News for 2 October 2012 Year

Preview16:10White House Network Attack Highlights Need for Stronger DefensesEnergy systems, banking sites and now the White House have been the latest targets of cyber-attacks on sensitive systems. Security experts say the U.S....
Preview16:06Swedish Police Link Internet Attacks to WikiLeaks Founder Assange's CaseInternet attacks blocked access to several popular Swedish websites for part of Monday, local police said, linking the outage to the controversy surrounding...
Preview16:03Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban lifted in the USA temporary sales ban on Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in the US has been lifted by a US court.
Preview15:55Hackers Shifting to 'Destruction': US Cyber ChiefHackers are stepping up the intensity of their attacks, moving from "disruption" to "destruction" of key computer systems
Preview15:54Russia pushes Facebook to open research centreFacebook head Mark Zuckerberg was in Moscow on Monday, where top officials were pressing him to expand the company's operations in Russia.
Preview15:53Workers worried by BYOD privacy intrusionsA recent survey finds many employees worry BYOD is an excuse to invade privacy by tracking their location and software installs