype


16:14Carpathia seeks help with Megaupload data16:12Problems plague the new iPad16:04Cyber attacks against China remain severe: report16:03Hacktivists ruled in 2011, says Verizon data breach report16:02Smartphones, Facebook Drive Small Business Marketing: Citibank16:01Foreign spies 'penetrate' US military networks


16:34Data theft: Hacktivists 'steal more than criminals'16:31Use of cellphones during take-off won't crash flights16:30Hackers switch efforts to cloud, social and mobile attacks16:26Hacker, suspected of 6 million user info leak, detained16:25StubHub turns to fraud specialist to combat abuse of its platform16:23Malicious Attacks Prove Costliest for Businesses: Symantec Report


14:48Russian police arrest notorious 'Carberp' Trojan gang14:41New twist in social engineering rogue AV14:34Researchers discover flaws in SSO that leave websites vulnerable14:32Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords14:20Cost of lost data rises 68% in five years14:18The internet economy is a US$4.2 trillion opportunity


13:22Large firms to favour hybrid cloud model - Analysys13:20Facebook faces antitrust suit from advertisement-sponsored skins developer13:18Microsoft gives photo-matching tech to cops to fight child pornography13:15Apple widens its lead in survey of app developers13:14Microsoft Critical Vulnerability Info May Have Leaked12:59Free mobile apps 'drain battery faster'


14:00White House wants feedback on "moving target" cybersecurity techniques13:58How your face can reveal your lies13:57Google to demote SEO-heavy sites13:56UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’13:51Hydraq trojan is back (well, it never went away)13:49New iPad more expensive to make: Research firm


14:29Trends and truths in DDoS attacks14:27PayPal Here targets small business with mobile payments14:13Anonymous operating system prompts security warnings14:08Proposed EU data protection bad for business, says CBI14:07Password managers on mobile devices – fail14:05Is Facebook part of your digital estate? US states debate new laws


15:02Wombat Security Technologies Offers Tips to Keep Online Users Off the Hook During Tax Season15:00Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – Who watches the watchmen?14:54Sony unveils 'floating interface' touchless display14:46NATO signs £39m BT deal14:40Anonymous hacker group releases its own operating system14:39Google may revamp search results


16:16Obama administration invoking privacy concerns to block FOIA requests16:15Businesses at risk from fake computer parts16:13Microsoft: Remote Desktop Protocol Vulnerability Should be Patched Immediately16:07After 244 years, Encyclopaedia Britannica stops print edition in favour of digital16:06Adobe ships patch for ColdFusion flaw that could lead to DoS attacks16:04Cyber-attack on BBC leads to suspicion of Iran's involvement


15:43Framesniffing with Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer15:42ARM reveals low-power chips for the "internet of things"15:3937pc of parents block offensive sites from kids - survey15:27Stanford researcher compromises video-based captcha technology15:26Hackers expose weak security on Digital Playground porn site15:18Yahoo sues Facebook over 10 disputed patents in the US


16:28Sign language 'turned into text' by Aberdeen scientists16:27Google Search Remains Popular, but Users Worry About Privacy: Pew16:18NATO chief targeted in Facebook scam16:17Apple shutting down iWork.com16:10'Facebook friends judge you by your photos, not texts'16:09ICANN contract renewal not necessarily the expected shoe-in


16:19CIOs recognize the mobile threat; but aren’t yet responding to it16:17All Facebook pages to get a new design on March 3016:13Google gives developers 4GB for Android apps16:12Anonymous targets Panda Security following arrests15:59Google Play Aims to Battle Apple iTunes15:57Facebook hit by technical problem across Europe


16:07India/Bangladesh cyberwar moves to a new level16:06THOR: a new P2P botnet for sale15:59Facebook launches Messenger for Windows15:58AMD confirms CPU bug15:57Report Urges Health Care to Assess Financial Impact of Data Breaches15:54BT and Talk Talk lose file-sharing appeal


17:16Hackers had 'full functional control' of Nasa computers17:15Data, Laws, Cyber-Weapons Biggest Threats to Information Security17:11Downloaders thrive on private sharing sites17:10Smartphone penetration keeps accelerating16:56UK hackers charged with stealing Michael Jackson songs16:54Blanket ban, content monitoring against Constitution: Google


14:35Kodak to sell online gallery to Shutterfly14:33Zynga steps beyond Facebook with its own platform14:32RSA 2012: IT security experts urge enterprises to ban smartphone BYOD schemes14:07Webmasters are often clueless when sites are hacked, survey finds13:51Et Tu, Google? Android Apps Can Also Secretly Copy Photos13:50Report: Apple hole allows apps to syphon user photos


15:03Space station control codes on stolen NASA laptop15:02RSA 2012: Unlock the power of your network, says Cisco14:54Security providers bring cloud into focus14:40Facebook opens your newsfeed to advertisers14:38Malware, Hacking Most Common Attacks in 2011 Data Breaches: Verizon DBIR14:37Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning