News for 23 May 2012 Year

Preview16:33Google rejects automatic pornography block rulesProposals to force users to opt-in to access adult content would be "a mistake", Google has said.
Preview16:32Big Data a Strategic Priority for IT: Varonis SurveyAwareness of products and services in the market remains a major hurdle to harnessing the power of Big Data.
Preview16:31US leads in reports of counterfeit componentsCounterfeit electronics parts are being reported at a rate of one every 15 seconds, according to research company IHS iSuppli.
Preview16:27Researcher Maps the Android Malware GnomeThe popularity of the Android platform, combined with the openness that it represents, has created model that allows developers of all shapes and sizes to...
Preview16:25Social gambling could be a US$100bn industry by 2017Juniper Research estimates that mobile gambling could reach a global figure of US$100bn by 2017, driven by social gaming and the development of mobile wallets.
Preview16:24McAfee Q1 Threats ReportThe latest quarterly McAfee threats report shows cyber threats increasing across the board: PC, Mac, mobile malware; botnets and hacktivism are all on the rise.