News for 24 July 2012 Year

Preview16:46NSA lays out mobile security strategy for government useDebora Plunkett, director of the US National Security Agency’s information assurance directorate, laid out the agency’s strategy for securing mobile devices...
Preview16:44ISPs "too keen" to shop customers to rights holdersConsumer Focus has called on ISPs and hosting companies to better protect customer data when they are asked to disclose details of potential IP infringers.
Preview16:32Nearly half of world’s spam comes from Asia - SophosAsia has increased its output of spam and is now responsible for relaying almost half (49.7pc) of the world's spam
Preview16:31EC opens cybersecurity consultationThe European Commission (EC) has launched a public consultation on cyber security that will run until 12 October 2012.
Preview16:27Stuxnet thwarted by control code updateGerman engineering giant Siemens has issued a fix for the software loopholes used by the notorious Stuxnet worm.
Preview16:26Half of organizations were targets of phishing attacks last yearHalf of all IT professionals surveyed by Proofpoint said that they believe their organization was targeted in the past year by a phishing email designed...