News for November 2012 Year


17:19Austrian police raid privacy network over child porn17:18Unencrypted Payment Card Data Haunts Major Industries17:17Cybergeddon unlikely, say experts17:16Cellphone use is contagious: Study17:15Microsoft joins malware, ad teams to fight click fraud17:14EU says no to increased powers for ITU at WCIT conference


16:40Shylock Financial Malware Plays Hide And Seek With Security Researchers16:39The first battle of big data wars – Twitter vs PeopleBrowsr16:34Half of companies lack cyber threat knowledge16:28Google is being evil, says Microsoft; releases campaign deriding the search giant16:26Browsers Net More Phish, But Targeted Attacks Swim Through16:25US piracy crackdown delayed until 2013


15:26Gmail users can now send attachments up to 10GB15:26Google Webmaster Tools reverifies old accounts, panics SEO community15:25Critical infrastructure at risk from SCADA vulnerabilities15:24Atomic Energy Agency: Experts' Email Addresses Stolen from Old Server15:24Microsoft: Windows 8 outselling Windows 715:23Anti-Israel group hacks UN nuclear agency server


16:20Digital watchdogs warn of spam, privacy issues with Facebook changes16:18Microsoft updates Visual Studio 2012 with better testing tools and Windows XP support16:17US-EU Counterfeit Crackdown Seizes 132 Websites16:17Yahoo Exploit Up For Grabs - Millions Potentially At Risk Over $70016:16How to get built-in Facebook on your Firefox Web browser16:15Hotel burglars suspected of exploiting lock security bug


17:21Samsung audit finds 'inadequate practices' at China suppliers17:20Facebook privacy notice message is a hoax17:19At Least 28,000 Affected In Breach At Nationwide Insurance17:19Symantec Discovers New Database Sabotage Malware17:18Will artificial intelligence wipe us all out?17:15Windows XP countdown clock ticks under 500 days


15:59Gong Da Exploit Kit Boosts Java Attack Power With Latest Exploits15:58British Student On Trial Over Anonymous PayPal Attacks15:57European Parliament opposed to UN control of the internet15:51Windows Store reaches 20,000 apps one month after opening15:50Symantec spots odd malware designed to corrupt databases15:37Stop the ITU taking over the Internet, warns the European Parliament


16:41Facebook to end users' right to vote on policy changes16:40Google adds indoor maps for iPhone, iPad and other Web users16:40New Linux rootkit delivering drive-by infections discovered16:39New technology allows governments to tap conversations on Skype16:38Samsung adds iPad mini and iPad 4 to patents battle against Apple16:29Eugene Kaspersky: Definition Of 'Cyberwar' In Flux, Threat Of Cyber Weapons Underestimated16:28France: Flame Malware Used in Attacks Against Government Officials, US Accused13:52Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!


16:46BitTorrent seeks broadcasters to help develop livestreaming tool16:45Ads watchdog rules "e-smog" claims unproven16:44New internet name objections filed by government panel16:40Firefox 17 comes with security fixes and improvements – and social enhancement16:39Proof-of-concept Malware Enables Remote Accesses To Smart Card Readers16:38Researcher Found Guilty For Exposing AT&T's iPad Customer Data in 2010


15:49Things to Remember While Holiday Shopping at the Office15:48Two-tonne Witch computer gets a reboot15:47Mobile OS Android users choose Wi-Fi to transfer data15:46UK surfers struggle to identify pirated content15:45Problems with the EU’s proposed ‘right to be forgotten’15:45Disney to shut down online movie store, website


17:30FreeBSD shuts down servers after breach17:29Georgia Detains Dozen Interior Ministry 'Cyber Spies'17:24Windows Phone 8 users complain of random reboots17:23Android 4.2 People app forgets December exists17:20Cyberwills to protect web user's online legacies after death17:19The legal implications of botnet disruptions


16:08Windows 8 Vulnerable to 15% of the Web's Common Malware16:02Hacking-as-a-service offers access to Fortune 500 servers for a few bucks16:01Twitter adds in-stream email sharing feature16:00Google TVs get gaming service via LG deal15:57Anonymous Virtually Enters the Gaza Conflict With OpIsrael15:49Opera users urged to check for malware


16:29US Report Warns Over China State Firms16:28Cyber security will change ideas of the nation state, says Stonesoft16:27Facebook to add Share feature to iOS, Android apps16:26Holiday shopping exposes US BYOD users to online privacy, security risks16:25Over 10,000 Online ID Fraud Rings Uncovered in United States16:25Adobe resets 150,000 passwords after site hacked


17:06Microsoft ships IE10 for Windows 7 preview, hints at launch this year17:04YouTube app update sends videos from mobile to TV17:03Nokia launches cross-platform mapping service 'Here'17:00Global hacking attempts to exceed 1 billion in Q4 2012, led by US16:59Enterprises Lack Formal Programs To Secure Third-Party Applications, Survey Says16:47Spike in government surveillance of Google


15:27US defence firm Lockheed Martin warns on cyber-attacks15:21Espionage Campaign Targeting Israel, Palestine Was Underway For Over a Year15:20Android finally earns respect with developers15:16Financial trading security should take a 'nuclear' approach15:15Anonymous Raids European Organization Over Ukrainian Elections15:14How much are Google's Motorola patents really worth?


19:29Facebook testing 'reply-to-comments' feature19:28Windows 8 security useless against 15% of malware19:27SEC Dinged for Security Failures - Laptops Left Vulnerable to Attack19:26Free speech? Man arrested for burning poppy photo19:25Blizzard sued over account security aids17:06Millions worldwide use insecure browsers, says Kaspersky11:33Buy a great app cheap - at a SALE!


16:56Inside the Ransomware Business: How to Make Nearly $400,000 in a Month16:54Stuxnet issues rumble on as vulnerabilities remain16:46Twitter mix-up resets passwords of users16:45Skype in the workspace made public16:42Security Researcher Finds Critical Flaws in Sophos Anti-Virus Engine16:42Google to launch TV and music services in UK, France and Germany on 13 November


17:06Image Stealing Malware Could Be Early Test of Information Theft17:05Microsoft reportedly preparing Office apps for iOS and Android, due in 201317:04Google Free Zone lets users access Google services without data charges17:02Millions in UK 'lack basic online skills'17:00Apple loses patent case to VirnetX16:59Facebook, Twitter Lead Small Business Social Media Focus


15:53Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype15:52Google quietly slips Do Not Track into Chrome15:51Google gives its search results page a new look, creates more space for results15:42Man Arrested Over British Government Cyber-attack15:42Major breach at Coca-Cola tied to Chinese hacker collective15:41The future of Windows 8 is still on the desktop, says Fujitsu


14:39Anonymous Hackers Claim Protest Attacks Hit Zynga, Facebook, Others14:38Photo-sharing app Instagram expands to the Web14:37'Confusing' government websites face revamp in bid to save £1.8bn14:36New trojan targets image files14:33Apple releases update for iOS addressing iPhone, iPad critical flaws14:32Mozilla Firefox Beta Mandates Use of Secure Connections for Certain Sites


15:59Android malware surges while Symbian malware is still growing15:58Ten-year battery life for "internet of things" devices15:58Coca-Cola 'targeted' by China in hack ahead of acquisition attempt15:42Hundreds of NBC Universal's Webpages Defaced15:4125 per cent of Android apps in Google Play are suspicious: Report15:40Android and convenience is a time-bomb waiting to explode


16:29Trend Micro Report Provides Look into Russian Malware Black Market16:28Microsoft vs Google: court secrecy leaves public in the dark16:27Windows 8: Microsoft sued over Live Tiles16:21Businesses also hit in the South Carolina tax hack16:20Facebook updates: charity gifts being tested, keyword search added to App Center16:17What's the price of a new Windows 8 zero-day vulnerability?


15:47National Data Breach Notice: Ever or Never?15:44Government hackers develop Windows 8 exploit – already15:35China's Twitter-like Weibo poses danger15:32FBI Arrests Fourteen in $1 Million 'Gone in 60 Seconds' Casino Heist15:28Kim Dotcom reveals Mega to replace Megaupload file-sharing site15:27Tape is not a dead storage concept, but needs reinventing