News for July 2012 Year


16:50New Morto worm variant emerges with file infection capability16:48Google to upgrade video chat in Gmail via Google+ Hangouts (video)16:47Facebook photos get a new look16:44Social Media, Mobile Technology, Cloud Converging: Gartner16:42ENISA calls for joint effort between users and providers to secure online identities15:10Golden collection of Mosfilm movies: watch them on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - free of charge, no advertising


17:17Africa used as botnet army; S E Asia invests in information warfare; Latin America Beefs Up Regulation17:15Global Payments: Data Breach Cost Nearly $85 Million17:14South Korea arrests phone firm KT Corp hacking suspects17:12London asked not to tweet as tech fails Olympic trials17:07How to make sense of the big data universe17:06All your speech belongs to Apple


15:13Smashing the Future: A Look Back, and the Future of Security15:11Networking the least understood element of IT, says HP's Nick Watson15:09Facebook's new recommendations bar could boost sites’ readers and likes15:05Olympics puts mobile communications technology to the test15:04Cloud security is a shared responsibility15:03Black Hat: Hacking Back - The Best Defense May Not be the Best Offense


14:29Google adds a 34-button virtual scientific calculator to search14:28EU targeting Google's global business, not only Europe14:22RSA Research Unit Hunts Cyber-Threats ‘That Don`t Have Names`14:21Facebook to expand rewards for hackers14:19Latest Mac Malware Was Just Waiting to be Found14:17Hacking experts find new ways to attack Android phones


17:27Large Global Banks Still Plagued by Conficker, Zeus Malware: Report17:26Inappropriate pictures on Facebook could cost you a job17:25ISPs split over UK open internet code of practice17:21Siemens issues software fix to protect against Stuxnet17:20Londoners and visitors to get free Wi-Fi in city hotspots during Olympics17:18Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion


16:46NSA lays out mobile security strategy for government use16:44ISPs "too keen" to shop customers to rights holders16:32Nearly half of world’s spam comes from Asia - Sophos16:31EC opens cybersecurity consultation16:27Stuxnet thwarted by control code update16:26Half of organizations were targets of phishing attacks last year


14:11EU antitrust probe may force Google to change Android14:10Search engines to censor file-sharing sites?14:07Google acquires IOS and OS X email client Sparrow14:06ICS-CERT Updates Security Guidance for Critical Infrastructure14:03World's first computer model of an organism to cure diseases14:02Survey Reveals Top 10 Most 'Always-On' IT Jobs


15:38MySQL Authentication Bypass Offers Lesson for Developers15:17Space camera to take pictures of planet Earth from ISS to detect disasters15:16Report: 14 Percent of Home Networks Infected With Malware In Q2 201215:14Universities invited to train cyber spooks15:13Smart grid cybersecurity gaps stem from industry failings, government disputes15:11Dropbox Hires Outside Security Detectives to Investigate Spam in Private Storage Accounts


16:10'Greeting eCards' App Released – Send Thousands of Digital Vintage Postcards16:08Huge spam botnet Grum is taken out by security researchers16:07Apple must run ads saying Samsung didn't copy iPad16:06YouTube offers face-blurring in video uploads16:01Online gamers targeted by phishers16:00Dropbox Related Spam Leads Some to Speculate About Breach


17:03Facebook fails to stop rogue apps, says Sophos17:01New Russian Service Selling Access to Compromised Accounts17:00UK seeks software writers with Cyber Security Challenge16:51Indonesia blocks 1 mn porn websites before Ramadan16:41Judge rules Apple and Samsung can't hide case details16:39Technologies cannot compensate for poor security practices


17:34U.S. Internet Providers Continuing to Deliver DNS Changer DNS Services17:28Antivirus firms "misreporting" mobile malware17:26Oracle plugs 88 security holes, the same number as the last update17:25Dutch Police Takedown C&Cs Used by Grum Botnet17:24Microsoft Touts Office 2013 Integration With Skype, Yammer, Cloud17:22Warning about online fraud as information theft rises


17:43Apple's in-app purchase system hacked by Russian17:42Pirate Bay block effectiveness short-lived, data suggests17:41Cyber-criminals to take advantage of London 2012 Olympics17:40Would-be Pentagon Bomber Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison17:3650% Job leavers steal confidential company data17:30Viewers turning to YouTube as news source: Study


16:28Google+ users can now transfer circles and connections to a new account16:25Phandroid User Forums Breached - 1M Accounts Likely Targeted16:24Microsoft beefs up certificate security following Flame attacks16:20Yahoo Confirms 400,000 Passwords Stolen in Hack16:19NIST releases new draft on Federal ID credentials16:17Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted


17:23Small businesses are not confident about their security17:22Microsoft Advises Customers to Disable Windows Sidebar and Gadgets17:21Single massive spam campaigns replace high volume spam runs17:09Businesses at Risk From Data Breaches, Cyber-Attacks: Survey17:08Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service17:07O2 outage puts Huawei in the frame


17:33Russia proposes an internet blacklist – Wikipedia in Russia goes black in protest17:31Plesk Vulnerability Singled Out as Source of Massive Web Attack17:31Malware-laden Email Rises in 1H 2012, Says AppRiver17:19Dropbox doubles storage for paid users to 100GB17:18Mobile Device Management Costs Soar: Survey17:17Android Jelly Bean roll-outs begin with Nexus devices


17:11Apple releases Mountain Lion to developers17:10Google to pay $22.5m to end Apple tracking case17:02Malware Now Targeting Banking Applications on Android, Says Trusteer16:56Malware deadline passes, very few knocked offline16:55Spy code creator kills project after Syrian abuse16:54Android Trojan Infects 100,000 Users, Security Researchers Claim


16:49How to hijack a drone using GPS spoofing16:48IT Spending on Pace to Surpass $3.6 Trillion in 2012: Gartner16:47Mobile Payments, Online Bill Payment Usage Grows: IDC16:43New Android trojan infects 100,000 in China16:42Facebook, Twitter lowering your confidence?16:41Thousands face internet loss as FBI shuts off servers


15:41Sneaky iOS (Malware?) Surfaces in App Store, Says Kaspersky15:38Virus may knock thousands off the Internet on Monday15:37Microsoft to plug critical drive-by attack flaw15:33Objective-C Overtakes C++ in Programming Language Popularity15:15Hearing-aid hackers fine-tuning their own devices15:13WikiLeaks starts to publish Syrian emails


17:31EU wants breach notification for certificate authorities17:26'Printer Bomb' Malware Spread Via Compromised .htaccess Files, Says Symantec17:24Britain's YouView Internet TV service launches17:12Cisco Changes Privacy Policy in Cloud Connect Service17:02Android smartphones 'used for botnet', researchers say17:00London 2012 Olympics facing threat from cyberattacks, says UK official


16:56ACTA has been rejected by the European Parliament16:53Researchers Link Sykipot Trojan to Spear-Phishing Attacks16:52Cyber incident reports flood in from US water sector16:50Cost to Protect U.S. Secrets Doubles to Over $11 Billion16:39Twitter: U.S. Tops List of Governments Requesting User Information16:36Indian Navy investigates cyber attack on military PCs


16:06Hacktivism: Anonymous and Beyond16:05Gartner survey tracks consumer email preference shift from PCs to tablets15:59Indian Navy secrets stolen and sent to China15:58Microsoft Lawsuit Names Two Responsible for Zeus Botnet Attacks15:57Facebook promises to fix email contacts deleting bug15:55Encouraged by Google, Twitter Offers Transparency Report of Its Own


16:33Tweets will no longer cross-post to LinkedIn16:32Counterfeiters slipping used parts into new gadgets16:23Atomic clocks and earth rotation cause major outages16:15Apple Changing Posture on Security and Macs16:11The business and politics of piracy16:05YouTube to allow users to switch to Google+ identity