News for 17 September 2012 Year

Preview15:54Mexico hackers hit official websites in cyber protestMexican computer hackers have taken over at least ten government and other websites in a political protest marking the country's independence day.
Preview15:41Google Adding 'Do No Track' Into Chrome's Latest Developer BuildThe privacy feature won't be available built-in for Chrome users until the release version of the next browser is ready, but the project is being pursued.
Preview15:40Consumers demand "right to delete" data from websitesOnline companies risk alienating consumers unless they give them more power to control their data
Preview15:33Quantum Key Distribution takes to the airAn aircraft in flight has successfully transmitted quantum encryption keys to a ground station, bringing closer the time when satellites can be used to...
Preview15:32US collecting citizens’ data illegally, says whistleblowerThe US is collecting huge amounts of data on its citizens, according to former National Security Agency (NSA) official Bill Binney.
Preview15:30Panasonic factories vandalised, shut down in anti-Japan protests in ChinaThe two component factories were vandalised in widespread anti-Japan protests sweeping across China