News for August 2012 Year


18:49Oracle releases security patch for Java vulnerability18:47Hackers target Cambridge in the name of Julian Assange18:46Spyware takes over iPhones, Androids18:44Russia Unveils Secure Android Tablet That Keeps Data Away From Google18:42Twitter lets advertisers directly target users18:41FileSonic cyberlocker offline after piracy complaints


18:37US-Mexico border: Efforts to build a virtual wall18:35Big Data Working Group formed aims to solve real world problems18:16Oracle Was Warned About Java Flaws Months Ago; CERT Issues Guidance18:12Kaspersky Extracts More Clues From Mysterious Wiper Malware18:11Cyberattacks up 400% since 201118:10Square Enix's CoreOnline makes console games 'free' online


17:17Hackers target hotel room key-card security17:15US Withheld Email Evidence in WikiLeaks Case: Defense17:14Apple patent claims not related to core Android OS: Google17:10Mobile wallet and NFC could be the next patents battleground for Apple and Google17:08BlackBerry targeted by second malware attack17:02101-year-old US woman is Facebook's oldest user


18:21Facebook to delete your embarrassing pics forever18:20Adobe Updates Illustrator, Creative Cloud With Exclusive New Features18:18Hacker collective leaks one million records, vows 'hellfire'18:16Apple wants eight Samsung phones banned; is yours among them?18:13Facebook ‘photo’ spam containing malware targets social media users17:39Anonymous Targets Electronics Manufacturer AVX in Cyber Attack


17:39NIST asks for comment on BIOS Protection Guidelines for Servers17:37Saudi Aramco oil giant recovers from virus attack17:35New Java Exploit Spotted in the Wild17:34Dropbox ups its security with two-factor authentication17:32Tweets can reveal psychopathic tendencies17:31The ‘419 scam’ scam returns


18:15Google’s new cloud Wallet – is it secure?18:13South Korea Court Rejects Law Banning False IDs on Internet18:11The RuggedCom SCADA OS is vulnerable18:09Flash Player Bug Exploited by Malicious Word Documents17:38Amazon Web Services Launches ‘Glacier` Storage for One Penny17:36Haphazard censorship? Leaked list of blocked websites in India


18:35At $623 billion Apple is world's most valuable company, ever18:34Hacked Versions of Popular Mobile Apps Widespread, Report Finds18:33Employees say ‘NO’ to handing over social media passwords to employers18:04Apple mania used to deliver Flash exploit18:02Apple, Samsung, Motorola Patent War May Shake Mobile Industry to Its Core18:00Google must reveal paid commentators after Oracle trial


16:16Use iMessage rather than SMS, says Apple16:15Majority of Wi-Fi users unaware public hotspot providers obliged to retain usage data16:14Resilient 'SMSZombie' Infects 500,000 Android Users in China16:13Intel sets team on thwarting car hackers16:12Judge rules that the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) applies to online video16:06Asia's fastest data cable links Tokyo to Singapore


16:42Disttrack/Shamoon: a new targeted and destructive virus16:40Google expands Voice Search to 13 new languages16:39ONS reveals 16% of UK adults have never used the internet16:37Group Behind DDoS Against WikiLeaks Targets Russian News Agency16:36Twitter changes provokes anger from developers16:35Malware targeting Android triples in second quarter


18:01Adobe’s patches for Windows and OS/X expose Linux15:13Mobile Password Managers – Safe or Unsafe?15:12Security Firm Reveals Weaknesses in DDoS Attack Toolkits15:10Reuters hacked for third time with hoax al-Faisal death15:09Cheap Chinese phones outsmart Apple15:0830% of users store their passwords on smartphones


15:58U.S., China Talks Address Cyber-Weapons, Not Cyber-Spying15:57Patch Tuesday: Microsoft restricts RSA tokens with 1024-bit encryption15:56Phone payment scams "worse than mobile malware"15:55Kaspersky Looks for Help Deciphering Gauss Malware15:54Companies hunker down in response to targeted attacks15:53Adobe Flash Player exits Android Google Play store


15:26Oracle Patches Vulnerability Disclosed at Black Hat15:24Citadel trojan targeting major international airport hub15:20Google's travel book buyout sparks publisher fears15:19Wikileaks website back online after DDoS cyber-attack15:18Dorifel Malware Actively Spreading Despite Mass Detection15:17iOS poses serious problems for law enforcement


16:22Innovative method prints colours without inks16:16Motorola Mobility to cut jobs, close offices16:08YouTube "won't be harmed" by Google piracy clampdown16:06Google to push pirate sites down search results16:04WikiLeaks taken out by sustained 10GB/sec DDoS attack16:02Google Earth discovers 'lost pyramid complexes' in Egypt


14:38Obama weighs executive order on cybersecurity14:38FinFisher "Lawful Interception" Spyware Found in Ten Countries, Including the U.S.14:36Five critical flaws in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday14:35Researchers Lift Lid on Government-Distributed Cyber-Spy Trojans14:33Gauss virus can spy on bank transactions, steal social networking and email passwords14:04Blizzard hack attack hits millions


15:25The 'Old USSR Movies' Free App Released: Watch Great Soviet Movies Free, No Advertising15:24Google trials inclusion of Gmail in search results15:13Nepalese Government Sites Hit With Java Exploit, Backdoor15:12US appeals court decides GPS tracking ruling not retroactive15:11Apple, Amazon Change Security Policies After Hack of Journalist`s Accounts15:10Oracle and Google are ordered to reveal paid bloggers


15:57Microsoft keeps Do Not Track by default in IE1015:55Reuters got caught up in a Syrian war of disinformation15:54One-quarter of websites examined by testing service were malicious15:46Anonymous Attacks Ukrainian Government After Demonoid Takedown15:45Apple iCloud Hack Raises Concerns Over Cloud Security15:44Large Ukraine-based BitTorrent site Demonoid shut down


17:00Most firms have inadequate web app defences, study shows16:59Obama Weighs Executive Order Option for Cybersecurity Provisions16:57Reports of Iran 'halal' intranet are contradictory16:52ISACA flags hidden cloud costs16:50Fraudulent Typosquatters Lie in Wait for London Olympics Searchers16:42YouTube app vanishes from Apple's next version of iOS


16:57Apple's Support Department Blamed for Journalist's Hacking16:56Baidu workers arrested for deleting posts for money16:55National concerns over the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation16:31Google shuts shop on Apps for Teams16:29Top 5: Free Android photography apps for shutterbugs16:28Pro-Baath Propagandists Target Reuters on Two Fronts


16:25Windows’ new look is no longer ‘Metro’ as Microsoft sidesteps trademark issue16:25Multiple automation technologies cause problems16:24Facebook has more than 83 million fake users16:21LinkedIn: Breach Cost Up to $1M, Says $2-3 Million in Security Upgrades Coming16:03Dropbox Password Breach Highlights Cloud Security Weaknesses16:01US resists control of internet passing to UN agency


16:21US federal cybersecurity incidents jumped 20% last year16:20Anonymous hackers identify charity attacker16:19Facebook "bullies developers into selling up"16:10Router Botnets Are More of a Reality Than You Think16:09Spam Campaign Caused by Stolen Dropbox Employee Password16:07Olympics-related scams just keep coming


16:35Symantec Seeks Help Cracking Mystery of Password Used In Attacks16:34Open webOS cuts off support for HP TouchPad16:33Hotmail to be replaced by in Microsoft switch16:32Dropbox spam explained – new security features added16:18Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's sister Arielle now works for Google16:16Managers, Accountants More Likely to Commit Insider Fraud in Financial Sector: Study