News for May 2012 Year


17:22Flame: Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack17:21Microsoft Readies Skype Preinstallation Kit for Windows 7 PC OEMs: Report17:13Windows 8 pricing to "kill netbooks"17:11PayPal researcher proposes technique to thwart clickjacking attacks17:10426.9m Europeans now online, implications for business and media17:01Lackluster PC Protection a Global Problem, says McAfee


17:26ICS-CERT Issues Security Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Operations17:20People value gadgets more than their health – survey17:19Facebook, LinkedIn Used by Employers for Monitoring: Gartner17:17Phone hacking scandal: Tony Blair to be questioned17:09Assange’s appeal fails: extradition lawful – everything left to play for17:08Anonymous Steps Up Attacks Against Canada, Formula 1


14:372012 Olympic Games Targeted by Old PDF Exploit14:36IT dept risks becoming a dinosaur – 93pc of CIOs are men14:34iPhone thieves find Apple support helpful to them, too14:29IDC: workers will revolt if they're left on Windows XP14:27Yahoo and TalkTalk confirm human error as weakness security link14:25Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say


16:30UK’s new cookie law came into effect Sunday16:23Google tweaks search for places on mobile16:20iOS 5.5.1 jailbreak done; iOS 6 jailbreak pending16:18Google, the Ultimate Private Intelligence Agency, Is Raising EU`s Ire16:08Reputed govt, private websites under hacker threat: Cyber agency16:06Facebook smartphone to be 'released next year'


16:23Cybercrime costs companies an average of $214,000 per attack16:22Google's copyright complaints flag up piracy of Microsoft16:18Facebook launches camera app with Instagram like features16:02No free Visual Studio for Windows 8 desktop developers16:00Researchers Propose Way to Thwart Fraudulent Digital Certificates15:58Iranian students claim to have stolen info on NASA researchers


15:45NSA’s New Program Preps Students to Fight Cyber Attacks15:40Facebook causing a third of all divorces: Survey15:36Al Qaeda video calls on followers to wage 'electronic jihad' against the US15:33Yahoo browser launch marred by security flaw15:30Google Android, Windows Malware Skyrockets in Q1: McAfee Report15:28Google funds computer teachers and Raspberry Pis in England


16:33Google rejects automatic pornography block rules16:32Big Data a Strategic Priority for IT: Varonis Survey16:31US leads in reports of counterfeit components16:27Researcher Maps the Android Malware Gnome16:25Social gambling could be a US$100bn industry by 201716:24McAfee Q1 Threats Report


16:35Microsoft talks up multi-monitor Windows 8 experience16:20Banking Trojan Bypasses Mobile Security with Sophisticated Attack16:13EMC claims cloud not ready for enterprise back-up16:10New HMRC refund phishing scam detected15:57Massive Data Breach in Utah State Servers Caused by Configuration Errors15:55Anonymous Hacks U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics Server


15:3072 hours of video posted to YouTube every minute15:29Microsoft launches, a search-driven social network15:27US Army trains in open source 3-D virtual cyber-world15:26Chicago Police and NATO Websites Hit by DDoS Attacks15:25EU offers Google settlement in antitrust case15:23Texting kills 5,000 people every year in the US


16:43Apps using global hotkeys will remain welcome in the Mac App Store16:38iPhone, iPad become apple of cyber criminals' eye16:37Israeli Air Force May Use Nano Drones, Missile Launching Algorithm In Future16:18File-Sharing Is Linked to Depression, Researchers Find16:06Putting SCADA Protection on the Radar16:04PCI explains how merchants can securely accept mobile payments


17:20DDoS Attacks Target Pirate Bay and Wikileaks17:08Microsoft develops technology for speech and hearing impaired17:07Facebook hacker jailed for 12 months17:04Governments make a grab for the internet17:03Vulnerability found in Mobile Spy spyware app17:02Google makes search 'more human' with Knowledge Graph


15:46Users Warned of Malware After Ads Reported on Wikipedia Site15:33UK companies are cyber self-confident15:32Hackers target Android as mobile malware soars15:24Tablet, Smartphone Use Increasing Worker Productivity: CDW15:16ORG: Mobile filters censor innocent content15:15Espionage Campaign Targets Foreign Policy Domains


15:19Zeus Variant Targeting Facebook, Google, and Yahoo15:15Windows 8 to monitor children's computer use15:07Half of Americans call Facebook a fad: Poll14:58Americans Rate Cyber-Security as Hot Issue in Presidential Election: Survey14:51Pirate Pay torrent 'blocker' backed by Microsoft14:46Facebook clarifies privacy policy in response to regulatory probes


17:00Defence boss to warn of e-bomb threat16:59Adobe backpedals, will now patch software for free16:58Companies slow to react to mobile security threat16:52The week in gadgets - Apple drops Google Maps, Baidu's new mobile OS16:51China's ZTE Ships Smartphone with Backdoor to MetroPCS16:46How Internet detectives find out where you live


16:39U.S. Army Wants Keylogging Software to Help Prevent a Second Cablegate16:38Facebook starts charging $2 to highlight posts16:34Drowning in data: Security professionals look to metrics for a lifeline16:23MP3tunes files for bankruptcy amid copyright claims16:22FBI Warns of Malware Attacks Through Hotel Internet Services16:20Microsoft's Bing search engines to use Facebook tips


16:45Mozilla accuses Microsoft of blocking other browsers from ARM devices16:41Pentagon approves use of BlackBerry 7 models16:40Apple patches multiple security issues16:34FTC requires Myspace to undergo audits for privacy policy violations16:32Mobile Devices, Services Not Widely Trusted: Juniper16:28Facebook app store launches amid mobile revenue worries


15:48Syrian activists targeted with RATs15:35Magnetic bacteria may help build future bio-computers15:24Google+ Hangouts on Air Live Broadcasting Opens for All15:13Google's autonomous cars get their driver's licence15:11Cybersecurity is chief worry of federal chief information officers15:00An App to help parents find missing children


16:23LG Electronics to launch Google TV in US in May: Executive16:17Apple wants domain handed over16:09Open source enables high-volume searches16:06How to fight back against privacy pirates16:04CCI orders probe in Google's AdWords programme15:54Windows 8 won’t play DVDs