News for September 2012 Year


16:59Adobe Revoking Code Signing Certificate Used To Sign Malware16:39AMD deal brings Android apps to Windows 816:39Report Examines Limitations of Firewalls in Fighting DDoS Attacks16:35Government Agencies, Utilities Among Targets of 'VOHO' Cyber-Spy Attacks16:34Facebook's latest money-spinner? Sending gifts16:33The ten security issues guaranteed to cause a flamewar


16:40Twitter trojans offer fake video links16:35Remote Wipe Flaw Present in Other Android Devices, Not Just Samsung16:34The Great Unliking: Facebook begins purge of fake accounts and likes16:33Social network data sparks rise in banking fraud16:31Will 'Do Not Track' kill the free internet?16:30Philippine Websites Hacked Over Cybercrime Law


16:57Samsung faces call for Galaxy S3 security update16:44SourceForge Mirror Distributed phpMyAdmin Software Loaded With Backdoor16:40Mobile malware up 2,180% in 201216:36Two separate privacy concerns rock Facebook16:30Security Firm Identifies Top Words Used in Spear-Phishing Attacks16:28Google adds coral reef panoramas to Street View maps


16:16Galaxy S3 Hacked Via NFC During Mobile Pwn2Own16:15Facebook now accepting mobile payments via carrier billing in US, UK and Germany16:14Security concerns hold back mobile banking adoption16:08iOS Vulnerability Demonstrated At Pwn2Own Contest May Exist on iPhone 516:07Your private messages are not public: Facebook16:06Schmidt sparks confusion over Google Maps for iOS 6


15:51'Intel Inside' ignites mobile branding war15:45EU mulls plans for police to monitor web15:44What is Microsoft doing with Hotmail passwords?15:43Facebook suspends photo tag tool in Europe15:37Microsoft, HP Criticized for Using Offshore Accounts to Avoid U.S. Taxes15:35Iran readies domestic Internet system, blocks Google


17:26Software Code Sandboxes a Bright Spot as Security Flaws Trend Higher17:25#Fail: Users complain about the new Apple Maps on iOS 617:19Apple issues Mac OS X patches, Facebook integration17:18EU regulator running out of patience with Google17:17ICS-CERT Warns of Hard Coded Password in ORing Industrial Control Systems17:08U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Talks Computer Hacking Issues with Chinese


15:59US Finance Sector Warned of Cyber Attacks15:54NIST releases comprehensive risk assessment guidelines15:52Facebook's ugly little secret: Millions of preteen users15:40Groupon debuts card payments on mobile phones15:39Banks warned after attacks linked to riot video15:36Microsoft Releases Quick Fix for Internet Explorer Zero-Day - Promises Patch on Friday


17:10More malware targeting Iran could yet be discovered17:05TDSS Malware Infecting Fortune 500 Includes Evasion Tactic17:04Apple settlement could lead to even cheaper ebooks16:50China Cyberattacks Hit Japan In Island Row: Police16:42Report Examines Eastern European Hackers Vs. East Asian Hackers16:37Twitter updates its iPad app – sleek new look, full-screen photos


14:18Foreign Journalists in China Targeted by Malware14:1750% of Android phones have unpatched vulnerabilities14:15Employees prefer face-to-face communication over email, phone14:09Ditch Internet Explorer, experts warn after new flaw14:08Flamer Malware Spied on Middle East for More Than Five Years14:07Paypal suspends domestic transactions in Argentina


15:54Mexico hackers hit official websites in cyber protest15:41Google Adding 'Do No Track' Into Chrome's Latest Developer Build15:40Consumers demand "right to delete" data from websites15:33Quantum Key Distribution takes to the air15:32US collecting citizens’ data illegally, says whistleblower15:30Panasonic factories vandalised, shut down in anti-Japan protests in China


16:32BlackHole 2.0 now available, with a raft of hacker upgrades16:30Microsoft to Patch Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8 'Shortly'16:25Google Motorola faces German ban after Apple victory16:20Anonymous Retaliates After Member Arrested16:19GoDaddy CEO sends apology email, offers discount16:17Pre-installed malware in production lines spurs Microsoft's takedown


15:45Terrorists Pose Cyber Security Threat, Former Defense Secretary Says15:43Game makers arrested over alleged spying in Greece15:39Apple launches iPhone 5 with updated iOS 615:38Organisations grapple with big data initiatives - study15:36Norton: Cybercrime totaled $110 billion in losses over last 12 months15:35Coding Errors in Shamoon Malware Suggest It May Be Work of Amateurs


17:03Estonia teaches students as young as year 1 to code web and mobile applications17:01Cyber attacks “one of the most serious” threats facing the US, says Janet Napolitano16:54Anonymous hacking collective plots Oct. 20 surveillance protest16:53Online Networking Grows Among Small Businesses16:51Invisible QR codes to combat counterfeit goods16:40Microsoft Updating IE10 Flash in Windows 8 a "Good Move"


16:30YouTube rolls out new version of iPhone app16:27Apple ID code leak 'sourced to US firm BlueToad'16:26Gartner: Prepare for context-aware security16:17Emma Watson is 2012’s Most Dangerous Celebrity16:16Parents just don’t understand mobile security16:09Mobile Malware Continues to Be a Profitable Criminal Enterprise


17:31Microsoft to kill weak web certificates17:30Al-Jazeera SMS service attacked by pro-Syrian hackers17:29Facebook making efforts to remove fake profiles17:28Google Snaps Up Security Firm VirusTotal17:23China Blames Companies for Lack of "human Care" as Samsung, Apple Factories Under Scrutiny17:22Adobe confirms Windows 8 users vulnerable to active Flash exploits


19:51Apple to ban UDIDs following AntiSec data leak19:50Varonis Targets Secure Data Migration19:49VUPEN Method Breaks Out of Virtual Machine to Attack Hosts19:48Sony mobile customers emails, names hacked in China19:47More than a quarter of London’s Wi-Fi networks are poorly secured19:45Phone-Focused Cyber-Criminals Move to Premium Scams


18:00Security Think Tank Analyzes How International Law Applies to Cyber War17:59McAfee Sees Biggest Increase In Malware Attacks in the Last Four Years17:58UK schools put kids' information at risk through faulty security policies17:57What the Anonymous attacks on MI5 and MI6 tell us17:56McAfee: Ransomware Malware on the Rise17:54Bitcoin theft causes Bitfloor exchange to go offline


18:16New Shamoon Malware Variant Appears: Symantec18:15AntiSec hackers leak 1 million Apple UDIDs18:14Foundem claims Google faces "tsunami of litigation"18:13Malicious email campaigns exploiting Java18:11Sony hacked by NullCrew; Anonymous attacks MI5 and MI618:10BitTorrent study finds most file-sharers are monitored


18:15Now, blink and flick TV channels18:14New Mac Malware Steals All The Passwords You Enter Into Your Browser and Logs Your Keystrokes18:12Taiwan to Step Up Cyberwar Capabilities: Report18:11Pirate Bay Co-founder Arrested in Cambodia: Police18:10Adobe releases patch for Photoshop CS618:08Facebook to Crack Down on Fake 'Likes'