News for October 2012 Year


16:28What's new in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean16:27Cybersecurity Act loses steam16:26‘VM-aware’ viruses on the rise16:23IT security budgets mismatched to hacker targets, study shows16:22Google launches voice assistant to take on Siri16:21Huawei reaches out to hackers


15:28Windows Phone 8 Launches With Big Microsoft Consumer Push15:18Detecting APTs By Analyzing Network Traffic15:03Hacker Halted: Forget About Securing Devices and Secure the Data14:58Supreme Court Denies ISP Permission To Appeal Pirate Bay Blockade14:58Cyber defences of SMEs lag behind larger firms, study confirms14:56Lawyer: Buyers have the right to resell copyright-protected works


16:45US, Canada Launch Joint Cybersecurity Plan16:38Windows Store has enough apps to prevent Windows RT flop, say analysts16:28Apple unapologetic in admitting Samsung did not copy iPad16:20Anoymous threatens to shut down Zynga, Facebook on November 516:19The Future of Hacktivism: Why Unemployment Will Increase Hacktivist Activity16:14Showdown Set on Bid to Give UN Control of Internet


16:24Phishing Sites: Lifespan Decreases, Population Grows at Record Speed, Says APWG16:23Boarding pass barcodes 'can be read by smartphones'16:17EU: blocking websites fails as an enforcement tool16:13Adobe patches six critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player16:12MS-DOS to Windows 8: The history of Microsoft operating systems from 1981 to 201216:11Web Application Scanners Challenged By Modern Web Technologies


15:25BYOD creating security risks for 80% of companies15:25Modern Warfare Game Changer: Boeing's CHAMP Missile Knocks Out Electronic Systems15:24Windows 8: How to get and also how to avoid the new Microsoft operating system15:22Zero-day attacks circulate for 10 months on average before detection15:21PlayStation 'master key' leaked online15:20McAfee, Xerox Team Up on Printer Security


16:43Facebook Donates Recovered Legal Funds to University16:35European Commission threatens Microsoft with massive fine over browser choice failure16:34Apple unveils the 7.9-inch iPad Mini to take on Kindle, Nexus 7; prices start at $32916:30Spam epidemic spreading via fake government websites16:23Skype slashes battery use for Windows 8 system launch16:22Huawei Says It Would Offer Access To Its Source Code Via Independent Testing Center


14:42iPad mini set for launch: but how much will people pay?14:42Japan & India strengthen cyber-security cooperation14:41Cross-Site Attacks Rise to The Top In Q3, Says FireHost14:40More piracy sites faced with blocking as BPI contacts UK ISPs14:33Thousands of Android apps and millions of users are susceptible to MITM attacks14:33If I wasn't at Facebook I'd be at Microsoft: Mark Zuckerberg


16:59Android apps 'leak' personal details16:58Will businesses avoid upgrading to Windows 8?16:57Facebook to discontinue Questions feature16:53XSS attacks remain top threat to web applications16:53Who DDoS’d HSBC: Iran, Anonymous, Russians or false-flag?16:52Summary: Cyber War Targets Middle East Oil Companies


16:57Google posts financial results before schedule, blames contractor16:47RSA: Citadel Trojan Armed With New Feature16:46Cybercrime-fighters seek 'generation Xbox' for spy jobs16:45Demand for software engineers keeps climbing -- and so do the salaries16:44Cloud storage specification gets ISO approval16:42Malware alert: Data stealing trojan targets Android devices


16:43Computer viruses and malware 'rampant' in medical tech, experts warn16:41White House denies Huawei investigation report16:40Japan Police Chief Steps Down Over Cyber Arrests16:33No access to content leads to piracy: Google's Gautam Anand16:26Facebook makes mobile app install ads available to all developers16:25Mobile operators form company to protect TV signals16:24The DDoS threat continues to increase – 20 Gbps no longer uncommon


16:13Anonymous and WikiLeaks Bump Heads16:11Shining a light on zero-day attacks16:10ISO releases cyberspace-focused security standard16:09Mobile patent wars hurting innovation, experts say16:04Banks are not prepared for the digital age – need to embrace mobile and social banking16:03Kaspersky is developing a secure OS for industrial control


17:235 signs you've been hit with an advanced persistent threat17:22EU advises Google to rethink privacy policy17:21Every hour of TV can shorten your life by 22 minutes: Study17:17FBI issues Android malware warning17:16Lost USB stick costs police £120,00017:12'MiniFlame' Malware Another Link Between Flame, Gauss Espionage Attacks


15:29ENISA summarizes risks and opportunities of IT consumerization15:27Israel Facing Increasing Number of Cyberattacks, Says Prime Minister15:20Hackers and crackers invited to decode an 'unbreakable' secret message15:19Microsoft sets Windows 8 price, opens for pre-order15:16US prepares first-strike cyber-forces15:16Small Spam Runs as Dangerous as Large Ones, Says Websense


14:51US Military Prepares New Rules for Cyber War: Panetta14:49Draft Data Communications Bill a security risk, says Jimmy Wales14:42The world has 6 billion mobile phone subscribers: United Nations14:36BYOD introduces gaping security holes for businesses14:34Firefox 16 shipped, pulled and updated within 2 days14:32Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban overturned by US appeals court


15:52Phishers Favor Friday for Attacks, Websense Finds15:52Google vs Apple: "industry's defining battle"15:51RSA London 2012: When virtualisation isn't the right move15:45Mozilla yanks Firefox 16 one day after release15:36RSA Europe: Security concerns whole supply chain, says Misha Glenny15:35Two-thirds of Bing users exposed to malicious links


16:06CEO Steve Ballmer wants Microsoft to become like Apple16:05US Supreme Court Lets Wiretapping Immunity Stand15:51Windows 8 given last-minute updates15:50Datacenters Grow in Size, Decline in Number: IDC15:49RSA splits passwords in two to foil hackers' attacks15:48Complex and non-transparent Oracle licensing costing firms millions


16:52RSA Europe 2012: DDoS Attacks Used as Diversion Technique16:51Symantec: Russian Hacker Behind Proxybox Trojan16:49Facebook partners with retailers to test 'want' button16:48Report: advertisers undermining Do Not Track plans16:47Skype Worm Spreads Ransomware, Botnet Links16:455G research centre gets major funding grant


15:33Huawei and ZTE pose security threat, warns US panel15:32Microsoft updating built-in Windows 8 apps ahead of October 26 release15:27Most US citizens reject online tracking, survey finds15:26YouTube seeks more advertising revenue with new original channels from Europe15:22Microsoft will reject ‘weak’ digital certificates from tomorrow15:21Motorola kills off smartphone-powered laptops


17:55Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in REAL TIME16:02UK plans £2M cybercrime center, as Hague warns of escalating international danger16:01Defect found in Xperia tablets, Sony halts sales16:00Recent Bank Cyber Attacks Originated From Hacked Data Centers, Not Large Botnet15:53US court to rule on ReDigi's MP3 digital music resales15:52October Patch Tuesday preview


16:21EU and banks stage DDoS cyber-attack exercise16:20Microsoft Drops Suit Against Nitol Botnet Operator In Exchange for Cooperation16:19Universal man in the browser malware allows real-time information processing16:16Facebook now has more than one billion users16:15FTC Takes Aim at Tech Support Scareware Scams16:14Government pays £2m to help foreign countries fight cybercrime


17:05Hacktivist campaign targets universities17:04New "Universal" Man-in-the-Browser Attacks Collect Data Submitted to All Sites16:57Serious Twitter security flaw leads to account hijacking for love and money16:56Nominet: no security revamp for domain16:55Firm Says “itsoknoproblembro” DDoS Toolkit Was Used in Recent Debilitating Cyber Attacks16:54High-def CCTV cameras risk backlash, warns UK watchdog


16:10White House Network Attack Highlights Need for Stronger Defenses16:06Swedish Police Link Internet Attacks to WikiLeaks Founder Assange's Case16:03Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban lifted in the US15:55Hackers Shifting to 'Destruction': US Cyber Chief15:54Russia pushes Facebook to open research centre15:53Workers worried by BYOD privacy intrusions


16:34Pirate Bay Founder Remains Locked Up Without Charges16:32Windows 8 – Beauty and the Beast?16:28U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Increase Warrantless Electronic Snooping16:26US Scholarships Aim to Close Cybersecurity Gap16:25Europe says ICANN’s proposals are illegal16:22Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads