News for 19 October 2012 Year

Preview16:57Google posts financial results before schedule, blames contractorGoogle became the latest company on Thursday to release its financial results earlier than scheduled, after which its stock price dropped 9 per cent before...
Preview16:47RSA: Citadel Trojan Armed With New FeatureThe markers of the notorious Citadel Trojan continue to innovate
Preview16:46Cybercrime-fighters seek 'generation Xbox' for spy jobsUp to 100 members of "generation Xbox" will be offered a career in the secret services
Preview16:45Demand for software engineers keeps climbing -- and so do the salariesA hot job market for software engineers is driving up salaries, with the biggest paychecks earned in California
Preview16:44Cloud storage specification gets ISO approvalCDMI allows data to be moved around private and pubic clouds
Preview16:42Malware alert: Data stealing trojan targets Android devicesAndroid's application store, Google Play's security has once again been rattled with the discovery of a new malware application