News for 25 April 2012 Year

Preview16:27Google+ gets new ‘share’ buttonGoogle has introduced the Google+ Share button, which lets users share links with their followers without endorsing them by clicking on the new button.
Preview16:10Google Drive: Top 10 things you must knowGoogle has recently come up with its Google Drive cloud-storage service that lets you store up to 5GB of data on Google's servers for free.
Preview16:07Hacktivism, state-sponsored attacks keep security professionals up at nightConcerns over hacktivism and targeted state-sponsored attacks are at the top of security professionals’ minds, according to a new report by endpoint security...
Preview16:06ICO: half of second-hand hard drives contain dataHalf of second-hand devices still hold old data after they were sold on, according to tests from the Information Commissioner's Office.
Preview16:01Enterprises Standardize on Open-Source Use, but Governance Issues Persist: SonatypeWhile reliance on open-source components increases limitations on the visibility, control and management of their use continues to plague organizations.
Preview16:00Insecure websites to be named and shamed after checksCompanies that do not do enough to keep their websites secure are to be named and shamed to help improve security.