News for 30 August 2012 Year

Preview18:37US-Mexico border: Efforts to build a virtual wallA third-party observes the scene in silence: an army of electronic sensors acting as watch guard in a place where the arm of the law would not otherwise reach.
Preview18:35Big Data Working Group formed aims to solve real world problemsThe Cloud Security Alliance and Fujitsu Laboratories have formed the Big Data Working Group to develop test data sets from different industry verticals such...
Preview18:16Oracle Was Warned About Java Flaws Months Ago; CERT Issues GuidanceAccording to IDG News, who spoke to Adam Gowdiak, the founder and CEO of Polish security firm Security Explorations, Oracle was told about the issues...
Preview18:12Kaspersky Extracts More Clues From Mysterious Wiper MalwareMalware Kaspersky Lab Shares Latest Findings from “Wiper” Investigation
Preview18:11Cyberattacks up 400% since 2011Cyberattacks are intensifying across vectors and industry segments, according to agnostic research from FireEye.
Preview18:10Square Enix's CoreOnline makes console games 'free' onlineDeveloper Square Enix has launched a service allowing gamers to play high definition full console-quality titles through their web browser.