News for April 2012 Year


16:48Backdoor that threatens power stations to be purged from control system16:47US -Russia Hot Line Set Up to Avert Cyber War in Future16:46Have a go at Firefox 13 Beta, now ready for download16:44Oracle Customers Left to Deal With Unpatched Vulnerability On Their Own16:43Facebook launches 18 new Timeline apps – outlines traffic boost for sites16:42Facebook: Parents 'help children break age limits'


16:23New App Watches Your Every Move16:15Action Videogames Change Brains, Improve Visual Attention16:05US passes controversial cybersecurity bill15:58APWG Report: PayPal No Longer The Most Phished Brand15:56BYOD Programs Divide Employees, Businesses: Survey15:55Quick fix for Hotmail password bug


16:20Infosec 2012: Organisations need new approach to defending networks16:14Confound it! Conficker continues to infect 1.7 million computers16:12It's the lack of understanding of virtualization that makes security an issue16:11Does Google own your Google Drive content?16:09Facebook Teams Up With Microsoft, Symantec, Others on Antivirus Marketplace16:08Credit card 'info for sale' websites closed in global raids


16:27Google+ gets new ‘share’ button16:10Google Drive: Top 10 things you must know16:07Hacktivism, state-sponsored attacks keep security professionals up at night16:06ICO: half of second-hand hard drives contain data16:01Enterprises Standardize on Open-Source Use, but Governance Issues Persist: Sonatype16:00Insecure websites to be named and shamed after checks


15:36Google Updates Rules, Payouts For Bug Bounty Program15:04Google to launch online storage service for consumers: Source14:52India tops for spam, malicious spam increases - Sophos14:51Web application vulnerabilities decline, but attacks double, says HP14:31Dropbox Launches Web Viewer for Link Sharing14:30Iranian oil terminal 'offline' after 'malware attack'


17:28Obama clamps down on snooping software17:14Russian Charged in Brokerage Account Hacking Scheme17:13Most UK consumers would leave if data was lost17:11Trojan used hacked WordPress sites to carry out mass Mac infections17:04Skype app for Windows Phone now available17:03Poorly designed mobile sites 'drain smartphone battery'


15:13Apple, Google and others to face former employees' antitrust suit15:12Alan Turing papers on code breaking released by GCHQ15:05Bloomberg Cybersecurity Conference: Understanding Cyber War - and Fighting Back14:57Twitter spam used to spread rogue security software14:35Why customer should be the first port of call in bank fraud detection14:33HP: Fewer but More Dangerous Software Security Vulnerabilities


16:14Researchers Discover New Malware Targeting Hotel POS Systems16:12Google warns 20,000 webmasters about ‘weird redirects’ to malicious sites15:41Google to launch online storage service15:40Certificate Authorities: A Means to Advanced Security, But Not the End15:23Internet Founder Berners-Lee: CISPA a Threat to Privacy Rights15:14Dr Who's sonic screwdriver 'invented' at Dundee University


15:09Most senior execs obtain tech news online - survey15:07Oracle Releases Massive Security Update for 88 Vulnerabilities15:06Movie madness: The malware that ate Tokyo15:0560 per cent of Wikipedia entries have factual errors14:58Ellison Raps Google for Not Licensing Java14:57Phone hacking: journalist files sent to Crown Prosecution Service


15:37Team Poison hacking highlights need for phone security15:31Most IT professionals don't trust end users with security - survey15:17Dutch Pirate Party forced to take its Pirate Bay proxy off-line15:16Mac Malware Linked to 'Luckycat' Attack Campaign15:14Microsoft Outlines Editions of Windows 815:13Facebook supports Cispa cyber-security bill


15:35Report: DDoS Attacks Against Banks Spike in Q1 2012, Attack Duration Declines15:34Study finds widespread use of vulnerable open source components15:32Dirt Jumper DDoS bot family has over 300 varieties15:31Google: Android will pay off in the long term15:16Facebook opens up more user data15:15Apple releases tool to combat Flashback malware


15:55CISPA is not SOPA, say sponsors15:54HP Ships Network Switches With Malware Infected Flash Cards15:53Flashback Trojan: 10 Things Mac Users Should Know About It15:49Google+ revamped with Facebook and Twitter-like features15:46DoD expanding collective cyber self-defense beyond NATO15:4493pc of organisations to implement workshifting by 2013 - survey


15:32Security Companies Release Freeware to Fight Mac Flashback Trojan15:31Major DDoS attack upsurge hits financial services firms15:22Nokia Lumia 900 bug hits US ambitions15:19SQL injection tops SMB database security concerns15:18Google Chrome Tabs Connect to Multiple Devices15:16Considerations When Firing a Network Security Administrator


15:55SMS-controlled Malware Hijacking Android Phones15:54Anonymous hackers take down UK government sites15:45Fake AT&T bills being used to deliver malware15:43Iran To Shut Down Internet Permanently; 'Clean' National Intranet In Pipeline15:3795% of firms not ready for cookie laws15:36Warning over medical implant attacks


16:45New iPad WiFi Tests Confirm Consistent Connection Failures16:44Anonymous plans more attacks against China sites16:43DIY manual: Researchers tell hackers how to carry out Stuxnet attack16:39Top 10 iPhone 5 rumours16:23Former CIA Officer Indicted for Sharing Classified Data with Journalists16:22MPAA Joins Google, Facebook, EFF In Repeat Infringer Copyright Battle


15:20Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'15:13E-Reader, Tablet Owners Say They Now Read More: Pew15:12Facebook logins vulnerable on Apple and Android devices14:57Privacy advocate warns cybersecurity bills could lead to increased government surveillance14:47$1 billion copyright case against YouTube returns14:45Larry Page reflects on past year as Google CEO in rare dispatch


15:59Anonymous hackers attack Chinese government websites15:57New law seeks to outlaw Internet trolls15:56UK Government puts brakes on web snooping plans15:49Encryption is key for local police to comply with FBI cloud security rules15:46Google's Project Glass Envisions Augmented Reality Eyewear15:45Yahoo lays off 2,000 employees as Skype hires 400 staff


14:32Facebook Users Targeted by Ice IX Malware in Credit Card Grab14:31Google adds two Google+ gadgets for bloggers14:21Photo app Instagram launches on Android phones14:20ACLU finds widespread warrantless cell phone tracking by local police14:18Why did it take Apple six weeks to fix critical Java exploit?14:14Samsung Devices, iPhone Battle for Hearts and Minds of U.S. Users


16:59New Trojan variant can install without password16:55Online passwords are very insecure, finds study16:47Google TV may arrive in Europe in September - report16:46Multiple flaws identified in industrial control products16:36Hackers accuse Pastebin of censorship16:35Email and web monitoring laws 'to be brought in soon'


16:54Anger over Government's web snooping plans16:53Wealthy smartphone users less likely to play games, tweet16:51New iPad attracts greater satisfaction levels than iPad 2 – research16:38Gartner's five cloud computing trends to watch16:36Global Payments says fewer than 1.5M cards affected in data theft16:35Microsoft offers free beta test of Windows Server 8 cloud back-ups