News for December 2012 Year


12:44Android spambot spreads by offering free games12:44Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!12:43NSA 'Perfect Citizen' Program Documents Released, Report12:42People dumping paper books for e-books12:41Brit is overall civilian winner in US digital forensics challenge12:40China approves tighter rules on internet access12:39Ransomware Takes New Turn for Money - Online Surveys


15:36Apple and Google still in the hunt for control of mobile market15:34Amazon most satisfying website to shop: Survey15:32Inventor warns of danger of "Google generation"15:28Cybercriminals are just businessmen at heart15:27App sales soar in 201215:26Domestic calls through Gmail to remain free in 2013


17:20Iran Denies Foiling Cyber Attack on Industrial Units: Report17:20Congress, at Last Minute, Drops Requirement to Obtain Warrant to Monitor Email17:19Native BBM app spotted on the BlackBerry Playbook17:13Instagram faces class action lawsuit for updated terms of service17:12Daily Report: Google Moves Onto Microsoft’s Turf in Business Software17:11Occupy Wall Street Was Target of FBI Counterterrorism Operation


17:17Three simple rules for buying a new laptop17:16Iran media report new cyber-attack by Stuxnet worm17:12Apps to help achieve New Year's resolutions17:062013 trends: a big hand for phablets17:04U.S. Congress may not have stomach for another SOPA/PIPA fight17:03Facebook paid £2.9m tax on £840m profits made outside US, figures show


16:26Sri Lanka Arrests 114 Chinese for Online Currency Fraud16:25Your smartphone can soon replace your car keys16:02Verizon: Cyber-war fears are overblown15:55Twitter accounts with child abuse images closed15:45Trend Micro: Top Android Markets Are Hosting Thousands of Malicious Apps15:44Mozilla compromises on x64 Firefox after user backlash


16:23Smartphone security checker from the FCC16:20Mayan Apocalypse Fears Exploited by Macro Virus16:19Facebook tests charging $1 to send messages to strangers16:10US-CERT publishes details on Shockwave vulnerability16:09IT security pros say firms most vulnerable to attack during Xmas holidays16:04Great Firewall 'Upgrade' Troubles VPN Users In China


17:14US Toughens Online Privacy Rules for Children17:13Wireless phone charging in cars planned by Toyota17:01Obama Releases National Strategy for Information Sharing17:00World of botnet cybercrime paying pretty well these days16:58No doomsday on December 21, 2012: Five myths debunked16:58Windows Phone will be the fastest growing mobile OS over next five years


17:18Instagram denies having right to sell users' photos17:13Carberp Trojan Goes Mobile: 'Citmo' Found Targeting Russian Banks17:12Murder by Internet devices predicted in 201417:03Offensive tweets aren't a crime, says head prosecutor17:00Malware spammers target Android OS17:00Google Play Books updated; new features include 'Read aloud' and 'pinch to zoom'


16:19Microsoft: IE Mouse Tracking Exploit Poses "Little Risk"16:02Instagram wants right to sell users' photos to advertisers16:00New wiper malware in Iran confirms the age of cyber-sabotage15:51Trojan Upclicker ties malware to the mouse15:34Apple in talks with Foursquare Labs on data map sharing: Report15:32City of London makes Wi-Fi free


17:33Instagram CEO had agreed to sell company to Twitter for $525 million17:28Viewpoint: How hackers exploit 'the seven deadly sins'17:28Raspberry Pi app store unveiled17:24Confusion on Internet Future After UN Treaty Split17:23Apps face regulation if rogue developers don't behave17:23Are you a journalism student? Google has something for you


17:16US, UK, Canada, Australia and much of Europe refuse to sign a new treaty on the internet17:15Facebook improves Android and iOS mobile apps17:14Firefox gets an all-new private browsing mode17:13'Stalking apps' could be banned in US17:07Europol takes down major card fraud network17:05PayPal launches pre-paid cash cards in US16:04Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!


17:18New DDoS Attacks Slam US Banks, Attackers Say Worst Is Yet To Come17:17Necurs rootkit – not new but spreading fast warns Microsoft17:13The Facebook economy: ‘SMBs will create a Facebook page before they’ll build a website’17:12Attackers Exploiting Vulnerabilities In Joomla, Drupal to Distribute Malware17:11Google Maps app back on iPhone: No more getting lost in snake-infested deserts17:10New web browser vulnerability tracks mouse movements, virtual keyboards


17:30Companies are losing control of their data to the mobile revolution17:29Arrests over $850m Facebook botnet crime spree17:28FTC: children's apps share "alarming" amount of data17:27Yahoo email revamped in CEO Marissa Mayer's first big product move17:27Korean info-stealing malware targets Russian space, telecom targets17:26Facebook implements new policy documentation, site governance votes are no more


17:10Twitter adds Instagram-like photo-editing features17:05Kaspersky: Android Has a Monopoly on Mobile Malware, 200,000 New PC Malware Samples Found Daily17:03Google's built-in Android app scanner fails 85% of the time17:031.6 million records hacked and dumped by GhostShell16:55Competing standards could damage cloud industry, warns APM group16:52Google opens campus for start-ups in Tel Aviv


17:20Apple Maps 'is life-threatening' to motorists lost in Australia heat17:19Revealed: List of banned BlackBerry 10 passwords17:14Healthcare Industry Has Made Little Progress In Reducing Data Breaches: Report17:13Shamoon was an external attack on Saudi oil production17:12GPU cluster can crack any NTLM 8-character hashed password in 5.5 hours17:11Iran launches own YouTube channel, Mehr


16:11Tracking adverts set to jump across gadgets16:10Mobile Web Browsers Overlooking Security Requirements, Researchers Say16:09UK government jobs website exploited by hackers16:08October’s Nationwide breach exposed 1.1 million Americans16:08Hackers hit UN conference debating future internet governance16:07Google adds Communities to Google Plus


16:57SMBs beware: Researchers uncover cloud browser vulnerability16:56Zeus malware throws €36+ million lightning bolt across Europe16:54EC competition authorities delay Google decision16:47Top 25 games on Facebook in 201216:46ISPs "should publish list of blocked sites"16:45Russian iTunes Store shows porn images by mistake


16:12Mobile phone market growth slows16:10Google reveals Global Impact Awards, gives US$23m to non-profit innovators16:09Facebook opens up Messenger to non-Facebook users16:08Swiss intelligence agency loses terabytes of data to an insider16:06Marketing Tactics Grow More Sophisticated in Cyber Underground16:04DARPA to Hunt for Malicious Functions in Hardware and Software


18:36High heat helps 'heal' flash memory chips18:35JavaScript Virus Spreads Racist Message Through Tumblr Blogging Site18:34Facebook opens vote on privacy changes18:33Report: Swiss Spy Agency Warns Of Huge Data Leak from Insider18:26Cyberattack Capable of Downing Entire Internet Is Unlikely, Experts Say18:25Phone users worry about security, but won’t pay for it


16:05Japan’s Space Agency Hacked - Rocket Data Boosted by Malware16:02Internet controls to be decided this week at WCIT16:01Pope joins Twitter as @pontifex, will start tweeting on 12 December16:00Instagram vulnerability on iPhone allows for account takeover15:59SMS turns 20: On December 3, 1992 engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message15:58ICANN's Rolling Controversy: Verification of WHOIS Registration Data