News for June 2012 Year


13:24Apple to Include Auto-Updates in Mac OS X Mountain Lion13:22Google to unveil $199 Nexus tablet13:15Big Data of Growing Importance to Small Businesses: SAP13:13TEDGlobal: App offers safety in a riot13:05Cybercriminals Using 'Lego' Approach to Crime Kit Development13:03FBI poses as hackers to arrest 24 fraudsters


15:36GOP senators introduce national data breach notification bill15:30Facebook changes users' email addresses without warning15:09F5 Networks Launches IP Intelligence Service14:57Mozilla working on security fix for tab thumbnail glitch in Firefox 1314:56Data Management Lacking, Putting Businesses at Risk: Varonis14:54MI5 fighting 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks


15:19Facebook’s ‘Find Friends Nearby’ – is it opening a new can of worms around privacy?15:18Facebook among the 15 most hated companies in US15:08Cisco Addresses VPN Client Vulnerabilities15:02Senior managers unaware of data locations, survey reveals15:00Hackers crack CAPTCHA website security measures14:58Voice algorithms spot Parkinson's disease


15:51FDA warns about software flaws in medical devices15:44Twitter taken offline by 'cascading bug', site confirms15:43Security Spending Among Small Businesses Tops $19 Billion: AMI15:30Iran Claims to Have Detected Another Emerging Cyber Attack15:29Remember: Internet Doomsday to wreak havoc on PCs on 9 July15:28Information security risks lurk in oft-neglected places


16:53Microsoft uses disruption strategy to tackle botnets16:51Google Lets Admins Force Two-Factor Authentication, Enhances Active Directory Support16:47Windows Phone 8: Microsoft brings phone software closer to Windows16:45Microsoft zero-day flaw being exploited in the wild, warns SophosLabs16:40Security expert: antivirus not up to scratch16:39Business Intelligence, CRM Lead Enterprise Software Market: Gartner


16:44SMBs are at increased risk from online file-sharing products16:43Supercomputers running up against the barriers of Moore's Law16:34Zeen, YouTube founders’ venture into online publishing, will be unveiled next week16:32US lawmakers draft resolution opposing expanded UN regulation of internet16:26Facebook to let developers charge subscriptions16:25Google Discovers 9,500 New Malicious Sites Every Day


14:50Opera plugs six security holes in latest version of web browser14:48Microsoft’s big reveal – two new own-branded Windows 8 tablet computers14:47Most small firms don't think a data breach could happen to them14:27Facebook buys facial recognition firm for $60m14:25Fake Android Security Software Is Mobile Version of Zeus Trojan: Kaspersky14:24Smartphone users 'risking health' with overuse of devices


18:46Ethiopian government blocks Tor Network online anonymity18:44Google Transparency Report reveals take-down requests from governments18:43Automatic Transfer System Evades Security Measures, Automates Bank Fraud18:42Companies seek revenge on untouchable hackers18:41BYOD Security, Management an Issue for IT: Gartne18:40Anti-virus software sucks up too much security cash claims study


18:06Small firms lax about confidential document handling, disposal18:05Could US cyberspies have moles inside Microsoft?18:04Is a LinkedIn Premium account worth the money?18:02VM Vulnerability Discovered on Multiple Platforms18:01Many CEOs and CISOs Not Communicating on Security, Survey Finds18:00More than a quarter of internet users access banking sites globally


19:36New domain names a haven for hackers, security experts warn19:34Facebook vote gets low turn-out, results ignored19:33Now, Twitter's expanded tweets show more interactive content19:30One in four Android apps contain battery busting bugs19:25Apple's Siri, Other Search Apps Could Save Businesses Big Bucks19:24Beware what you ask of big data – you might just get the answer


17:46Anonymous India to use RTI in fight against Internet censorship17:45Report Shows Disconnect Between Security Demands and Aging Infrastructure17:44Microsoft patches critical IE and Remote Desktop flaws17:42ICANN Prepares to Reveal Who Wants What Domain Name17:41Security Demands Stress Small Business IT Infrastructure: Sophos17:40ATMs to operate without a card


18:10MySQL Authentication Flaw Easy to Exploit, Researchers Say18:10‘Adding Game’ on Facebook spam alert18:08How the Internet will get new domain name suffixes18:07LulzSec Reborn and is leaking 10,000 Twitter accounts17:35Websites to be forced to identify trolls under new measures17:33Will Iran use the international legal system against Obama?


18:41Flame and Stuxnet makers 'co-operated' on code18:38BYOD, File-Sharing Causing Headaches for IT18:36Stuxnet was our idea, says Israel18:35Microsoft defends default Do Not Track in IE1018:31Iran Says U.S. Attacked Oil Ministry18:28Top predictions for this year’s Apple WWDC


18:50Businesses protect customer secrets and forget about own IP18:48Flame malware makers send 'suicide' code18:47Malware, Spam Growth Explodes in May18:43IT Consultant Faces Nearly Five Years Behind Bars for ID Theft18:42Facebook rolls out App Center - a central location for apps18:40Account hacked? Change your password twice


16:55Information Superiority for the Mobile Enterprise16:53LinkedIn hack: You may need to change all your passwords16:52Intel "improving" Android - but is it willing to share?16:50Research shows majority of Apple iOS devices running outdated firmware16:49Small Businesses Unprepared for Disasters, Emergencies16:48Google unveils new mapping technologies


15:28EU Regulation on eSignatures Proposed15:27Facebook vanishing in 2020, predicts an analyst15:26LinkedIn denies its iOS app grabs meeting data and stores it on its servers15:08Microsoft "hardens" Windows Update against Flame15:07Google Acquires Quickoffice to Challenge Microsoft Office15:05IPv6: Trillions of new net addresses now possible


17:16Majority of firms plan to institute employee monitoring for social media use17:15Chinese Chip Maker Comments on Backdoor Found on Chip Used by U.S. Military17:14US created Stuxnet – went to ‘cyber war’ with Iran on Obama’s orders16:59US government drags its feet on declassifying documents16:57Google files patent claim against Microsoft, Nokia16:56Microsoft previews Windows 8 operating system